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Customized from beginning to the end!

NTF Design ,A Award winning Custom Florist and Event Design

For almost 25years,NTf Design has provided Brides and Grooms with "flowers to remember".More Than 1000 venues,vendors and wedding professionals and past customers prefer and refer Ntf Design because of our commitment to making your event one that people talk about for years to come.Sometimes you just need Ntf Design to write the next chapter in your love story .Let us help you create the event to remember for years to one with a "Happy ever after". Call us today before your date is gone forever!

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So my father tells me and my 2 sisters that he is getting married on Thanksgiving . . . . and he tells us this 4 days before Thanksgiving. Oh, and could we plan the small, intimate ceremony, please? And his bride-to-be never really had a wedding before, so if we could do something special, that would mean a lot to both of them. ?!???!!!? Thank goodness I found Becky. I contacted multiple companies because time was so short, but she contacted me that same day, agreed to do the ceremony, even though it was on such short notice! She called and asked me about my father's soon-to-be-wife and after an hour of talking, she came up with the most precious, sweet bouquet and it was gorgeous! There were hand-made wooden roses alongside cotton and roses and fit Cookie to a T! Becky even made my father a boutonniere as a surprise! Both my father and Cookie cried when they saw everything. She dreamed of the perfect wedding all of her life, and was so thrilled to be having it, finally, at 74 years of age. Becky made both of their dreams come true and it wouldn't have been the same without her. She made the changes I asked for immediately and with no complaints. Very easy to work with, reasonable rates, and outstanding quality. What more can you ask for?????

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Profile Picture Kasee, 11/23/17, 1 Review
Category: Flowers

Fabulous work at a very reasonable price. Becky went above and beyond to fulfill all my daughter's wedding wishes. Simply beautiful work!

Profile Picture Joan, 4/22/17, 1 Review
Category: Flowers

Becky is fabulous! She was by far my favorite vendor and she picked up the slack when my other vendors weren’t being nearly as helpful. I would recommend her to anyone! Professional, flexible, and detail oriented... just what every bride needs to help keep her sane on the big day!!

Profile Picture Lauren, 4/22/17, 1 Review
Category: Unique Services (Other)

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Professional Network & Endorsements

Makes any event elegant. They say that looks aren't everything, but everything that NTF designs is beyond greatness. Not enough superlatives to describe the creative artistry of NTF Design. It is assuring to know that great care goes into everything they do. Let NTF Design design your event. You will be glad you did.

NTF Design listens to your vision and makes it come alive just for YOU! What you've been dreaming your Wedding Day would look like since you were old enough to envision it, Becky makes it happen! Every floral arrangement, every table design, every added touch is exactly what you've always wanted. Her work is amazing and you deserve every bit of amazing on your day!

Your NTF Design's vision! From traditional to BLING and everything in between....Becky is the florist and designer for you.....Highly recommend!

I recommend the services of NTF Design to make your Wedding Day a one-of-a-kind event that will be remembered and cherished by you and all your guests for years to come. ~~ Angela 214 957 2155 Dallas Calligrapher

What a wonderful florist. Becky and her team create the most beautiful florals. Hurry, though, she is so busy you don't want to miss out on NTF Design!


1341 dogwood tr., Lewisville, TX 75067   See On Map
214-717-1577 (phone)