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Help- qr code or website for $$ not gifts??

Jessica, on October 14, 2021 at 1:17 PM Posted in Planning 0 5
Hello, I need help trying to find a website or some thing very easy that I can set up and provide a link to my guests for wedding gifts as we are only asking for money for a “dream home fund”. We want something so they can pay us direct into an account for wedding instead of actual physical gifts since a destination wedding and I have NO CLUE what to do but I’ve seen it before. Where you can provide a link or someone can scan a QR code and make a donation. Thxx


Latest activity by Kim, on October 17, 2021 at 11:35 AM
  • S
    Expert September 2022
    Sarah ·
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    I honestly wouldn't even worry about it. If you don't have a registry guests will just bring cash or check.

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  • Cece
    Super November 2022
    Cece ·
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    I would just not register for physical gifts, and guests will get the hint.
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  • JM Sunshine
    JM Sunshine ·
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    I think Go Fund Me would be you best bet, but not sure that a $100 pp donation would get you your dream home. Otherwise, most guests will assume that if you don't have a registry, you'd prefer a check or cash instead.
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  • Cool
    Super July 2020
    Cool Online ·
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    Do not use Go Fund Me. That is for charitable causes, not wedding funds.
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  • Kim
    Savvy September 2022
    Kim ·
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    Checks are free to deposit into your account.
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