What song will your wedding party walk down the aisle to???
FH and I are a "young couple". And we listen to alot of r&b. I love the song Forever from Chris Brown. I was thinking of using that.
What are your songs going to be?

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That's a great song...I'm not sure on mine yet....

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we're not using "real" music for the processional...we're using a "romance" cd an old boss gave me, and the processional is music off an instrumental cd of my sons, and my sister is reading an excert from "the velveteen rabbit" as our walk down the aisle...since it's 2 maids walking together, and 3 children walking together, and then me and stepdad, it'll take her about 3-5 minutes to read, and gives time for us to all walk down. we're timing it friday afternoon, and if the excert isn't long enough, the music will play first, and she'll start reading when i walk down, and finish my stepfather does the man to man hand thing...we're using baby's cd player for ceremony lol, and laptop for reception with a pa system. so rather than relocate, we're just using different items. and since music is only instrumental, we don't have to worry about the "wrong song" playing lol

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They're walking to "Something" by The Beatles. Just a piano version, though.

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we are using real music and the wedding party is walking to [I wanna be your everything]-Keith Urban and I am walking to [When you love someone]-Bryan Adams

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Walking to "Only Hope" by Mandy Moore. I like that Chris Brown song though! I think you should definately what you want and are comfortable with!

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As of this moment we are using the unofficial version of Bella's lullaby from Twilight. But I am still undecided about what I want to walk to.

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You have probably already seen this but,
Just for fun...


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We are just using the traditional music for everything. I am just using a piano version for it. I thought of using something else but really I still love the traditional bridal march and everything. I love that Chris Brown song by the way that is what we might be entering into the reception with that or The Black Eyed Peas "I Got a Feeling"

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heidi thanks for the link. that was great. And where on tv doing it also. I haven't really thought of a dance or anything but I will be using that song for sure :)

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I don't know about the bridal party but I know I want to walk to Darius Rucker's "History in the Making" and have it cut back in on our "first" Kiss at the final refrain. I love that song so much.

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At the ceremony we are using some instrumental old Irish music. We are going to be outside in the woods and I felt that it fit better than more popular modern songs that people could sing along to, we are saving those for the reception.

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We're having a classical guitarist so we're thinking of "Prelude from Cello Suite No. 1" by Bach for the processional: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ONdm4sW47c. The recessional will probably be Sunburst by Andrew York: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvmcNaMLYXs

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The original Switchfoot version of "Only Hope"... followed by me walking to a specific version of pachabel's Cannon in D

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We're using this string version of Angel by Aerosmith for the whole wedding party.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yfv72v4mZ7k
and for us walking back down after our kiss were walking to van halen's "can't stop loving you"

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this is the first link again... sorry


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we are using faith evans never gonna let you go

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We're staying traditional and have asked my cousin to play Pachelbel's Canon for my bridal party and the Wedding March when I walk down the aisle. She is an amazing violinist :)

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we are using JAGGED EDGE'Let's get married'.the slower version

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Something fun from The Beatles, haven't decided what yet. Sean wants me to walk to "Here Comes the Sun" so we might have the party walk to "All You Need is Love". Not sure yet.

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I haven't got a clue.
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