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Savvy September 2020

Ideas to make a ballroom look more rustic

Sydney, on March 11, 2018 at 8:01 PM Posted in Wedding Reception 4 9
So my fiance and I really want a rustic wedding. Wood and lace is our theme and we have been looking for venues but everything that has that barn or farm type setting has astronomical reception site fees that don't include anything except table and chairs. One place was 8000 just to use the barn and the grounds! We have a pretty strict budget since we are paying for the wedding 100% by ourselves. So I'm just looking for advice on how to make a ballroom or banquet hall look more rustic. Obviously we can't make anything that would damage the walls or anything but I'm hoping there are some people with creative minds and ideas on how to make our dreams come true without breaking the bank.


Latest activity by Summer, on April 11, 2018 at 5:03 PM
  • O
    Master October 2017
    O ·
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    Farm tables with lace runners? Wood escort cards, menus printed on wood wrapped with lace at the table settings.
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  • Heather
    Expert September 2018
    Heather ·
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  • muriel
    Champion June 2018
    muriel ·
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    Almost all of the time, I would recommend ignoring the walls and focusing on the tables. Your guests' attention will be on what is in front of them.

    Just choose rustic where you have a choice.

    Welcome sign? choose an old wooden window over a gold framed mirror.

    Linens? choose texture over satin or organza

    Centerpieces? choose a wooden or vintage looking container over a geometric terrarium.

    Depending on the individual space and structure, you might be able to do something like hang an old ladder above the head or sweetheart table.

    Ideas to make a ballroom look more rustic 1

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  • L
    Just Said Yes June 2018
    Lacey ·
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    Burlap and twine anywhere you can! Burlap table runners, which looks great with lace edges, wood slice center pieces, and mason jars with twine bows! Could also use metal pails as flower baskets on tables, or on the side down the aisle. I think your choice of flowers helps too. Sunflowers, baby's breath, paired with wheat, lavender, or sage.
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  • S
    Savvy September 2020
    Sydney ·
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    Loving all of the ideas guys! Keep them coming! Smiley laugh
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  • C
    Beginner October 2018
    Chelsea ·
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    What about "industrial chic"? our venue is an old warehouse.... find something with cool brick walls and rafters that depending on where you live may be cheaper. It's not "farmhouse rustic" but could still look great with those accents!
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  • Pirate & 60s Bride
    Rockstar March 2017
    Pirate & 60s Bride ·
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    Are there any wineries, rustic restaurants, or B&Bs in your area (permitted for weddings if you want ceremony there)? It really helps when your venue already plays naturally into your style or you'll spend a lot of rental/decor money forcing it to work. Smiley sad

    Cost-Saving Tips: you might get your dream venue if you choose:

    * off-season month for wedding

    * weekday wedding

    * brunch instead of dinner

    * or smaller number of guests or "elopement package"

    We had our dream Napa wedding: March (still "winter" rate), Monday, 15 guests. Smiley love

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  • Summer
    Super August 2018
    Summer ·
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    Can you try and find a room with a lot of natural wood, or at least lots of neutrals? You don't want to have to fight with your venue's aesthetic, and as PP said you'll spend a ton if you try to re-construct the place.

    We went with a place that's technically a banquet hall but looks like a barn inside - facility fee was only $500.

    For rustic I like wood "slices" or stumps with vases, bottles, and candles resting on them at various heights, using branches and raw wood in various places, and using a lot of wildflowers and greenery.

    One more important thing - try to pick a venue with nice chairs! Ugly chairs or ones that need to be covered with those awful white covers definitely take away from the atmosphere - seriously you wouldn't think about it but chairs make a HUGE difference. If you can find a ballroom with wooden chairs it'd go a long way. You don't want to have to rent chairs on a small budget!

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