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Wedding Card Boxes

Monica, on August 9, 2013 at 9:47 PM Posted in Planning 0 10
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What are you using? FH and I are ridiculous and are thinking about getting an old paper shredder, taking out the shredder part and using that. I asked if he wanted to go funny or froofy and that was what he came up with. We're having several other humorous elements at our wedding so it works. And I laughed for at least 10 minutes so it feels like a winner and it's so us. LOL!


  • Kelly
    VIP February 2014
    Kelly ·

    Ha ha ha... that sounds funny.... you guys sound like a fun couple!

  • Monica
    VIP August 2014
    Monica ·

    LOL! I'm kind of excited about it.

  • TJ (r&l)
    Dedicated November 2013
    TJ (r&l) ·

    I saw this on pinterest thought it was cute

  • Hilery
    VIP November 2014
    Hilery ·

    Romance, that is a super cute idea!

  • Marie
    Super September 2013
    Marie ·

    Kind of generic... a couple of my BM's old hat boxes that she was getting rid of..My mom is having them covered with part of her wedding dress... Guess we will see what happens.

  • Lindy13
    Super October 2013
    Lindy13 ·

    That's a fun idea! I am looking for a wine barrel.

  • HalloweenBride
    Master October 2013
    HalloweenBride ·

    One of the foam craft pumpkins spray painted silver with a slit in it. When we're done, I can cut the top off to get to the cards, and use it later. I thought I had a picture, but I must have deleted it!

  • FutureMrsF
    Dedicated September 2013
    FutureMrsF ·

    FH and I both work in TV news, so I took everything out of a small tube tv and cut a hole in it. For the "screen" part, I'm getting a picture of us printed out with some graphics on it from the network to make it look like we're on the tv.

  • Love113
    Super September 2015
    Love113 ·

    Lol, that's a good idea & fun! Our theme is vintage/beach so I plan on decorating a birdcage.

  • Annie
    VIP March 2014
    Annie ·

    Halloween Bride that's a cute idea. Love the paper shredder as well Monica.

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