What are you wearing under your wedding dress?
So I cant decide which is better, gel cups by Victoria Secret or Miss Oops Chicken Cutlets? I want the best lift possible. Also, do you have to wear panty hose? What are you all wearing on the big day? Didn't think this question would be so complicated...lol! But I want to make sure I am prepared for my first fitting.

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I didn't wear anything special under my dress. It came with a corset so I was as "up" as possible and there was no point to panty hose since it went to the floor. Maybe for the garter toss depending on your dress but mine was fine even then. Just go with something comfortable.

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Im not wearing panty hose I hate them! lol But Im wearing the bra from victoria secret (no gel cups for me lol)

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i'm prolly going with just a strapless bra with good lift and nice panties.... i don't feel the need to spend too much on the undergarments haha. no pantyhose either... i hate wearing those things, i tend to run them in two seconds flat haha.

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Thanks everyone!

Cecy, what do you mean by the bra from Victoria secret? Which bra are you going with?

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Same here with the panty hose..lol. Ok thanks!

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*lifts head up high*

I went commando.....top and bottom. :-)

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Oh sorry my bad I meant "the body" from victoria secret (it has multiple ways to wear it so, I can wear it any other day lol)

The Awesome Thief
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I didn't wear a bra with mine for 2 reasons- 1. It was a corset back. 2. The back was too low for a bra since my bewbs are huge. I didn't wear panty hose either. I hate them. I don't think I wore special panties either since I was gonna change out of the dress before we left for the honeymoon anyway.

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I haven't decided yet

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Victoria Secret strapless bra, sexy little bride panties with a blue ribbon for my something blue, and my poofy slip or whatever it is called.

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Okay....this old fart needs help from her undergarments. I am wearing a corset and yes, chicken cutlets in there too to help hold the girls up. Without straps, I hve no suport, even if there is underwire. It is a biproduct of going braless for far too many years. I will also be wearing industrial strength Spanx. They have a gusset. I sure hope my aim is good. Re pantyhose, no, I am doing knee highs. I will also be wearing a garter.

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I wore the 100 way bra halter style from Vicky's and capezio dance body tights just for alight holding in. I generally hate nylon but after dancing for 20 years I love dance tights. They are softer than regular nylon and reallt comfy!

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My friend is using something that sticks to each girl and then has a clip/snap to pull them closer and give your girls a lift. I'm not sure what it is called, but they are re-usable up to two times, and they look like bra pads with a front closer. You stick them further away to have more cleavage. Also, someone gave me the advice to wear basketball shorts under your dress if you are an unfortunate victim of thighs that rub together when you walk (aren't most girls? Lol) And it was really funny when she danced she lifted her dress to show the shorts, and it was cute. They were the shorts of her husbands favorite sports team.

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I'm wearing a corset from DB, and nice pair of undies from Victoria's Secret. I will definitely be wearing biking shorts or something similiar underneath. I don't need anything extra to hold the girls up.
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I dont like pantyhouse, and dont wear them unless its a conservative event, Or spiritual event, so I definitely wont be wearing those

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Well I plan to where a "Body Majic " for the weight I haven't lost. Also some pretty Bride panties and a convertible bra from Lane Bryant , I have to have support for the girls. Panties hose are out of the question, i HATE them ! But I think I will be ok since im not doing the garter toss.

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just a strapless bra & sexy panties!!

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The gal doing my alterations is building in a bra with slits for inserts if i want to use them, and as for covering the girly bits. FI and I had matching his her flying pig boxer and undies :)

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Strapless bra, no pantyhose and probably some big ole granny panties. No one's going to see them under the dress, and I don't want to be picking at my rear all night from the wedgies I get from sexy undies.
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