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Where was your first date?

Lynnie, on July 2, 2019 at 11:59 AM Posted in Family and Relationships 0 111
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Let's talk about your first date with your now fiancé(e)! (Or spouse!!) Where did that first date go down? Were you somewhere special? Do you remember the restaurant you went to or movie you saw? Spill the details!

Where was your first date? 1

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  • CourtneyBrittain
    Master August 2019
    CourtneyBrittain ·
    Our first date was to a pizza parlor in Wichita. Delicious and fun!
  • Mandi
    Rockstar March 2020
    Mandi ·
    A local pub
  • Becca
    Super August 2019
    Becca ·
    Technically it was just a dinner and movie I think but unofficially it was six flags
  • Brianna
    Super October 2019
    Brianna ·

    It was the first night we met! (Pretty much a set up, lol!). Dinner and then a casino! So much fun

  • Amanda
    Expert October 2019
    Amanda ·
    Applebee's, one of favorite places.
  • Jen
    Super May 2018
    Jen ·

    We had a lunch date at Cheesecake Factory before I had to go to work.

  • Erin
    Expert May 2020
    Erin ·

    So we had a very interesting first date. FH wanted to go up to the top of a mountain that we lived near at the time, but we couldn't find a way to the top. We literally drove around for 2 hours trying to find a road that wasn't blocked off so we could get to the top! We eventually gave up and went to Petro's (my favorite quick eatery).

  • A
    Dedicated February 2021
    Anastasia ·
    We went to the St. Louis Zoo! We go on a lot of dates there.
  • Leslie
    Devoted August 2019
    Leslie ·
    We met for coffee and ended up talking for hours.
  • B
    Devoted July 2017
    Becky ·

    We went to a local Thai restaurant and watched a movie at my apartment

  • Allie
    Rockstar August 2019
    Allie ·

    Our first official sit down dinner date was on Valentine's day. We ate at a local restaurant.

  • Heather
    Expert April 2020
    Heather ·

    Our first date was at Dead Man's Farm - however I'm not sure if I consider this one a date as we went as just friends and I wasn't really interested at the time. The date after that was a concert he was in and Downtown Grill and Brewery.

  • Fenja
    Expert June 2020
    Fenja ·

    We went on you first date to an italian restaurant. I'm forgetting the name... I'm terrible with these details. I only remember that the person who was supposed to pick us up, forgot and we had to get an uber.

  • Lizzy
    Super October 2019
    Lizzy ·
    We went to a movie and then to dinner after
  • VIP September 2019
    Our first date was dinner at a restaurant called Quentin Tavern
  • Jessica
    VIP September 2020
    Jessica ·
    He couldn’t wait until his night shift s he duke and my day shift schedule aligned to go out, so he brought me lunch at work for our first date.
  • Catie
    Beginner September 2022
    Catie ·
    It was a cute little restaurant in the tiny town that I lived.
  • Negar
    Beginner October 2019
    Negar ·

    First actual date was in Dallas. We met online, I lived in California and he lived in Shreveport Louisiana. So we decided to pick a middle point to meet up and we chose Dallas. We had a blast couple days to meet for the first time. Dallas will always remain in our heart

  • Ashley
    Dedicated May 2020
    Ashley ·
    I’m a plant and nature nerd so he took me to one of Kansas City’s best parks.
  • Adara
    Dedicated October 2019
    Adara ·
    The movies in Delaware

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