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Private Oceanfront Estate & Beach Weddings on Southern Oregon Coast

Our ocean front estate makes for a very private destination. Established over 25 years ago, and located on the most magnificent coast on the western side of the United States, our vacation rentals and wedding event venues are made available to you by the Crook family, a Pacific Coast pioneer family. These homes and the 3,000 acres that they sit on have been in the family for over 6 generations. Many Crook Point guests return year after year because they find this area to be as unique and spectacular as the entire Crook Family has found them to be for over a century.

Crook Point hosts weddings of any size, large or small, from elopements to 250+ guests. We have several locations where couples can choose to celebrate their nuptials for larger receptions. Depending on the tide, you can have a small, intimate ceremony on one of two private beaches. Please view our wedding gallery to gain a sense of how special your wedding will be at Crook Point. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Kathleen at 415.999.9780 or crookpointvacations@gmail.com for pricing and packages.

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Our wedding at Crook Point Vacations was a dream. We were married on the Arch Rock main lawn which easily accommodated our 80+ guests. The view was incredible! The actual venue looks like it came straight from a fairy tale: a lush green lawn, tall trees, gorgeous flowers, the ocean and of course the magnificent Arch Rock. It's the perfect mix of outdoorsy and elegant. You could do almost any theme at this location- rustic, modern, vintage, beach, etc..

Our day started overcast with some light fog rolling in during the ceremony. This didn’t deter us one bit and the lighting made for some truly magical wedding photos. The fog and clouds burned off in time for our reception and we spent the rest of the evening dancing under the starry sky. We had a custom-made dancefloor surrounded by trees wrapped in twinkling lights and vintage crystal chandeliers draped above. The large lawn easily accommodated multiple large white canvas tents, about a dozen tables, a 10 foot bar, dancefloor, seating for the ceremony and ample room for the DJ- with plenty of room to spare!

Another great bonus of this location, Crook Point offers six ocean front vacation homes located on the same two mile stretch of property. We rented several of the homes for our traveling family and friends. It was so nice to have our loved ones all together and to spend our wedding weekend down at the beach. It was also very convenient that our guests didn’t have to travel too far after partaking in wedding festivities. My husband and I stayed in the Honeymoon Cove House for a night before leaving for our honeymoon. This was a wonderfully romantic ending to our wedding celebration.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind place, in an incredibly beautiful, ocean front setting. I was very happy with our experience and I would definitely recommend this venue to searching brides and grooms. Book a tour and you'll see why!

Photo of Crook Point Vacations and Weddings in Gold Beach, OR - The day before..
Photo of Crook Point Vacations and Weddings in Gold Beach, OR
Photo of Crook Point Vacations and Weddings in Gold Beach, OR
Photo of Crook Point Vacations and Weddings in Gold Beach, OR
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