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What’s next on your planning checklist?

Jayla, on January 11, 2019 at 12:05 PM Posted in Planning 0 44
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It’s time for a checklist check-in!! What will you be tackling next on your wedding planning checklist?


What’s next on your planning checklist? 1

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  • Chandra
    Master May 2019
    Chandra ·
    We're sending out invites at the end of the month and currently trying to plan our trip to finish up food tasting and table settings. 4 months from today we wed!! Ah!!!
  • M
    Super November 2019
    Melissa ·
    My next planning step is to get florals and decide on a band package.
  • Kenisha
    Champion June 2019
    Kenisha ·
    I’m going dress shopping tomorrow & visiting the florist.
  • Brittany
    Master April 2019
    Brittany ·

    Next up for us is sending out our invites, and finish up planning the rehearsal dinner. We also have our tasting at the end of this month, I start my alterations next month, and I will also have my HMU trial next month.

  • Peggy
    Master November 2019
    Peggy ·
    Appointments for cake tasting, hair styling, and rentals
  • Alexandra
    VIP June 2019
    Alexandra ·
    Next up on the to-do list is purchasing our invitations! They’re designed and ready to go, just need to finalize the addressing design for envelopes and we’ll be placing the order!!
  • S
    Dedicated February 2019
    Sarah ·
    Second alterations appointment!

    Just booked a luxury bus for transportation for our guests from the villa to ceremony location to reception. So glad we decided to do this to save our guests hastle and not worry about drinking.
  • Becca
    Super August 2019
    Becca ·
    Just sent out save the dates today! Next is scheduling a cake appointment with our cake guy and also trying to nail down someone for hair and make up
  • Jayla
    Champion October 2025
    Jayla ·
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    Omg it's so close!!!!

  • Jayla
    Champion October 2025
    Jayla ·
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    That's going to be so nice!!! I hope everything goes well with your appointment!

  • Margaret
    Dedicated December 2019
    Margaret ·

    Research/book Band and/or DJ.

  • Tynesha
    Dedicated May 2019
    Tynesha ·
    Sending out invitations at the end of the month and looking for tuxedos for the men in the wedding. Thank God I ordered swatches because the first pink color was off.

  • Sherry
    VIP September 2019
    Sherry ·
    Getting the rest of the silk flowers to finish up the centerpieces
  • Abby
    VIP March 2019
    Abby ·
    Not exactly something on the checklist but my bridal shower is tomorrow! So I guess I'll have to sit down and write out some thank you cards in a few days!
  • F
    Dedicated March 2019
    Future Mrs. Stevens ·

    I'm mailing out invitations tomorrow, meeting with our officiant on Sunday and then my second alterations appointment. It's fun crossing things off the list!

  • Jayla
    Champion October 2025
    Jayla ·
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    Yay!! It sounds like you're going to have an awesome weekend!

  • Jayla
    Champion October 2025
    Jayla ·
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    Yes swatches always come in handy!

  • Lizzy
    Super October 2019
    Lizzy ·
    I'm dress shopping next week and getting FH to help pick STDs this month as well
  • Danielle
    Expert March 2019
    Danielle ·
    Going to pick out my ring tomorrow!
  • Holly
    Devoted June 2020
    Holly ·
    In the next two months I'm looking to finalize and hire a photographer and book a caterer!

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