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The Beard. The Glasses. The Eye. Hire Me to Make all Your Wildest Photo Dreams Come True:)

Michael Stephens Photography is a photography service based in San Luis Obispo, California. The owner and photographer, Michael Stephens, promises his clients beautiful and stunning images that artfully capture the greatest day of their lives. He delights in capturing the natural and genuine moments of weddings and has a true passion for offering clients something they can look back on for the rest of their lives.

Michael Stephens Photography began in 2010. With wonderful referrals from his past clients, he has seen his business grow into more than a photography business. He is allowed the opportunity of gathering with people to share laughs, smiles and to make new connections. Living in California with his family, he enjoys working with couples and considers it one of his greatest blessings in his career.

Services Offered
Based in California, Michael Stephens Photography gives his clients exceptional photographs encompassing the surrounding beautiful and natural landscapes. His services include:

  • Additional hours
  • Destination/travel
  • Engagement shoot
  • High-resolution images
  • Liability insurance
  • Multiple locations
  • One event/day
  • Second shooter
  • Slideshow
  • Toning
  • Trash the dress
  • Wedding portraits

Categories: Wedding Rental, Wedding Photographer

Regions serviced: Santa Barbara

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Michael is awesome!!! He was easily our best vendor to work with for our wedding. The planning process can get quite stressful and he made the photography aspect extremely smooth for us, from the beginning until the very end. On our wedding day, he was professional, made us feel very comfortable, and was super funny the whole time. Many of our friends said great things about him prior to even seeing the pictures. We had a traditional Catholic mass and an outdoor backyard reception, and he found great photo opportunities for us to have amazing pictures. He was able to capture our emotions and style perfectly. We got a chance to relive our special day through these gorgeous photos and we will forever treasure these. I highly recommend Michael!

Profile Picture Vinh, 6/30/18, 1 Review
Category: Photography

I first met Michael at a bridal expo in my area and I knew right away that he would be a perfect fit for us. When I first mentioned Mike to my fiancé, he was a little hesitant… then we agreed to book Michael for engagement photos… we had such a wonderful time! The day was filled with laughter and it felt so natural, so much so that for weeks we couldn’t stop talking about how much fun we had. We were so sure about the session at the end of it that we were already set on requesting his services again for our wedding. We just recently received our photos back and they came out AMAZING!! We both feel so very fortunate to have met him and we can’t wait to work with him again.

Profile Picture User6971798, Recently Married, 1 Review
Category: Event Rentals & Photobooths, Photography

Michael Stephens Photography Pricing

Wedding Photography Pricing
Starting Price
Starting Price Includes:
1 Event Per Day
2nd Shooter
Add'l Hours
Digital Files
Multi. Locations
Wedding Photography Package Pricing
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Starting from $750.00
3 Hour Package Includes:
Social Media Integration
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Most Popular Package Includes:
Flip Book
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Event Rental Prices Include:
Clean Up
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Michael Stephens Photography FAQ

Additional Hours
Destination / Travel
Engagement Shoot
High-Res Images
Liability Insurance
Multi. Locations
One Event/Day
Second Shooter
Trash The Dress
Wedding Portraits
Boudoir Shoot
Custom Graphics
Digital Files
Flush Mount
Matted Prints
Save the Date
Thank You Cards
Aisle Markers
Aisle Runners
Audio Equipment
Chair Covers
Dance Floor
Lounge Furniture
Tent Accessories
Flip Book
Social Media Integration
CD/DVD of Images
Enclosed Booth


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Professional Network & Endorsements

Michael Stevens Photography never fails to capture the most meaningful parts of your special day! His work is stunning. He has an eye unlike any other and will surely grasp hold and capture every moment of whats most important to you. He's absolutely lovely to work with. The perfect choice for anyone who wants to treasure and relive their magical day forever! -Kim ~Flowers by Kim

Michael is great to work with! Such an easygoing and laidback photographer that has an eye for talent. He captures magnificent photos and very flexible on the style you look for. Overall great photographer and great to work with!

Working with Michael is always a good time. He is professional, personable and has a very unique style when it comes to photography. He has an unassuming nature yet he captures moments you would not have thought of capturing. I know, because he also caught my wedding day with my wife. I highly recommend Mike.

Such a pleasure working with Michael. Besides being a great guy and very friendly, his pictures are amazing! From your first looks to the last dance of the evening, Micheal will capture all those memories in pictures, for you to remember your special day forever and ever.


San Luis Obispo, CA 93401   See On Map
805-703-4477 (phone)
Michael Stephens Photography is a wedding photographer from the Central Coast of California servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Los Angeles. Michael Stephens Photography is a professional photographer that has been part of the Central Coast wedding industry since 2010 specializing in fine art wedding photography.