Pirate & 60s Bride
Pirate & 60s Bride

I'm an offbeat 40+ bride! My hubby & I designed an upscale DIY Pirates of the Caribbean inspired wedding in a Napa wine cave (then a 1960s "Rat Pack"... View More

I'm an offbeat 40+ bride! My hubby & I designed an upscale DIY Pirates of the Caribbean inspired wedding in a Napa wine cave (then a 1960s "Rat Pack" reception in Temecula two months later). Amazing. Worth the wait to meet the right match; our wedding was way more creative than I could have ever dreamed. Happy newlyweds.

March 20, 2017
Trying to pick between 2 San Diego Venues
Krista, on August 19, 2019 at 12:25 AM

Hey there!I am having the most difficult time picking my wedding venue. I am torn between two venues both in San Diego. Option One is Britt Scripps Manor which is an old victorian house in downtown...

Pirate & 60s Bride, 3 hours ago 3
What jewelry should i buy?
ChiBride, Yesterday at 8:24 PM

What do you think would look good? My mom thinks a tiara would look nice and I’m not so sure I’m a tiara kind of girl 😂

Pirate & 60s Bride, 3 hours ago 8
When to get dresses and tuxes
Sarah, Yesterday at 10:27 PM

How far in advance should the wedding party have their dresses and tuxes. And when should the bride have her dress?

Aleaj, An hour ago 4 1
Burnt-out, Needing Advice
Nicole, Yesterday at 11:43 PM

First off, I LOVE the forums here because this is such a great group full of advice! Have any of you just been so burnt-out and emotionally drained from the wedding planning? I have severe regret...

Samantha, 2 hours ago 3
Bachelorette Weekend Shirts
Monique, Yesterday at 11:57 PM

I bought everyone going with for the bachelorette weekend a personalized shirt today. Vistaprint was having their 50% off sale and I bought 11 shirts for about 90$. The bridesmaids and I will have...

Cyndy, 3 hours ago 2 1
Cake vs cupcakes
Adree-Anna, on August 19, 2019 at 7:54 PM

So I need some rough ideas on the cost of a typical wedding cake vs one small cake for cutting and cupcakes for serving. I refuse to pay $400 for a cake (no judgement to anyone who has or will, just...

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Wedding stress
Brandi, on August 19, 2019 at 2:40 AM

OMG!!! I don't know where to start.This weekend has been horrible. First, my remaining Grandma passed away age 90.Second, my Dad tells me to start planning his funeral because he is tired of fighting...

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bam - Pro! Long post :)
CourtneyBrittain, on August 18, 2019 at 12:24 PM

Hello all! It has been 10 days since Ethan and I tied the knot and I am so happy to report that married life is going well. It has been hard because our work schedules are opposite, but now that we...

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Wedding Theme
MaryElena, Yesterday at 9:22 AM

FH and I debating over a potential wedding theme. Our wedding song will be “To The Moon And Back” My parents wanted us to entertain the idea of having our theme correlate with our wedding song. FH and...

Cher Horowitz, Yesterday at 6:20 PM 6
Approaching 1 year anniversary / Wedding Video Trigger?
Simplicity, on August 19, 2019 at 4:12 PM

Hi Everyone we are approaching 1 year anniversary and I would like to know to my fairly newlyweds couple what has been the hardest for you during year 1? For me its been a roller-coaster of emotions...

OldSchoolKindaLove, Yesterday at 9:49 AM 4
Extra Days Off
Future Abrams, on August 19, 2019 at 5:16 PM

I am getting married in 11 days!!! lol I just had to get that out. I decided a few months ago I would only take the Friday before the wedding off of work and of course the week following for our...

Cher Horowitz, Yesterday at 6:49 PM 24
Wedding Dress Help!
Corri, on August 19, 2019 at 6:45 PM

so I've finally started looking at dresses, but I have a very limited budget, and I haven't found anything that I like! I'm going for more of a boho theme, and I'm really looking for long sleeves,...

Lorri, Yesterday at 1:11 PM 25
Cake topper help
Toni, on August 19, 2019 at 9:40 PM

I need help deciding on which cake topper to buy. Our theme is winter wonderland but here are my explanations for why I love each one: 1. “that’s amore”- this is one of my favorite songs and my fiancé...

Cher Horowitz, Yesterday at 6:43 PM 15
Who should walk me down the aisle?
Tessia, on August 19, 2019 at 10:28 PM

I’m getting married in November, family and friends will be there!! This is my second marriage after being divorced for nearly 10 years!! So my question is, do I ask my dad to walk me in again or do I...

IvyAndKris, Yesterday at 10:59 AM 13
Cash bar or open bar?
Karla, Yesterday at 1:12 AM

Our guests like to drink A LOT so we know we definitely have to make room for alcohol in our budget. I’m trying to be smart with providing alcohol for our guests but not having to pay a fortune. We...

Chandra, Yesterday at 6:35 PM 21
i still want a wedding but some say it's pointless.
Shayla, Yesterday at 1:07 AM

So a bit of background. My husband is in the military and at the time I was too. They were moving me to a different base and since we weren't married we couldnt stop it. So gor us to be at the same...

Cher Horowitz, Yesterday at 6:33 PM 14
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