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"Supported by the community, for the community"

The Middleburg Community Center is a unique, historic, Georgian styled venue sitting in the heart of Virginia's Hunt and Wine Country.  Our ballroom, terrace room, garden patio and herb garden offer a tranquil setting for the next special memorable occasion. 

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Regions serviced: Washington DC

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This venue was absolutely PERFECT! We are in our early 20s, coming out of college, with not much money to spend on a wedding. The Middleburg Community Center is budget friendly and allowed us to make our dream wedding a reality. Many venues in the Northern Virginia/Southern Maryland area charge an arm and a leg and have very limited available dates, even when booking a year in advance. The community center provides an indoor and outdoor venue (without the excessive cost of tent rental) and includes a playground and indoor tables/chairs (saving hundreds of $$). The stage was a wonderful setup for out DJ, who was able to keep the dance party going throughout the night. Our approximately 130 guests arrived at 3PM, and the wedding wrapped up around 11PM. There is plenty of parking across the road in the gravel lot. The patio was a great setting for the cocktail hour and the sunroom was the perfect staging area for the bbq buffet. Olivia (wedding planner at the community center) had ample suggestions for caterers, lodging, and party rentals, but none of it was pushed on us or required. Many venues have a limited list of approved caterers and require a bar tender for the bar, but the Community Center provides complete freedom when choosing all aspects of your wedding. There are multiple Airbnbs in the area to choose from, at a fraction of the price that a hotel would cost. My bridesmaids and I were able to stay at a cute Airbnb 5mi down the road, and were able to have a relaxing morning getting ready the day of the wedding. There is also a small bridal suite at the community center, that offered the perfect backdrop for pre-ceremony pictures and champagne. The are ample bathrooms and one handicap accessible restroom. This was the first venue we looked at, and after looking online and visiting 3 other venues, we are so happy that we went with our original selection.

Photo of Middleburg Community Center in Middleburg, VA - Post-wedding pictures
Photo of Middleburg Community Center in Middleburg, VA - You may now kiss the bride
Photo of Middleburg Community Center in Middleburg, VA - Pre-wedding, looking down from bridal suite
Photo of Middleburg Community Center in Middleburg, VA - Wedding party pictures in front of venue
Photo of Middleburg Community Center in Middleburg, VA - Indoor reception area
Photo of Middleburg Community Center in Middleburg, VA - Outdoor ceremony setup
Photo of Middleburg Community Center in Middleburg, VA - Cocktail hour/reception setup on patio
Profile Picture Shannon, 9/30/17, 1 Review
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue, Rehearsal Dinner Location

I absolutely loved having my reception at the Middleburg Community Center. The environment is beautiful, Olivia was amazing to work with, and the price was really great for everything that was offered. I am so thankful that I found this hidden gem!

Profile Picture Maggie , 7/1/17, 3 Reviews
Category: Unique Services (Other)

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300 W Washington St, Middleburg, VA 20117   See On Map
540-687-6373 (phone)
Middleburg Community Center is a wedding venue from Middleburg, VA. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Piedmont Region. Middleburg Community Center is a professional wedding venue that has been part of the Northern Virginia wedding industry for 67 years. We specialize in weddings, ceremonies, rehearsals, birthdays, nonprofit events, shows, conferences.