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*~WiiFeY~*, on March 31, 2011 at 10:42 AM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 19
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I've never been before. But something is seriously wrong with my neck. It all depends on the way I sleep. But I've noticed if I sleep somewhere different without my usual pillow, my neck hurts really bad and I get serious migraines from it. My head always feels too heavy for my neck. To the point where I'm just miserable. So I googled, and I found some things related to whip lash.. Which I've never had. Until I started thinking. In 9th grade I broke my jaw. Our cleaning lady accidentally got pledge all over our linoleum. I slipped and went straight down on my chin, and broke my jaw. Now that I think of it, the way my neck slung back, I could've very well gotten whip lash. So anyway.. Today its so bad I broke down and made my very first chiropractor appointment.

My mom tried to talk me out of it. She said once you start going, you go for the rest of your life. But at this point, something needs to be done.

Is it scary? Will it hurt? Wahhh


  • Ashley
    VIP September 2011
    Ashley ·

    I'm not a fan of chiropractors, personally. I have some muscle issues because of sports injuries and all the damage I did when I used to tumble. Plus, I had a bad car accident my senior year of HS. I see a massage therapist regularly, and it works wonderfully. AND it's painfree and relaxing. Winner winner.

    Just something to consider... totally up to you. I don't know the extent of your pain and massage just might not cut it. I'd also consider contacting your regular doctor.

  • Dani
    Expert April 2011
    Dani ·

    I had to start going 2 years ago for migraines. After a 12 day migraine you'll try anything. I went as a kid and he scared me soo bad I really didn't want to go back. It's true that once you start going you don't stop, but more because of the relief you feel getting regular adjustments.

    I now go for monthly massages then chiro adjustments to keep the migraines at bay. If I have to go longer then 4 weeks I definitely feel it! (I have to have a 45 min massage first or the chiro can't adjust, my body doesn't know how to relax!)

  • ~
    VIP September 2011
    ~Jeff's Angel~ ·

    I go to a Chiropractor and no it does not hurt - being that it is your first time, it is possible your muscles may be a little tight or sore just because your body is not used to it but that really should be the absolute worst of it.

    I love going because I always feel so much better afterwards. Also I only go maybe once a month, sometimes longer in-between appointments

  • Mrs. Jayjohn
    Master August 2010
    Mrs. Jayjohn ·

    I go a chiropractor and massage therapist. I get relief from both.

    I used to get really bad migraines, my cervical vertebra get out of whack and they push on my nerves and muscles causing a majority of my migraines and since I've been going to a chiropractor (over a year now) I haven't gotten nearly the amount or severity of migraines. I too feel like my head is too heavy for my neck. Take some ibuprofen before you go because you might be a little sore afterward. Your mom is right, once you go you have to keep going, it's not a once and done kind of thing. I see my chiropractor twice a month (initially I was going twice a week) and I see the massage therapist between appointments.

  • randi
    Super September 2011
    randi ·

    I have scoliosis and my curve in my neck is completly introverted. it hurts, very bad. excrucciatingly bad. ive been going for the past month and last friday was the first time i let him "adjust" my neck.. which just means crack. It doesnt hurt. My head always felt as your sdoes, way to heavy. Since he has cracked my neck, it feels light and has not given me one problem. I was so scared KK, i was crying he had to keep handing me tissue because I was so scared. yes, cracking the neck makes a loud cracking noise. But YES, you will feel like a different person afterwards. At least from what I have heard, and experienced others feel completly different.

    As far as what your mother told you, ususally once you start you do keep going back, BECAUSE it makes you feel better. They crack you and massage you but shit, girl its a LOT better than being in pain. People go back because they WANT to. its healthy to be alligned and well. My advice: go a few times, see if you notice a diff/feel better

  • Ana
    VIP June 2012
    Ana ·

    My only experience with a chiropractor was when I was around 10. My mom was the patient and we went with her, and as we walked down the hall, the chiropractor put his hand on the back of my neck and started to rub my neck. Totally freaked me out.

  • Kelsey
    Super March 2011
    Kelsey ·

    I go all the time but keep in mind not all chiropractors use the same methods. It may take you a little while to find one that you like the best. Personally I don't like chiropractors that use a lot of the "tools" (they look like you would find them at home depot), I have a lot of pressure sensitivity so they tend to hurt for me.

    My chiropractor that I have been going to now for 6+ years uses muscle stimulation and heat packs to relax your muscles before adjusting you. I think this is key because you wont feel as sore later and it is easier on your body. If you have a build up of scar tissue, he also uses ultrasound to break it up before adjusting.

    Make sure you drink loads of water after, it will help flush all the gasses that are being released from your joints (that is what the cracking and popping noises are from) and any lactic acids in your muscles that will make them sore.

    Hope this helps

  • Jaemi C. fka Jaemi S. :-)
    Master October 2010
    Jaemi C. fka Jaemi S. :-) ·

    I love my Chiropractor. I am not going to lie, you might feel sore since this is your first time but you will also feel a little "lighter" as someone put it. I have a pinched nerve and have done everything from PT to trigger point injections to drugs and this is the only thing that really works.

  • S
    Master February 2011
    Snif ·

    I have friends who swear by them but my ex is a spinal surgeon and he said most of his patients come in from extended chiropractic injuries.

  • *~* Soon to be Mrs. Murphey *~*
    VIP February 2013
    *~* Soon to be Mrs. Murphey *~* ·

    My BFF swears by them... she goes weekly. she said yes once you start you will need to keep going. dont be scared, hard to say huh... she loves hers!

  • S
    Master February 2011
    Snif ·

    And p.s. - I'm sorry about your neck KK!

  • Heather
    Super September 2011
    Heather ·

    KK look into the laws in your state - not all states allow for a chiro to "adjust" your neck. Do some research on it - I read an article in Self or Good Housekeeping a while back where someone had a neck adjustment that caused a tear to an artery and they died (sorry if I am scaring you). I have had my back done and it feels good but so does a good massage. I would suggest a good massage first as that can help with migraines. I suffer from them as well and I tend to be very very tense by nature and I have a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders. I usually have the massage therapist start on the front of my neck/shoulders so that I lay on my back on the heated table so the heat can loosen muscles before they work on it.

  • Bri-guy's Gal
    Devoted September 2010
    Bri-guy's Gal ·

    Do some research. I started going to one about 2 months ago, and I love him. He uses a holistic approach, and I think that makes all the difference in the world. He also has the massage therapist in the office, so you get an adjustment, then you work with the therapists, and also at home.

  • *~WiiFeY~*
    Master June 2011
    *~WiiFeY~* ·

    Well.. I just got back. Its been an eventful day!

    I told him about my injury back in 2004 when I broke my jaw. He felt a lot of muscle tightness around my cervical vertebrae (sounds exactly like your story Mrs. Jayjohn) and since I never got my neck checked out after my fall, he wanted me to get it checked out today. He thinks I might've had whiplash or another kind of neck injury.. He sent me to the hospital to get xrays, and I'm going back tomorrow for him to decide what to do. He said if I DID have a neck injury, he wanted to be sure before he started messing with my neck. Sooo he didn't really do anything but an exam, tomorrow he will figure out what he's going to do!

    I hope it helps.. I also hope I can afford all of this :/

  • Maui Bride
    VIP June 2011
    Maui Bride ·

    Aw so sorry your in pain! I hope it all gets worked out tomorrow!

    To give you my experience I've always been anti Chiropractors - my thought was it's a quick fix that's not fixing the problem. Well, last fall I threw my back out, after 3 weeks of severe pain ( I had to leave work a couple of times because I couldn't sit at my desk) and several massages I caved and went. FINALLY relief. I just went for the first time since then yesterday because I felt a "kink" in my back that felt like it could get worse and I have to tell you I think i'm converted. I'll never be a "regular" but when something doesn't feel right I'll definitely go back!

    Question, did you find out about the chiropractor from a friend/family? The one I went to did xray's my first visit. I just find it odd he sent you to a hospital to do the xrays....? You may want to ask around to make sure your seeing someone with a lot of experience. Good luck!

  • Mrs. Jayjohn
    Master August 2010
    Mrs. Jayjohn ·

    KK glad he's taking his time and not just rushing in to treating you. When I get my neck adjusted I wiggle my toes to distract me. Hope all goes well tomorrow, keep us updated.

  • *~WiiFeY~*
    Master June 2011
    *~WiiFeY~* ·

    Maui- He didn't have x-rays in his building at all. None of the chiropractors around here do. Apparently he could've sent me to a nearby medical center for x-rays (says my Mom who is a nurse) but they don't read their x-rays there (no radiologist) so they send them to the radiology center at the hospital.. So it was just easier to send me to radiology at the hospital.

  • ~
    VIP September 2011
    ~Jeff's Angel~ ·

    My Chiropractor does my neck all the time and it has never hurt or bothered me in the least - my biggest issue is that my muscles are not always relaxed so she is not able to adjust it every time - also she uses electric massage/muscle stimulator and heat pads before adjusting me and that part is the best - even if she didn't adjust me I would go just for that alone

    It is good that he wants you to get x-rays first - that will help him to see if there is any damage and also if he is able to help you out. Good Luck and let us know how it goes tomorrow.

  • Mrs.Lash
    Expert June 2012
    Mrs.Lash ·

    I got a compressed disk in my spine...and doctors did CRAP to help me. I went to an AMAZING chiropractor (just went again today) and he took 70% of the pain away in the first adjustment. I love going to stop the recurring uncomfortableness I get in my back and shoulders and Definitly will be recommending people go if they have pain. The reason people go back so often...is cause if works! =) It's not painfull, just release of pressure, like cracking your knuckles. I was scared at first too...do some research!

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