November 23, 2019
Return addressing diy invitations and rsvps
Tina, Today at 9:50 AM

For those of you who made/printed your own invitations, what did you do for return addressing. What I mean is did you hand write, print, use an ink stamp or use labels for your return address on both...

Desiree, 15 minutes ago 9
No ceremony musician
Erica, Today at 9:11 AM

Is anyone not hiring a ceremony musician? Our ceremony is going to be maybe 20 minutes MAX, and I cant justify spending $500+ for that short of time. I was going to just pay a family member to bring a...

MrsJackson, 53 minutes ago 20
Do i actually need to buy my dress 8 months before?
Jy, Today at 1:41 AM

Hey guys!I am getting married on May 2nd, 2020, and I JUST started dress shopping today.. I'd like to get my dress in October ideally due to having way too much stuff to do until then. Is it too late...

Cristy, 2 hours ago 16
Monster in law
Kyra, Today at 1:42 AM

I need extreme advice!!! My fiancé has 2 other brothers and bot of which she dictated. And now she's doing the same to us!She took it upon herself to go behind my sister in laws back and CHANGE ALL OF...

Shanita, 17 minutes ago 10
October 17th wedding color pallet
Lindsey, Today at 4:15 AM

My fiancé and I are planning on getting married October 17th, 2020. We are getting married at the beach. I am looking for a fall color pallet that would incorporate jewel tones and neutrals. I love...

Erica, 36 minutes ago 14
Christina, Today at 7:57 AM

Hey all, How much on average do you spend on save the dates and invitations without it looking tacky? I saw some wooden hearts for save the dates I loved!

Yam, 3 hours ago 3
How much pto before wedding?
ChiBride, Today at 7:59 AM

When are you taking time off before your wedding?? So far I’ve requested off just the Thursday and Friday before my wedding! I wanted to see what others are doing! I’m just not sure if it’s enough...

Sabrina, 2 hours ago 22
Bachelorette Photos
Anan, Today at 8:14 AM

Is it okay to post photos from that weekend? My fiancé saw all 678 of them so it’s not a big deal. Some are somewhat inappropriate because we had a stripper but what is the norm for posting?

Cher Horowitz, 2 hours ago 6
Fiancé fmil
Anan, Today at 8:20 AM

Fiancé FMIL threw a fit that she was uninvited to my bachelorette weekend at the beach. I just found out after all that drama that she had actually told my mom on 3 different occasions that she wasn’t...

Futuremrsmccormack, 2 hours ago 8
Sendoff Idea for Everyone
Teresa, Yesterday at 3:09 PM

Hello everyone!I heard this really good idea that I wanted to share. At the end of the reception have the guests leave the room. Keep your photographer in the room and you and your significant other....

Teresa, 4 hours ago 5 3
Rsvp and registery
Kathleen, Yesterday at 1:26 PM

Would it be impolite to have a card that is for both rsvpand registery? I am trying to be solvent, and eco friendly. Plus, I have a wedding website for all that!! Thanks!

Kathleen, 7 hours ago 19 1
Day of Coordinator a yes or a no?
Jenny, Yesterday at 2:39 PM

Hi everyone! Would you guys suggest a day of coordinator? what are the average prices for day of coordinators? what are the responsibilities for the day of coordinator?

Dana, Yesterday at 8:35 PM 24 1
Ceremony music help!!
Ana, Yesterday at 2:42 PM

So I’m working on my ceremony music playlist how much music do I need 🤷‍♀️An hour to two? My invitation says 3pm so I figure people would arrive around 2:30?Thank you

Peggy, Yesterday at 3:39 PM 6
Royal Tiaras
Cher Horowitz, Yesterday at 2:51 PM

Which royal wedding tiara is your favorite? One of my favorite parts of royal weddings is seeing the beautiful headpieces! My personal favorite would be Eugenie's emerald oneKate, Meghan and Eugenie

Alisha, 5 hours ago 13
Bachelorette party
Future Mrs Wilson, Yesterday at 2:58 PM

So my moh contacted everyone six months ago to determine duties. My moh is my sister and her and my aunt who is my matron were handling the bridal shower this Sunday. My other two bridesmaids said...

Misty, Yesterday at 7:44 PM 14 1
fh sister as bridesmaid
Amina, Yesterday at 1:05 PM

So I had asked my FH’s younger sister (20) to be a bridesmaid and a few days ago she texts me she doesn’t want to go on the bachelorette or be a bridesmaid any longer because of a fight she had with...

D, Yesterday at 4:27 PM 8
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