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Willa Kveta Photography is a premier wedding photography service located in Santa Barbara, California. With an impressive background in photojournalism and portraiture, Willa uses a photojournalist style to capture the most breathtaking moments of your wedding as they happen. She desires to leave clients fully satisfied with their wedding photos. In her work, she ensures she captures intentional composition, emotion, beauty and nature.

Services Offered
Intending to document the candid, beautiful and raw moments, Willa Kyeta Photography offers two wedding packages that both include proofs, digital files and a second shooter. Her most popular wedding package includes a complimentary engagement shoot. Her work is colorful, exciting and sure to please all of her wedding clients. She offers the following services:

  • One event per day
  • Additional hours
  • Albums
  • Bridal portraits
  • Negatives
  • Save the date
  • Slideshow/montage
  • Toning


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Regions serviced: Santa Barbara

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It is truly impossible to describe just how much my husband and I love Willa, both as a photographer and as a person in general. Not only are her photos some of the most beautiful I've ever seen (seriously, look at her Instagram feed), but she is honestly one of the most genuine and kind people I've ever met. From our very first telephone conversation with her, she just put us both at ease. It was like talking to an old friend. And for two people who aren't huge fans of being photographed, that was key for us.

The file sizes of the images I've got are too big for WeddingWire's website, so I will just recommend that anyone considering hiring Willa go check out her Instagram feed. Her photos obviously speak for themselves, but I will also note that our dog, Rosie, NEVER looks at the camera. Willa basically had her posing like a supermodel - even animals know Willa's the best! :-)

Profile Picture Laurel, 4/7/18, 2 Reviews
Category: Photography
Services Used: Digital Files, Second Shooter, High-Res Images, Multi. Locations, Toning

Willa is the best photographer I've come across. We hired her for our wedding. The photos were just incredible! She captured the spirit of the day. We know that when we look at these photos in the years to come, they will always bring us back to our special day. Willa has a way of relaxing us so that the photos look so candid. We have several family members who are avid photographers and they have been very impressed with the results. She is very professional and wonderful to work with. Highly recommended for sure!

Profile Picture Suan, 10/20/17, 1 Review
Category: Photography

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1 Wedding Deal & Discount

1485294882 5332d1a68c2566d0 1485208268830 011willakveta


$500.00 Value | Promo Code: weddingwire
Please mention this deal when booking your wedding, so that I can offer you my exclusive WeddingWire discount.

Professional Network & Endorsements

Always have beautiful captures! we love working with them!

Willa Kveta Photography did such a wonderful job photographing Stephanie & Michael's beautiful wedding. Every photo captured the beauty and intimacy of all the elements framing Stephanie & Michael's special connection and their joy in starting out their new life together. The day was glorious, and the photos have captured that energy for years to come. I was challenged to pick only two to include on my WeddingWire page!

Will Kveta's images are fantastic. Highly recommend her. Clients are happy with her work and her work tells the story of the day, something couples will treasure for years to come.

Willa Kveta is a true professional and skilled photographer in every sense of the word. But Willa is more than skilled ~ she is an artist with an eye for capturing the perfect moment and the feeling that accompanies it. Willa brings her happy self and full heart to her work and what she sees through her lens tells the story. I just took a look at some photos from a wedding we both worked and they were EXTRAORDINARY. Treat yourself and ask Willa Kveta Photography to capture your special day!



Santa Barbara, CA 93101   See On Map
805-633-4633 (phone)
Willa Kveta Photography is a wedding Photographer from Santa Barbara. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Santa Barbara, Malibu, and Los Angeles. Willa Kveta Photography is a professional wedding Photographer that has been part of the Santa Barbara wedding industry for 10 years. We specialize in photojournalistic wedding photography.