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Mountain Honeymoon Recommendations?

Jebbers9922, on October 22, 2017 at 11:39 AM Posted in Honeymoon

My fiancé and I aren't really beach people and love the mountains. Any recommendations? We have been looking in Canada, but aren't 100% sold on any where.



  • S
    Super July 2018
    SLR ·

    We went to Alaska this year and absolutely loved it! I've also heard really good things about Banf.

  • TarHeel729
    Expert July 2017
    TarHeel729 ·

    Utah or Alaska.

  • Jebbers9922
    Just Said Yes May 2018
    Jebbers9922 ·

    @slr we've been looking at Banff, it's beautiful!

  • Amanda
    Savvy September 2019
    Amanda ·

    I would check out Alaska it's beautiful.

  • Sept2017AKBride
    VIP September 2017
    Sept2017AKBride ·

    Alaska girl here so I am biased, but I agree that it is the most beautiful place ever!

  • McSkipper
    VIP August 2018
    McSkipper ·

    I've been eyeing Banff in Canada

    Never been but had some friends go this summer and their pictures are unreal

  • hannahdee
    Super June 2018
    hannahdee ·

    Also biased on Alaska as both FH and I have lived there and will be going for our honeymoon. But, where do you live? Canada is great, Utah has impressive mountains, as well as Idaho and Colorado

  • Jesse'sGirl
    Devoted October 2017
    Jesse'sGirl ·

    We are currently staying in Cherokee, NC!

  • hannahdee
    Super June 2018
    hannahdee ·

    I mean the Alps (Swiss) are some seriously beautiful mountains if you want out of the US

  • Jebbers9922
    Just Said Yes May 2018
    Jebbers9922 ·

    We are in NC! So definitely been eyeing some mountains out west. Also open to leaving the US. I was looking at Denali in Alaska but it seems like there's no good airport to get close to it. Does anyone from Alaska recommend any areas with beautiful views?

  • hannahdee
    Super June 2018
    hannahdee ·

    Alaska is huuuge so getting to see a lot would be hard by car unless you have several weeks- AK cruises are awesome because you can see a lot of places in much shorter travel time!

  • Malari
    Dedicated August 2018
    Malari ·

    I live in South Lake Tahoe, CA and its AMAZING. My favorite mountain destination !

  • Caitlin528
    Devoted July 2018
    Caitlin528 ·

    Smokey mountains in TN. It's a great time!

  • Sarah
    Beginner July 2018
    Sarah ·

    Another Alaska girl here - can't go wrong visiting any part of this state!

  • Ludwig
    Devoted October 2017
    Ludwig ·

    We are heading to Banff for ours on Sunday! 100% recommend

  • Briana
    Dedicated April 2018
    Briana ·

    My FH and I aren't beach people either, we decided on an Alaskan Cruise! We will fly into Seattle, cruise in Alaska for 7 days, then spend three more days in Seattle exploring! I can't wait, from what I've read and heard from other travelers you can't go wrong with Alaska!

  • Miss2Mrs
    Dedicated October 2017
    Miss2Mrs ·

    Gatlinburg TN area?? what do yall like to do?

  • ewg116
    Dedicated October 2017
    ewg116 ·

    Colorado! The rocky mountains are beautiful in the summertime. Estes Park, Breckenridge, Aspen, Telluride, Crested Butte, Steamboat Springs- all are amazing!

  • Jebbers9922
    Just Said Yes May 2018
    Jebbers9922 ·

    We already went to gatlinburg/pigeon forge for vacation two years ago. A little too touristy for us and would like somewhere new!

  • cantwait4thedate
    VIP November 2017
    cantwait4thedate ·

    I second (third?) Banff. I was there about 4-5 years ago and it was absolutely STUNNING!!! There is so much to do and see there, that we probably could have stayed longer and we were in Canada for 12 days on a road trip!

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