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It's our day!

Della, on July 26, 2015 at 10:10 AM Posted in Community Conversations 0 17
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Ah! 19 months later the day is finally here! My MOH woke me up with Starbucks and a binder of letters. I was only allowed to read the first one from my MOH. The rest will be given to me throughout the day. Here's praying that the rain holds off!


  • Angel_D
    Master October 2015
    Angel_D ·

    Yay!! have an amazing day

  • Salita
    Expert September 2015
    Salita ·

    Happy wedding the letter idea!

  • Kristina
    Master September 2016
    Kristina ·

    Aww thats sweet! Enjoy your day!!!

  • Nikki
    Master July 2015
    Nikki ·

    Happy Wedding Day!

  • R
    VIP September 2015
    Rosie9615 ·

    Awww so sweet! Happy Wedding Day!!

  • Kara
    Devoted July 2016
    Kara ·

    Happy Wedding Day!! The binder of letters idea is so sweet!!!!! Hope your day is amazing!!!

  • Butterfly
    VIP April 2016
    Butterfly ·

    That's so sweet of your MOH! Have an absolutely amazing wedding today!!

  • A&T1216
    Super December 2016
    A&T1216 ·

    Congratulations and Happy Wedding Day!! I will keep my fingers crossed for no rain.

  • SummerS
    Master January 2016
    SummerS ·

    Congrats!!!! Wishing you a great day and great weather

  • jomabago
    Super September 2017
    jomabago ·

    Congrats! And that was so cute of your MOH to do!

  • KellyM
    Super November 2015
    KellyM ·

    Congrats! have a lovely day I'm crossing my fingers for no rain.

  • Adoretamm
    Master May 2016
    Adoretamm ·

    Happy wedding day!

  • Happily Married
    Super August 2015
    Happily Married ·

    Yay, happy wedding day

  • SweetBean
    VIP November 2015
    SweetBean ·

    I hope you had an amazing day!

  • Doublej079
    VIP August 2015
    Doublej079 ·

    I hope it didn't rain while you were getting married!

  • StitchingBride
    Master October 2014
    StitchingBride ·

    I hope you had a amazing day

  • Lara~N~Love
    VIP September 2016
    Lara~N~Love ·

    Yay! I hope it was wonderful, and I can't wait to see your BAM!

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