I’m originally from Wisconsin but now living in DC; I work in international development and love to travel, enjoy time with friends and eat ice cream! I... View More

I’m originally from Wisconsin but now living in DC; I work in international development and love to travel, enjoy time with friends and eat ice cream! I recently got engaged in Barcelona to my wonderful fiancé Mike and excitedly planning a summer 2019 wedding!

Happily married 🎉

August 10, 2019

844days 22hrs

Lynnie commented:

850 days ago

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Lynnie commented:

926 days ago

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Clíodhna commented:

953 days ago

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Lynnie commented:

988 days ago

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Lynnie commented:

1023 days ago

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Lynnie commented:

1063 days ago

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Lynnie commented:

1078 days ago

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Lynnie commented:

1135 days ago

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Lynnie commented:

1237 days ago

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