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April 3, 2021

30days 13hrs : 26min
What should we send for a gift to a wedding that only one of us was invited to?
Kara, Yesterday at 9:02 PM

We are getting married in a year and have not yet sent invitations. One of my husband’s former colleagues (who he used to be best-ish friends with) lives on the other side of the country. He is...

Pirate & 60s Bride, An hour ago 11
Website Deletion
Elise, Yesterday at 9:36 PM

I spent the last three days building and perfecting our wedding website for our 12/31/21 wedding. I love it. My support group loved it. And today WeddingWire tells me that my website is “going away”...

Caytlyn, Yesterday at 11:50 PM 4
Mom is treating engagement like a hostage situation
Pheonix, Yesterday at 1:06 PM

My soon to be fiance and I have not been very close to my parents since they were extraordinarily rude about our relationship from the start, specifically my mom who is a narcissist and control freak....

Michelle, Yesterday at 8:55 PM 28
Wedding Website Help!
Madison, Yesterday at 2:11 PM

My fiancé and I are trying to finish our website and have nothing to put for our how we met or proposal story. We met on tinder and don’t want to put that on our website for all our friends and family...

Kelly, 55 minutes ago 12
Bridesmaid robes
Julie, Yesterday at 2:47 PM

I’m looking for bridesmaid robes that aren’t silk or satin. Any ideas where to find some from? TIA ladies!

Caitlin, Yesterday at 9:19 PM 10
Guest count help? Intimate vs Big wedding.
Abigail, Yesterday at 2:48 PM

Hi! I’m currently trying to get an idea of my guest count and i’m struggling choosing between an intimate wedding about 50-75 people vs inviting about 150-175. Numbers are not 100% but ball parking....

Abigail, 2 hours ago 11
First look!
Stephanie, Yesterday at 2:51 PM

Anyone that is doing or has done a first look, I need the pros and cons pleasee!!

Mrs. Spring, Yesterday at 11:05 PM 11
Not yet engaged
Lazell, Yesterday at 2:52 PM

Anyone else in here choose a wedding date with their partner, but are not actually officially engaged yet?

Willow, 44 minutes ago 11
How to involve & remember friends who are not invited?
Stephani, Yesterday at 3:51 PM

Hi I am choosing not to have bridesmaids and to have a small family-only wedding. However, I am realizing that I want my friends there more than in spirit. What are your ideas on how to involve them...

Michelle, Yesterday at 9:30 PM 6
Wednesday wedding
Katrina, Yesterday at 4:27 PM

Hi everyone... it’s been almost a year since I postponed my original wedding date of May 15,2020 to May 15 2021. We are postponing once again because at this point we realize a wedding this year will...

Ty, Yesterday at 11:46 PM 8
Guest Count
Liz, Yesterday at 4:35 PM

With our wedding in August, we're now really looking at the guest list for STD's (late yes I know) and invitations. Our venue holds 175, but with COVID restrictions for social distancing can only hold...

Michelle, Yesterday at 7:42 PM 9
Quick private wedding on the beach
Fawn, Yesterday at 4:52 PM

Hey so my fiancé and i decided we just want to privately elope with him, our son and myself on topsail beach in june. since it’ll be in a different state i’m getting frazzled on details of wedding...

Michelle, Yesterday at 7:38 PM 4
Bachelorette Party June 2021
Leigh, Yesterday at 4:53 PM

Hey everyone! We’re planning to have my bachelorette party in May of this year and are at a loss of what to do! I want to keep it relatively safe with covid and I hate the idea of just bar hopping all...

Sarah, Yesterday at 11:41 PM 4
Bridesmaid Reveal!
Lindsay, Yesterday at 5:27 PM

Is anyone else planning to do a bridesmaid reveal? None of my bridesmaids went shopping with me- just my future MIL and my mom went. So no one has seen my dress and I’d love to keep it a surprise...

Hanna, Yesterday at 11:01 PM 10 1
Tina & Darren
The Finished product for my centerpieces ..
Tina & Darren, Yesterday at 6:07 PM

I'm finially finished with my centerpiece look. I think i did a awesome job. Didn't think I could be so creative

Tina & Darren, Yesterday at 10:37 PM 13
Pampas Grass
Angela, Yesterday at 6:54 PM

Hey there! I found a great place to buy pampas grass for my wedding. I'm planning on making an arch or possibly a pampas wall. They have a big supply of natural and white with decent prices. Let me...

Angela, Yesterday at 8:13 PM 3 1
Flower girl basket/dress color
Tiffany, Yesterday at 7:00 PM

So my niece is my flower girl & my dress is ivory and I know typically the flower girl is to match the bride. I’m not sure if I should be buying a white or ivory dress for her & same for the...

Hannah, Yesterday at 10:37 PM 4
Wedding Colors
Marissa, on March 2, 2021 at 11:20 PM

What are your wedding colors? These are mine

Chantelle, Yesterday at 8:15 AM 5
Registry and Gofundme??
Jade, on March 2, 2021 at 11:23 PM

We are saving for our honey moon! I dont know if it is a good idea or not to have a registry and a GoFundMe for my guests. For example, if someone does not want to buy a gift or all of the items have...

Jasmine, Yesterday at 3:18 PM 16
Arch Decor diy
Kelsey, on March 2, 2021 at 11:47 PM

Anyone tried doing flowers for wedding arches? I feel like it seems like no big deal but is actually pretty complicated. If you have made an arrangement, seen a something on how to do it, or know how...

Jennifer, Yesterday at 1:02 PM 12
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