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Happily married 🎉

January 21, 2012

2919days 20hrs
How much did spend on your veil?
Mrswilson2012, on August 24, 2012 at 1:46 PM

Ladies, how much did you spend or plan to spend on your veil? I have one in mind that I really love but it's pretty pricey and I'm not sure if I should go ahead and bite the bullet and get it or look...

Tiffany, Aug 25, 2012 64
How many dresses did you try on before you found yours?
BethAnn, on August 21, 2012 at 5:01 AM

I have found about 19 dresses that I really love. I know it is a lot of dresses to choose from and I am going to try to narrow it down even more before I actually go to try on dresses. 9 are at one...

Artina, Aug 22, 2012 34
Chantale, on August 17, 2012 at 6:14 PM

Where are you registered? anyone from Canada on here

KrystalH, Aug 17, 2012 5
I am now Mrs. Walker! (Pics)
heavenlyyoyo, on August 14, 2012 at 9:10 AM

We had a few hiccups throughout the day, but nothing major. Our day was awesome, and everyone talked about how beautiful everything was. Here are a few pics. 1. Mr and Mrs 2. Me and my stepdad 3. WP...

heavenlyyoyo, Aug 17, 2012 56
Which do you prefer - Chair covers/sashes or Chiavari Chairs?
LovelyBride430, on August 13, 2012 at 3:06 PM

Me, Chiavari chairs. My venue charges $4.00 per chair which will be almost $500... My sister paid $700 for her chair covers and sashes... Team CHIAVARI! LOL

Jolie, Jul 23, 2015 34
Looks like we're having less than 100 guests...kind of bummed.
Trista, on August 13, 2012 at 2:35 PM

We've had way more people than we expected RSVP no. So far we only have 53 guests coming and are waiting to hear from 55 more people. However, based upon what we've heard from family only about 30 of...

Jen P., Aug 13, 2012 23
Are you saving the top layer of your cake?
WHITNEY, on August 9, 2012 at 9:32 AM

I know this has been discussed before but I wanted to get some recent opinions. I keep going back and forth about saving the top of our wedding cake and having it on our 1 year anniversary! If you did...

Corinne S, Aug 11, 2012 46
parent gift question
Kirst, on August 8, 2012 at 11:02 AM

So i just thought about it and i wanted to get my parents a hardcover copy of the book "Ill love you forever" and write a nice little message inside...Im not sure what exactly to say, but do you think...

Kirst, Sep 12, 2012 16
Ms. 2 Mrs.
How many Brides are on WW?
Ms. 2 Mrs., on August 7, 2012 at 9:37 PM

For fun let's count...I'll take number 1. Who's #2,3,4,5...?

Ms. 2 Mrs., Aug 31, 2012 182
ladies let see your
Esposafisher, on August 6, 2012 at 9:49 AM

Venue or church.. whereever your magical ceremony will happen!!

Beth, Aug 8, 2012 57
Holy crap!!! i got my 5th star!!
Esposafisher, on August 6, 2012 at 11:22 AM

I did it! I did it! first I would like to thank FH, for giving me a reason to come to the forums secondly, the lovely ladies of WW.. Thank you.. Thank you!

FutureMrs.DiFabio, Aug 6, 2012 24
pros and cons
Shavonta, on August 3, 2012 at 7:06 PM

What are the pros and cons for a buffet style dinner

ToBMrs.V, Aug 7, 2012 17
Future Mrs. O
Hair Flower Detail
Future Mrs. O, on August 3, 2012 at 6:34 PM

My wedding is in a week and in true Mrs. O fashion, I am now just trying to find a flower detail for my hair. Can you all believe that these little things cost $100 . Just wanted to let you all...

Mrs. Clark aka Mrs A, Aug 3, 2012 3
Hey! Where are all the solitaires?
LadyHopkins, on August 3, 2012 at 6:20 PM

I only saw 2 other ladies with solitaires on the rings thread. I thought there would be more, lol. So this post is for SOLITAIRES ONLY, lol. Show 'em off here..... Here's mine, a .91 ct. solitaire and...

Jolene, Aug 5, 2012 19
i think i was just SLAPPED in the face...
Jammer, on August 3, 2012 at 11:46 AM

My niece...i feel like she just slapped me. I came up with this awesome idea. The only thing i didnt think about was her telling me 'no'. I wanted her to be the one to help me with my dress and hold...

Raechel, Aug 4, 2012 43
Elegant Napkin Fold
Nicole, on August 3, 2012 at 11:25 AM

I saw this napkin fold on pinterest and I love it. Does any no the name of the fold and have a tutorial on how its done. Thanks

Ferne, Jul 30, 2017 8
*vent* Stupid locked condo building....
HalloweenBride, on August 1, 2012 at 9:56 PM

So I ordered from party city online because they had a coupon for free shipping and I figured it was save me a few trips to the store, it shipped super fast, and actually arrived today, HOWEVER, we...

HalloweenBride, Aug 2, 2012 13
More wedding photos.
Labake , on August 1, 2012 at 10:21 PM

My photographer posted some to his blog. Enjoy!

Cavan, Aug 2, 2012 27
didnt go for the length just the color!! Pics!!
*SoonToBeMrs.Kelly*, on August 1, 2012 at 6:18 PM

Well I have seen a lot of ladies cut their hair off after the wedding. I had planned on doin the same exact thing after the wedding but DH really is in love with the long hair. SO i decided to just go...

Mouche, Aug 2, 2012 47
Fake or real flowers?
Courtney, on August 1, 2012 at 4:10 PM

Which did you use? Part of me wants real flowers but, the sentimental part of me thinks silk flowers are better for keeping.

Spicydeene, Aug 2, 2012 29
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