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What are your cake flavors?

Hunter, on March 26, 2019 at 10:20 PM Posted in Wedding Reception 0 116
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There are SO many cake flavors to pick from that my fiance and I are having a tough time deciding!

What cake flavors/fillings did you decide on? Are you keeping it traditional or having something unique?


  • Brittany
    Master April 2019
    Brittany ·
    We are doing two layers of chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling, and two layers of white cake with cannoli filling!
  • Alexandra
    VIP June 2019
    Alexandra ·
    We’re doing two tiers of chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip buttercream, and two tiers of lemon cake with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream
  • D
    Dedicated October 2019
    Dawn ·
    We chose a small vendor who specializes in dessert buffets. We are having champagne flavored cake balls (omg, soooo good. It's a vanilla cake with champagne added. It gives the cake a very scrumptious sweetness and I will be fantasizing about them for 7 months), peanut butter and chocolate cake balls, and maybe red velvet cake balls. Also having pumpkin bars, scotcheroos, and choc. chip cookies. We are also having a 2 tier wedding cake, champagne flavored of course!
  • Destiny
    VIP May 2020
    Destiny Online ·
    Samoa, lemon lavender and banana chocolate chip with peanut butter frosting
  • Kyla
    Dedicated November 2019
    Kyla ·
    We have two layers of yellow cake and a layer of chocolate cake in the middle. Vanilla buttercream and chocolate buttercream between the layers. The cake was soooooo good during the tasting. My fiancee ate all of his cake slice and half of my piece.

    We chose by flavor. We didnt care for the peanut butter, red velvet, etc. flavors that we tasted.
  • Racheal
    Dedicated June 2019
    Racheal ·
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    🤤 yum omgeeee yummmm

    ours are



    vanilla/brown sugar
  • Sarah
    Expert September 2019
    Sarah ·
    We're doing a two tier cake. The bottom layer will be almond with raspberry filling and the top will strawberry with chocolate mousse and all covered in a vanilla whipped frosting. My fiance hates buttercream
  • Brae
    Rockstar September 2019
    Brae ·
    Were doing a three tier and from the bottom up is: pink champagne with fresh strawberries, lemon cake with citrus mousse, and white chocolate with white chocolate mousse. We just did our tasting last weekend!
  • Melanie
    Beginner October 2019
    Melanie ·
    BlackBerry cake with chocolate buttercream filling.


    Lemon w/blueberry compote filling
  • Jazmin
    Rockstar April 2019
    Jazmin ·

    We are having Vanilla dough filled with dulce de leche with peanut butter buttercream

  • Shannon
    Expert October 2017
    Shannon ·
    Our was chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream. My husband's only request for the entire wedding was that we didn't have some weird cake flavor. I ordered his favorite.
  • Cynthia
    Dedicated November 2019
    Cynthia ·
    Our cake is going to be 4 tiers the bottom tier will be almond poppy seed with raspberry curd and amaretto buttercream, the next one is is vanilla and chocolate marble with chocolate moose, the top 2 tiers are brown buttercake with strawberry curd and custard the whole cake is going to be iced in amaretto buttercream yum 😋 I know our flavors are extra, but my fiancé loves to bake and wanted variety and yummy flavor combos we chose them together.
  • Peggy
    Master November 2019
    Peggy ·
    Still deciding, but right now it’s looking like vanilla with vanilla filling, white chocolate with chocolate filling, and pink champagne with salted caramel filling. Grooms cake is chocolate with cookies and cream filling and Oreos on top.
  • Cynthia's and Robert  Wedding Day
    VIP September 2020
    Cynthia's and Robert Wedding Day ·
    We have a 3 tier cake and our flavors are butter cream and strawberry .
  • Amber
    Devoted September 2020
    Amber ·
    We haven't cake taste yet but we will be doing that beginning of fall since we aren't getting married till fall of 2020 but I've cake taste a few different cake flavors from different bakery's from the different bridal shows I've been too (I've been to 3 actually).

    But my sister in law is making our wedding cake (saving big with that family discount
  • T
    Savvy April 2019
    Tania ·
    We are having a four tier vanilla cake, filled with cream cheese and guava, covered with buttercream. A separate lemon cake and mini fruit tarts. We will also have mini traditional Puerto Rican pastries already boxed next to the coffee bar.
  • Courtney
    Rockstar December 2019
    Courtney ·
    One tier of our cake is strawberry champagne and the other is lemon raspberry.
  • L
    Just Said Yes May 2019
    Lauren ·
    We have strawberry, Black Forest, lemon, white, and gluten free yellow and gluten free chocolate.
  • Futuremrs
    Devoted July 2019
    Futuremrs ·
    We're having our ceremony and receptions on different days, so we're having a couple of cakes. The day of the ceremony we only have 9 people including us, so I'm thinking of trying to make a small cake. Something with fresh peaches and raspberries since those will be ripe in my yard at that time. Otherwise, we're going offbeat with cheesecake (my favorite). For our one reception, we'll get 2 tiers that are decorated from a bakery and then cheat with sheet cake to serve. But we can't agree on any flavors and I hate buttercream, so no idea what we're doing. There are some great ideas here!
  • T Williams
    Savvy August 2019
    T Williams ·
    We plan to do a vanilla cake with strawberry filling and buttercream frosting but we have cake tasting in 2 weeks. I really just want to go eat cake but I want to try some different flavors in case I change my mind....but really just eat cake cause I'm greedy lmao!!

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