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About Ever After Visuals

Candid. Artistic. Emotional...Capturing Your Once Upon A Time

Why us?

Ever After Visuals is Mindy & Joriana, a mother & daughter team with vision – we see stories of emotion and capture them. We don’t want you to just remember that you had a wedding day...we want you to feel the emotions all over again!

After your wedding, we will visually tell your love story in a customized unique way.  You’re beautiful...and you should see the beauty of yourself in the images we capture.   And on that one day like no other, we will see you, your family, your friends...the entire day...in a way that no one else does.

My dad, Joriana’s grandfather, left us our most treasured possessions -- his cameras, his photography books and, best of all, a love of photography.  He  taught a simple philosophy:   time moves so fast -- photography stops it. 

Let me show you what we see at every wedding -- moments that take our breath away.

The groom, love all over his face at the moment he first sees his bride. 
The bride, so beautiful, happily ever after in her eyes. 
The flower girl spinning in her pouffy new dress.  
The father, holding back the tears as he gives his ’little girl’ away.

Our style is fresh, fun...REAL...

It’s your story, your day, your Once-Upon-A-Time. 

Let us capture your moments -- Ever After.

Mindy & Joriana

Remember, bad photography is an expensive mistake -- good photography is priceless!



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Regions serviced: Washington DC

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70 Reviews for Ever After Visuals

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We adore Mindy & Jorianna, They were absolutely wonderful! Very friendly and accommodating. They have so many photography package options that you are almost able to customize your entire experience. They did our engagement photos as well as our wedding photos. They were extremely easy to work with and worked miracles on my fiancé who strongly dislikes getting his picture taken. They really captured the feelings of the moments. We HIGHLY recommend them to everyone! Loved our entire photography experience and will be customers for life!

Profile Picture Elizabeth, 10/24/15, 4 Reviews
Category: Photography
Services Used: Second Shooter, Additional Hours, Boudoir Shoot, Engagement Shoot, High-Res Images, Multi. Locations, One Event/Day, Slideshow, Albums, Canvas, Digital Files, Prints, Proofs, Save the Date

My Husband and I cannot recommend Mindy and Joriana highly enough. From the moment of our first sit-down, they were enthusiastic and took a great deal of time to get to know us and how we interacted as a couple. The pictures they took on our wedding day reflected that and captured our special day in a way that truly reflects who we are. Mindy and Joriana always had time for us throughout the entire process, and answered the many questions that I had. On top of that, they are terrific people and a lot of fun to work with.

Profile Picture lauri, 6/14/14, 3 Reviews
Category: Photography

I do not recommend using this photographer. Once you pay deposit you preferences are ignored, there is constant up sell and the pictures are not good. Biggest disappointment!

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Profile Picture Angel, 12/31/13, 1 Review
Category: Photography

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Professional Network & Endorsements

As a venue for a variety of types of events, we work with quite a few different vendors. I can easily say that Ever After Visuals were a pleasure to work with. Their staff was professional, courteous and communicated very well with our team here to ensure that our mutual client had the best possible experience.

Mindy and her daughter Joriana are a wonderful mother/daughter photography team. I am a professional DJ and do 50 plus weddings a year and work with lots of photographers so I certainly know the difference between a good photographer and a amazing one. I can tell you first hand that Ever After Visuals is the best I have ever worked with. Not only do they take great photo's, but they are very friendly and have wonderful personality's to go with their great work. I am sure you will be super happy with their services so go with the best before some else books them on your wedding date!

I worked with Ever After Visuals on a wedding. Mindy and her staff were a pleasure to work with. The staff are professional and friendly and provide excellent customer service. The photographs they take are amazing! They are a wedding or event planners dream vendor to work with. I highly recommend Ever After Visuals for your next event! Tonya Horsley Any Occasion

Looking for an amazing photography team? Look no further! Mindy & Joriana with Ever After Visuals are the perfect team. They are professional, punctual and attentive. Their images are always creative, unique and express the essence of the moment that is captured. We love working with them at Bristow Manor. They are both friendly and seem to capture images with a sense of ease and preciseness so that you can have time to enjoy your event and your guests. Offering the total package, their album layouts and designs are simply gorgeous providing lasting memories for you to enjoy.

Working with Mindy and Joriana is like being in sync with a vendor that you've known all your life. They have a way to capturing what you are looking for and taking it to the highest level of excellence. You'll enjoy their engagement with you and your guests as you see them work their magic behind the scenes. A Top-Notch photography team! Professional, organized and above all else, fun to work with. Can't say enough about them.



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