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Wedding Invitations and Coordinating Stationery

Belletrist Design Loft is a wedding invitation studio offering distinctly beautiful and unexpected designs in wedding invitations and coordinating stationery. We are committed to bringing you the finest quality in unique, handmade invitations for weddings, private events, parties, and more with choices to fit most budgets.

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Marta was an absolute JOY to work with, and the results speak for themselves. The quality of Belletrist invitations is second to none. Marta was very engaging throughout the entire process, making sure that the invitations were exactly what I had in mind. She was very willing to make edits to the designs & was prompt at sending back proofs, even a third or fourth time. She also has a great innate design sense & was always willing to try something fun and new even if she hadn't before. I really appreciate her passion for her job; I live out of town and Marta was always asking if she could send me some samples because she really wanted me to touch the papers before we made any final decisions. Belletrist was easily my favorite vendor to work with throughout the entire process and I would recommend Belletrist in a heartbeat.

Profile Picture User5567275, 2+ years ago, 4 Reviews
Category: Invitations

Marta at Belletrist Design Loft did an awesome job, all around.......
From meetings regarding the invitations,to a design we were looking for,to the accurate schedule she developed so we always knew where the the production timeline was, to the final product.
We are thrilled to have found a design studio that delivered what was promised, from such a pleasant and flexible person, who made our invitation experience an enjoyable one.
We shall no doubt use her again !

Profile Picture User4438976, 2+ years ago, 1 Review
Category: Invitations

When we visited Marta at her Belletrist studio, she was very accommodating and carefully listened to what we wanted for our wedding invitation. Afterwards, she showed us several beautiful design ideas that included color combinations and elegant patterns.

We did not feel rushed and were very happy with the final results. We have the invitation proudly displayed in our home. The invitations are so beautiful and worth the money!

I would highly recommend Marta to create your wedding invitations; you won't be disappointed.

Lisa M.

Profile Picture Lisa, 11/9/14, 1 Review
Category: Invitations

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