Wine Wedding Favour HELP
So, I came across these...and there is a 20% sale on them which will save me $38 dollars on 120 of them. What does everyone think? Would you think this was stupid if you received this as a wedding favor?

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i think its cute, one of the few women that hates candles. honestly, id regift it if i got it.

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A candle shaped like anything is a no-no in my book. I wouldn't even take it with me.

If you want a wine favor what about wine glass charms, or bottle openers? Or, a bottle of wine? Something made of cork?

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wow...glad I

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a month ago someone made wine glass charms. They were fantastic.

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Not to burst your bubble, Jingles, but I feel the same. I love candles, but only beautifully scented ones, and only as a fragrance enhancer, not as decor. I would't be too thrilled about receiving one of these. I am a HUGE wino, though, and was trying to figure out wine-like favors. The best I came up with was wine glass charms. Sorry, I'm not much help.

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I have to agree with the other ladies. What about a bottle stopper? I'm not sure if it's a site wide 20% off sale somewhere or not but I've seen some cute "wine accessory" type stuff on the favor sites.

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Ok, not to sound cheesy, but a grocery store near us typically has little mini wine bottles (shooters like wine bottles) typically 10 for $10... they have an assortment of pinot grigio, white zin, chardonnay, and some red wines... not sure where you're located at, but if you have a Kroger near you, check it out.

You could always get like wine charms and tie it around the neck of the bottles with a cute ribbon or something. (and the guests get some real wine) - and this would really only work IF your venue allows you to bring in any alcohol... but it's a thought :)

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I like the idea aboue the mini wine bottles and wine charm! Thank you! Maybe I'll do that with a custom label? Hmmmm.....
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