November 23, 2019
Vendor Shopping for Same-sex Weddings
Richard, Yesterday at 10:05 PM

I'm curious about how other same-sex couples shop for vendors, and what criteria is important to them for all of their vendors or just for some. For us, having a gay wedding in Seattle has, so far,...

Jessie, 7 hours ago 3
Can anyone relate? fmil invited to dress shopping?
Michaela, Yesterday at 9:41 PM

I’m still a ways out from dress shopping so I have time to decide. I have a wonderful relationship with my FH family and I love them all so much! I am trying to decide if I should invite my FMIL to go...

Mrs. Bubba, An hour ago 11
Engagement photos on social media or no?
Bella, Yesterday at 9:07 PM

Did you post your engagement photos on Facebook/Instagram or wait until after you sent out save the dates? I kinda wanna post to Facebook and Insta because they are soo pretty but I wasn't sure.

Mrs. Bubba, An hour ago 7
Planning a reception next year
Veronica, Yesterday at 9:13 PM

Ok wedding and my husband got married last month (9/3/19) we were gonna have our reception during the holiday season. Three weeks after we got married my husband’s grandmother passed away so...

Caytlyn, Yesterday at 9:29 PM 1
How many people can i invite
Dominique, Yesterday at 9:22 PM

I want our numbers to be as close to 125 for our final wedding count. We have only 10 out of town guest and the rest are local. What should our max invite number be to get to around 125 guests?

Mrs. Bubba, An hour ago 4
Wedding party numbers
Megan, Yesterday at 8:33 PM

So my fiancé and I were originally going to ask 3 people each to be in our wedding party. I have one friend who I’ve grown more close to since being engaged and I really want to ask her to be a...

Heather, Yesterday at 10:10 PM 4
Stephanie, Yesterday at 6:38 PM

Hi, It's time for us to start our registry. My family is telling me to do it now since my bridal shower is in January. Where are good spots to register? I love crate and barrel and was thinking of...

Ka-Rina, Yesterday at 9:41 PM 7
Personal vows private following ceremony
April , Yesterday at 6:31 PM

Has anyone exchanged their personal written vows in private following the ceremony or on their honeymoon? We are both shy about these things so don’t want to do it in front of our guests. We will do...

April, 5 hours ago 4
Guest count decrease
Latonya, Yesterday at 6:17 PM

I had 4 people call and say they are not coming. Is it reasonable to decrease the guest count and save on catering before we pay our last deposit? The restaurant should be able to so this right? Our...

Future Mrs. B, 4 hours ago 10 1
Sending Invites Help
Samantha, Yesterday at 5:59 PM

I am pretty sure I know the answer to this but I thought I’d get other people’s opinions. We recently sent out our Save The Dates!! However, we have heard back from a couple people letting us know...

Mrs. Bubba, An hour ago 6
Mother-in-law drama!!!!!
Kylie, Yesterday at 5:15 PM

So I'm getting married in less than 20 days. I got engaged earlier this year and it was nice at first. But, once the wedding planning started getting further along, drama erupted with my fiancé and...

Vivian, Yesterday at 10:22 PM 25
Sending bridal shower thank yous after the wedding?
Bride, Yesterday at 5:21 PM

My shower was thrown last minute, less than two weeks before our wedding. I had no time before the wedding to write out my bridal shower thank you cards. Is it awkward to write and send them now that...

Andrea, Yesterday at 7:46 PM 7
Gifts? How Long?
Cathy, Yesterday at 5:10 PM

Out of curiosity, how long do people have to send gifts or cards to the newly married couple? Is it still the one year?

MOB So Cal, Yesterday at 9:21 PM 4
Wedding gift helpppp
Erica, Yesterday at 4:40 PM

We didn’t mention gifts on our wedding invitations but on our wedding website we explained that we already have a lovely home and there’s not many items we don’t already own, that if they’d like to...

MOB So Cal, Yesterday at 9:33 PM 8
Found My Dress!!
Erin, Yesterday at 4:40 PM

Finally found my dress! I went through a whole process of dress regret after committing, but ultimately decided this was the one 🥰 Of course it’ll fit a little better once I have it in my size. What...

Kimberly, Yesterday at 11:35 PM 20 1
Bridesmaid dress help!!!
Madison, Yesterday at 4:23 PM

Which one do you like! The color will be the color shown in Option 1, with the tie back. 3 options for style though! I’m so torn! It’s so hard not being able to see every style with the right color!

Pirate & 60s Bride, Yesterday at 10:26 PM 26
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