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I love all things wedding! My wedding was simple and a lot of DIY.

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Happily married 🎉

June 15, 2019

534days 16hrs
Large vs small guest count
Michelle, Today at 2:07 PM

Do you feel like one lends to more of a fun party vibe vs not? Based on your experience from your wedding (if you're recently married) and others you've attended as a guest, does the size of the guest...

Tiger Bride, An hour ago 16
Colored Wedding Dresses
Angela, Today at 1:07 PM

I am not into all white wedding dresses, it's just not me. Are there any brides out there who are wearing dresses with color or a completely colored? I have decided to have my dress custom made with...

Michelle, 32 minutes ago 8 1
Stefanie, Today at 1:43 PM

Besides Pinterest, what other places are you finding ideas for your wedding decor, etc.

Jamie, 6 minutes ago 11
bam 11.27.20
Olusola, Today at 12:28 PM

All I can say is, God is so good 😊 One of my favorite pictures yet ❤️

Sarah, 40 minutes ago 12 1
Accidentally ending up with 2 wedding cakes 🤦🏼‍♀️
Chrysta, Today at 11:46 AM

So, long story short... our original baker refused to move the deposit of our wedding cake to our new date once Covid hit. Rather than pay her another $500, we decided to take $500 we...

Caytlyn, An hour ago 29
First look experiences? i can’t decide!
Lindsey, Yesterday at 3:02 PM

A few months ago I decided (so i thought) that I wanted to do a first look. I thought it would be nice to share that special moment between us not in front of everyone, that it would help us calm down...

Shelly, 46 minutes ago 23
Dj Tanner
Aisle walk....
Dj Tanner, Yesterday at 4:00 PM

Just wondering if anyone has done anything differently than having their father walk down the aisle with them. They say that this tradition stems from the days of arranged marriages where the father...

Meghan, An hour ago 15
Azazie company
CountryBride, Yesterday at 4:44 PM

Is the company azazie a ligit company to order bridesmaids dresses from? I found a color I love and was wondering if this is a ligit company. if so how do I go about getting measurements done?

Meghan, An hour ago 15
we got Married!! 11.28.20
Julie, Yesterday at 7:49 PM

We got married! It was wonderful despite every hardship. It was so nice the rest of the week and then downpoured all day. We cut down our guest list for COVID, and still had people cancel every day...

Brianna, 20 minutes ago 21 6
Darlene, Yesterday at 8:22 PM

Ordered my dress today guys!!

Melle, 4 hours ago 10 2
My Wedding Shoes
Laquita, Yesterday at 8:30 PM

I used Amazon's Try Before You Buy option to see which style looked better on me (shopping is a hassle right now) and I fell in love with these Betsy Johnson shoes. I sent the free pairs back and...

Melle, 4 hours ago 12
Married ladies: what do you wish you knew during planning?
Michelle, Yesterday at 9:11 PM

Looking back from the planning process to post-wedding, what lessons did you learn that you wish someone had told you about or put more stock into listening to at the time?

Meghan, An hour ago 9
Parents don't like fiancé
Anna, Yesterday at 10:15 PM

We are going to be announcing our engagement to the public soon, in about a week. I want to tell my parents before I post so that they know. In the past they haven't been a big fan of my fiancé and...

Katie, 3 hours ago 11
We got married!
Alexandra, Yesterday at 10:29 PM

Wow! What a crazy year. We postponed our wedding and when August rolled around we knew we just had to bite the bullet and have an intimate backyard ceremony. I would not have changed one detail of the...

Melle, 4 hours ago 10
Wedding shoes
Stefanie, Yesterday at 10:54 PM

Anyone wearing flats for your wedding? What did you get? I am taller and don’t want to wear heels.

Meghan, An hour ago 22
Bridal shower
Margarita, Today at 9:56 AM

A few photos from my bridal shower this weekend!

Sarah, 37 minutes ago 10
Share Those Cyber Monday Sales!!
Lynnie, Today at 10:11 AM

It's the season of sales and we want to know if you've found some good bridal bargains!! 💰 Have you scooped up any wedding décor or accessories during the big sales? Help your fellow planners out and...

Natalie, 2 hours ago 2
Sweetheart table focal point
Carmela, Today at 10:14 AM

Just wondering if anyone has done anything dramatic for a sweetheart table? Such as a lot of flowers/draped backdrop/flower arch. Does anyone think this is worth it? And does anyone know how much...

Natalie, 2 hours ago 8
Wedding Vision Board for June 2021 Wedding
Victoria, Today at 10:41 AM

Hi everyone! I thought it would be fun to post some photos I have been drawing inspiration from for my summer wedding! Please feel free to post some pictures you have been drawing inspiration from!...

Llcool_Kay, 3 hours ago 6 1
Engagement Photos (photo dump)!
Victoria, Today at 10:53 AM

Good Morning!! I'm doing a photo dump of my engagement photos! We took these in September on a very warm and sunny day right around golden hour! Please share your engagement photos! I'm excited to...

Sarah, 38 minutes ago 13