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Happily married 🎉

June 15, 2019

178days 14hrs
Can't decide between two dresses!
Gabriela, Yesterday at 10:45 PM

Hi everyone! I recently went dress shopping and I fell in love with these two dresses. I can't decide! What do yall think? Dress #1 Dress #2

Molly, An hour ago 15
Too far for guests to travel?
Sarah, Yesterday at 10:53 PM

Hi all! We are planning a smaller wedding with mostly family and a small amount of lifelong friends. My husband to be and I like a venue 1 hour and 10 minutes from our hometown. My mom says it’s too...

Jennifer, An hour ago 12
Engagement photos !
Jordan, Yesterday at 11:52 PM

How long after you got engaged did you take your pictures ?

Melle, 2 hours ago 14
Worried i got the wrong dress
J G, Today at 1:42 AM

I bought a non refundable non returnable sample size oscar de la renta at a discount. $2,000 for a $10,000 dress. Now I think I got caught up in the bargain and the designer name more...

Lauren, 47 minutes ago 14
Should all flowers match?
Danielle, Today at 2:57 AM

I’m selecting my own flowers and I’m using silk artificial ones from hobby lobby. Do the flowers on my arbor(wedding arch) need to match the ones in my bouquet? Thanks!

Cher Horowitz, 45 minutes ago 5
Table linens and chair covers
Carrie, Today at 6:00 AM

I need your opinion on table linens and chair covers. I do like the way the blue buttons look at the lace on top, however, do I just do chairs in plan chair covers? I don't wanna over do but again I...

Cher Horowitz, 18 minutes ago 2
Wedding Shoes
Brandi, Today at 7:51 AM

Hello! How important are wedding shoes?! I like comfort over name brand, I have friends/bridal party who think shoes are important well “brand” is important. Does it really matter if no one will see...

Cher Horowitz, 22 minutes ago 12
We took our engagement photos (pic heavy)
Blair, Today at 8:02 AM

Last night we took our engagement photos. Here are a few of the unedited ones

Cher Horowitz, 41 minutes ago 18
Guest Book Photo album
Cassie, Today at 8:54 AM

Has anyone used a photo album as a guest book? I hate the idea of a regular guest book because it’s just going to collect dust and although I love some of the alternative ideas like having everyone...

Cher Horowitz, 27 minutes ago 9
Cake, Cake, and More Cake
Melissa, Today at 8:55 AM

I am really struggling with this whole cake(s) purchase They are soooo expensive! Is it a must that you have both a wedding and a groom cake? Has anyone considering using the bakery at...

Erika, 6 minutes ago 17
Fun exit song
Whitney, Today at 9:11 AM

Needing help on picking a fun upbeat exit song for the wedding!!

Alisa, 26 minutes ago 6
Future Mrs. Anderson
Engagement Photos sneak peek❤️
Future Mrs. Anderson, Today at 9:35 AM

A sneak peek of our Engagement Photos

Cher Horowitz, 31 minutes ago 4
Save The Dates
Blair, Today at 9:41 AM

I'm thinking of using this template for my save the dates. Any suggestions?

Alisa, 28 minutes ago 13
Photographer & Videographer?
Adriana, Today at 10:09 AM

What are your thoughts towards having both a videographer and photographer? Having both can be a bit pricey but i feel like the day itself might feel like it goes by so fast that it would be nice to...

Cher Horowitz, 25 minutes ago 10
Tokyo Honeymoon
Ashley, Today at 10:17 AM

Hii! Has anyone honeymooned to Tokyo?? We were looking to go to Tokyo Disneyland and then explore the city. Any tips or advice are welcome!

Casey, 27 minutes ago 3
So Frustrated
Veronica, Today at 10:26 AM

We got married on July 20, but our wedding video was supposed to be done by December 20. It has been pushed back twice already and isn't supposed to be done now until February 1. I emailed him the...

Veronica, 2 hours ago 9
Ann C
Bathroom boxes... why?
Ann C, Today at 10:58 AM

Why do those boxes with Tylenol, wipes, hair spray exist. Has anyone ever used anything in them? They just seem silly to me

Christine, 10 minutes ago 13
Have you figured out where you'll live?
Cliodhna, Today at 11:05 AM

Once you’ve tied the knot, where will you both reside? Will one of you move in with the other? Or will you get a new place for both of you? Have you figured out where you'll live as newlyweds? Photo...

Cher Horowitz, 47 minutes ago 21
Have you decided on your married name?
Cliodhna, Today at 11:05 AM

Before saying “I Do”, it’s important that a couple discusses whether one (or both of you!) will be changing your surnames. It’s a wedding-related decision that will affect you for the rest of your...

Alisa, 31 minutes ago 26
Have you booked your honeymoon?
Cliodhna, Today at 11:05 AM

Typically the splurge-iest trip you will take as a couple, a honeymoon is the best way to unwind after the craziness of wedding planning! Have you started planning your big trip? Or are you still...

Cher Horowitz, 33 minutes ago 15
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