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Happily married 🎉

July 17, 2020

863days 0hrs : 38min

Clíodhna commented:

1037 days ago

What time of day are you getting married? ⏰ Come share your ceremony start time (and how you decided on it!) in this community discussion:


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1068 days ago

Testing the Water

You're warming up to our community and getting to know the ropes. Today you've taken your first step and tested the water by making your first ever comment.

Lynnie commented:

1069 days ago

What month are you getting married? Come share your wedding date and find your month twins in this community discussion:

Laura commented:

1084 days ago

Hey Brenda! Make sure to share this with other WeddingWire Community members by posting your answer in the discussion Lynnie mentioned - just click the link in her wall message :)  

Brenda commented:

1086 days ago

Wedding date first, next booked the church and then decided on venue. Already knew who my bridesmaids would be for years. We don't technically don't have a budget. Don't get me wrong skies not the limit, I'm very frugle but within reason we'd like to have what we want if we can do it. Basically at this point we have most of the major things booked.

Lynnie commented:

1110 days ago

Which planning decisions did you make first? Your wedding date or your venue? Your budget or your bridesmaids? Come weigh in and tell us which wedding decisions you focused on first:

Lynnie commented:

1145 days ago

Who's who in your 'I do crew'? Come join the discussion and fill us in on the most important people in your wedding:

Clíodhna commented:

1193 days ago

What's your favorite part of your wedding dress? 😍 Come drool over your favorite details with us in this dress discussion:

Clíodhna commented:

1227 days ago

It's time to put your relationship to the test!! Come answer our questions and see how well you REALLY know your fiancé(e):

Sinéad commented:

1275 days ago

Time to spill about your relationship! 🙊 Come tell us who each question describes best - you or your fiancé(e)?:

Lynnie commented:

1325 days ago

How many dresses did you try on before you found "the one"? Come share your magic number in this community conversation:

Lynnie commented:

1363 days ago

2020 Brides - come show off your bling!! 💍 Share a ring pic in this community discussion:


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1413 days ago

Hot Streak

Hot streak! You can't get enough of the WeddingWire community, can you? Thanks for being a loyal community member and visiting us 5 days in a row.

Lynnie commented:

1416 days ago

Fill us in! From how you met to where you're tying the knot, we want to know all about you and your wedding plans! ❤️ Come share your love story in these community conversations:

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