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Bad dreams from wedding planning stress?

Shaydarian, on February 12, 2019 at 11:35 AM Posted in Community Conversations 0 3
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I don't know about you, but planning our wedding has been stressful! I'm excited but I feel like I'm not moving forward.

I think that's what's causing my dreams to be so wacky. I just woke up an hour ago (9:30 is normal for me) and from a dream that really creeped me out. Now this wasn't a ' wedding gone wrong' dream, but just weird. A kind of dream I usually wouldn't have.

So in my dream my FH and I were out at a cabin checking on his car, after some apparent heavy flooding. The water had just barely affected the yard and his car was on pretty dry ground. Then all the sudden were standing outside of somewhere talking to this creepy guy who reminds me of a family friend of his family's but looked different. He was going bald, he was older and he wore a puffer coat.
Next, (this dream bounces around) we are in this guys car. It's a nice, black SUV and we're talking about this girl I dated many years ago, and he's talking about going and finding her and how we'd all have fun, he was a real creeper!!!
Next thing i know, my fiance and I had done what we could to get out but he locked us in when we realized we didn't know where we were going, so we found the door locks and I got out first but the guy kept driving. I called out "Baby!" And then he got out, so I asked if he had our keys. The guy stopped, got out and came around back,then took them from him so I got mad and snatched them back from him and pushed him back with my foot. I told him if he didn't give them back I'd call the police but as I said call the police, he mimicked me. We backed up and then ran. I could feel the bead lizard keychain I made in Girl Scouts vividly in my hand and gave him his keys. On the way down the road I saw a dead fox or a torn up fox plush on the side of the road. I said we but kept walking and we talked about what happened and where we were going and I woke up.

TL;DR I had a creepy dream not involving my wedding at all, but it's not the only one this week.
Idk why I'm having these Ann's wanted to know if anyone else had non wedding related, weird dreams during the planning process?


  • FutureMrsKC
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    I definitely had some weird dreams, at least a handful! There is so much on your mind all of time during planning, you're thinking of guests, plans, etc. I think its totally normal for your brain to be in over-drive!

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  • Sarah
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    Sarah ·
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    So, I’m a photographer, and I have dreams all the time in high wedding season that I’m late for a wedding, that I have no clothes to wear, that my staff has disappeared, etc etc. Also I have more dreams about my FH leaving me, dying, being injured, etc when it’s busy season. When you’re stressed and super busy it’s easy for your brain to run rampant while you sleep with crazy upsetting or stressful dreams. Try melatonin for more restful sleep and see if it helps!
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  • Jayla
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    Hey ShayDarian! I've heard other people speak of the same thing! I think it comes with any type of stress from planning a big event, especially something as special as your wedding. It's totally normal and will get better over time. Have you thought about meditating, trying a meditation app, or listening to soothing sounds before going to bed?

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