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NWR Paranormal experiences??

Lauren, on April 6, 2016 at 4:56 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 117
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I love hearing about paranormal stuff, it creeps me out!!!!! What paranormal experiences if any have you guys had??


  • FutureMrsH
    VIP June 2017
    FutureMrsH ·

    We have a "spirit" that lives in our house. We just call him the man. He hasn't ever been violent, but he plays with me all the time. I kept my bedroom locked for a while and I came home to find my shoes thrown all around my room. He threw my picture off the wall once. And he threw an Easter basket across the room. He's like a mist when we see him.

    And after my mom died, I was writing details of the service in her guest book from the funeral. The funeral home was delivering the flowers and I was sitting at the table in the dining room. My brother and dad were both in the den and I felt like someone was watching me. I turned around and my mom was leaning against the door frame. I've dreamed about her, too. She was standing in the hallway of our house and told me she was happy and okay. She told me she couldn't stay long, but that she loved me and was so proud of me. I VIVIDLY remember hugging her. I woke up and it was like 2AM. My dad and brother both woke up with a start at the same time. Very strange. But it made me feel better

  • Celia Milton
    October 2019
    Celia Milton ·

    I work in the wedding industry. Every day is a paranormal experience, lol.....

  • Mandi
    VIP May 2016
    Mandi ·

    About 10 years ago a friend of mine committed suicide. The day I found out he had passed, my cousin was visiting me from out of town. I had taken her and her friend back up to their hotel. The elevator worked perfectly when we went to their room but when I came back down to go home the door would not open after it reached the ground floor.

    Fast forward a few months later, I was at home in my apartment cleaning and a song came on that reminded me of my friend. After the song started the volume level on my stereo started fluctuating all the way up and down on its own for no reason.

  • EmilyJ
    VIP May 2016
    EmilyJ ·

    My parent's got their first starter home for really cheap because the guy who lived in the house before them was murdered in a burglary; they moved in with the bloodstains still on the wall.

    Apparently he was a very nice manghost who really liked the growing family in his house. I only lived there until I was 5, so I don't remember.

    I'm super skeptical about paranormal stuff, but I am open to experiencing something.

  • Nicole
    Master July 2015
    Nicole ·

    Oooh ooh me! I have one.

    I lived in an apartment for 2 years that some sort of spirit lived in. My roommate was really sensitive to paranormal activity. One night she woke up about 2am and felt a presence right next to her in her room. She lit a candle because that it was her grandmother (old Mexican lady who followed all the spirit rituals from her native Mexican heritage) taught her to do. She described it as a negative energy that went away abruptly after about 15 minutes.

    She told me about it the next day, and after that our roommate, who she hadn't told yet came in and asked if she was alright because she had woken up at 2am with an overwhelming fear for her. Also, these two roommates didn't get along well so it's not like this roommate would have normally woken up concerned.

    When we told our third roommate who had lived there longer, she said that one of the girls who used to live in my room had seen the shape of a woman in my room one night. Totally creepy. I really think there was some sort of paranormal energy in that apartment at least for that year. We didn't have any incidents the second year in the apartment.

  • Waychox3
    Master September 2016
    Waychox3 ·

    My great grandfather passed away when I was 6, he spent his last days at home. The only room that was big enough for his hospital bed was the dining room. My great grandma moved out of the house when I was 9, I remember having to go to the bathroom after we loaded everything up, before I walked out of the house I turned around and saw my grandpa clear as day standing in the doorway to the dining room. He winked and blew me a kiss. I didn't feel scared but it's like he was saying goodbye.

  • MrsMcCoy
    VIP April 2016
    MrsMcCoy ·

    5 years ago, I went to stay at my dads house in upstate NY. It was an old farmhouse (still had a legit outhouse there). The basement was 1850s era, but there had been a fire in the early 1900s-1920s, so the majority of the house had been rebuilt since. The room I was staying in had carpet, but when whoever put it in, they left a layer of plastic under so you could hear it everytime you walked on it. My first night there, as soon as I turned off the light, I heard something walking around the room. I was terrified, so I turned the light on and tried to play music on my phone (from my Spotify app). My battery drained quickly and despite full bars, wouldn't play. I barely slept that night. The second night, I made my dad stay up with me. He literally sat at the end of the bed until 2-3am when I fell asleep. Keep in mind I was 29-30 years old. It was just us in the house, and my dad was making fun of me because he didn't believe me. His ex had just recently moved out, but they were still friendly. When he told her, she said she used to hear them walking around the old house all the time. The third night, I slept on an air mattress in my dads room. I left early and drove down to my grandparents house an hour south after that. I never went back to that old house- I told my dad I wouldn't stay there anymore. My dad now lives in FL most of the year, but still owns the old vacant house. There have been 2 random fires there in the last 2 years- even though no one is there.

    It still creeps me out that I heard someone walking around that room.

    In college, I lived in an old dorm room with a roommate. We had four old wooden closet doors with doorknobs, and our tv was mounted up on the wall. We used to wake up all the time with the tv on randomly. Every night we went to bed with all 4 closet doors closed, and each morning they were all wide open. We only stayed in that room a semester and then moved. Neither of us could deal. Haha

  • MissMtoMrsC
    VIP November 2016
    MissMtoMrsC ·

    My dog refuses to go into our huge walk in closet.... our closet is very large and used to be a nursery off the master suite. I don't know what it is but he is deathly afraid of it and will not go in.... it just freaks me out because I'm convinced that dogs can see ghosts

  • Holly
    Master February 2017
    Holly ·

    When I was little (around 2) my aunt and sister were babysitting me and I started screaming at the fireplace because a ghost was in it. I don't actively remember this but they talk about it all the time and it really freaked them out at the time.

    This was at my grandmother's house where I still don't like going into the basement. It's furnished down there with a bedroom and living area and whenever someone sleeps down there they say they feel like they're being watched.

  • Theresa Beale
    Master November 2014
    Theresa Beale ·

    The day my grandmother died I was taking a test in French and my hand started shaking so bad I had to stop writing. Later her time of death was estimated around the same time I was taking my test.

    My great grandfather was a "spiritualist" (he attended a spiritualist church" and told my mother either my sister or I would have the gift to see/feel ghosts. In reality both my sister and I can "feel" ghosts. Its weird because often if I am feeling lonely or lost I will feel an embracing presence that always makes me feel better (like someone hugging me). I can't tell you why but I know its my great grandfather. One time I woke up to light streaks bouncing around the room with a "feeling" of movement. I said "Grandpa (even though he was my great grandfather his son has passed before my mom was born so I always called him grandpa when he was alive) make them stop". My room settled right away.

    More "creepy" (to me at least) was the day my great grandfather passed away. He had changed his clothes 3 times. When great grandma asked him why he kept changing clothes he said he wanted to "look good when I see Ralphie today" (my grandfather).

    I have so many stories I can't share them all. But one of the first "common bonds" DH and I had was over ghost encounters.

  • EleanorRigby
    VIP May 2016
    EleanorRigby ·


  • Kris968
    Devoted October 2016
    Kris968 ·

    Augh! I find these stories so interesting but totally shouldn't have read them alone at night.

  • Amanda J.
    Master March 2016
    Amanda J. ·

    I used to be a director for a non-profit that was housed in our cities old jail/courthouse. It was an art center and the classrooms were once jail cells. Bars were still on the windows. Many people had died there. Anyway, when I first started I worked alone on a Monday when the building was closed. I sat in an office below one of the classrooms. I was typing away when I froze to footsteps above me. Large stomps like a man in boots walking back and forth. I walked the entire building and I was definitely alone. Spooky.

    Another time my sister volunteered to watch the front desk so we could have a team lunch meeting next door. The entire time she kept texting me askinf when we would be back. When we returned she grabbed her purse and said she wouldn't watch the building again. She said while she sat there, she kept hearing a noise of someone throwing change into a glass jar behind her. She wasalso alone. Others also later reported the same experience.

    Another time I was shutting off lights downstairs while a teacher was cleaning paint brushes in a classroom upstairs. I was thinking about how beautiful the building was abd how people are crazy to think it is scary. Just then I noticed I needed to peenso I walked into the bathroom and turned to shut the door. Right when I shut it the light bulb blew loudly. The blood drained from my face because I was convinced I was being sent a message. Don't get to comfortable.

    After I quit, I went to an event there. I walked downstairs and decided to use a bathroom that was by my old office. I didn't get a third of the way down the hallway when a huge jack hammer noise stopped me in my tracks. So loud I practically jumped. Message recieved assholes. I bolted.

    In the two years I worked there I also got trapped in the elevator twice and had artists ask me to stay because the ghosts gave them scares too.

  • Amanda J.
    Master March 2016
    Amanda J. ·

    This is the building. The original half was built in 1928.

  • StephanieSky
    VIP March 2017
    StephanieSky ·

    When I was a child I saw strange people on our land in Northern Michigan a lot. My parents always told me that it was my vivid imagination. But I remember seeing a little boy playing on the property and attempting to play with him. But I could never get close to him without him disappearing. Not sure if I actually saw him or if my parents were right. But since moving to Colorado when I was 10 I have never seen anything like that again. ETA: Somehow I remember that the boy was called Cameron. I have no idea how I knew that or why I remember it.

  • OriginalLaura
    Master March 2017
    OriginalLaura ·

    My father died really early in the morning, 5ish am, on his way to work (single car accident). I was 8 years old and I was very scared of the dark and of the noises in our large house. My bedroom was the first room at the top of the stairs so that didn't help either. Every night I would go downstairs and just stand at the edge of my parents bed and my dad would always wake up and go back up stairs with me. The night after his death I woke up in the middle of the night, like always, and he was standing at the foot of my bed.

    Then at my boarding school there is a legend that a young daughter of a faculty teacher died while the family lived on campus (we have faculty housing on campus) and many girls have said they sometimes hear a girl playing in the halls and then see child's fingers under their doors, I shook it off, until I saw the fingers one night.

  • MrsBest2B
    Master June 2016
    MrsBest2B ·

    I have too many to tell but I have many many experiences. I believe in ghosts/spirits 100% without a doubt

  • Cassandra
    Super August 2016
    Cassandra ·

    My FMIL runs a group of paranormal investigators. They do a ton of work in old ghost towns and jails. My FH and I have done some shows in haunted theaters. I've seen some strange things.

  • CobbWifey
    Super September 2016
    CobbWifey ·

    I love this thread!

    When I was in high school, we lived literally next door to the house my grandpa and great grandmother lived in, and they both died in a car crash down the street. I was very sick with Mono and had very high fevers and my mom kept checking on me throughout the night to make sure I was okay. The next morning I thanked my mom for checking on me and she was like "what are you talking about? I didn't check on you last night". I also saw a woman walking around when I woke up in the middle of the night once and I thought I was dreaming. My mom showed me a picture of her grandma and it was totally her.

  • FutureLivi
    VIP June 2017
    FutureLivi ·

    A few days after my grandfather died I was asleep on my bed with my two dogs. My dogs began to move around on my bed (they're big dogs, so it's annoying) I woke up yelling at my dogs to quit moving because Papa was here sitting on my bed. I then realized my arms were reached out like I was hugging someone. I thought my grandpa was actually there for a good minute before I realized I hadn't even been awake.

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