Wedding much are you spending//need your opinion
I am considering scratch-off lottery tickets as favors for my guests. I expect around 250 people (yeah, thats a lot!). I was thinking of giving maybe 3 tickets to each guest, each would cost $1. Total cost of the actual favor would be $3 plus a penny or dime to scratch with. Our families are comfortable with lottery and gambling so that is not an issue. My concern is that it might seem like kind of a "cheap" gift to some people. Personally, I would absolutely love to receive this as a favor-winner or loser. If I lose, then I don't have to take home some useless tchotchke with a couples name or date on it that I probably will never use, and if I win...then I win!
If you received this as a favor, how would you feel about what the bride and groom spent? Would you expect something more?

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I think thats a neat favor to give, everyone has an equal chance of walking away a winner. Are you going to have candy or sweet treats too? I think between some sweets and the lotto tickets, that would be good.

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I think this is an awesome favor! Especially if you have some kind of theme around it (like "Las Vegas" or something like that)
I spent $2 on our favors...I hand made our favor boxes and then we added Jelly Beans (those are our favorite candy).
I would personally love getting a favor like this...especially if I got money off of it!!!

We had a White Elephant game at work here last year and someone bought $20 worth of scratch lotto tickets and it was the one item that was 'stolen' the most!

Great idea!!

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I actually really like this idea! I think it's fun! I might have to run this idea by FH :)

Andrea Ank.
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First I have to say that this is your wedding and if its something that you want to do then do it. Does it fit into your theme or who you and your FH are as people?
Or is this more like a random idea?
I personally havent been to a ton of weddings so I wouldnt expect a favor period.
I did have favors at my wedding but they went with who we were as a couple.
Hope that helps?

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You could also do DIY scrach offs. There are a ton of different ways to make them. I saw some ways on Pinterest.

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My immediate family as well as my FH's immediate family enjoy gambling and games (as do we)...although I wouldn't say it fits with our theme--however its not out of place really either...we don't really have a theme.
His family is just kind of gossipy. His cousin recently got married and as a favor they gave big ceramic waterford christmas ornaments to each couple as favors. Our wedding is going to be more formal and fancy than theirs--I just don't want his family to be like wtf, where's my ornament? But, I guess I shouldn't really care. We are having a fantastic cocktail hour and dinner as well as a pretty extravagant viennese display--maybe that can be their favor along with the lotto tix. Or maybe some chocolates or other type of candy with the lotto tix.
I just wasn't sure how much $ couples usually spend on wedding favors...I'm not a huge fan of a lot of the things I've been seeing for sale.

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I think if you did like a yummy chocolate truffle tied to a lotto ticket, you're good and would spend roughly the $3.
Who cares if people's your wedding...and I'll tell you one thing, if someone won $500 or the jackpot of the scratch off ticket...they won't be complaining and I'm sure people will get super excited about it!

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I would love a favor like that. However, I don't think you have to get 3 tickets per person. I think one would be sufficient. Mrs. Ohler gave out scratch offs. See if you can see how she did them. I think she spruced them up somehow.

We had a DW. Our favors included welcome bags, a box of maple candy at each place setting and a candy buffet. We felt we needed to go the extra mile because people traveled to VT for our wedding.

For my daughter's wedding, we are doing two favors. One is a box of amorini, which are heart shaped candies that taste like M&M's, that are imported from Italy. We are putting one at each place setting, so it helps with decor. We are also doing a parting favor which is a packet of wildflower seeds that bloom from August to the first frost. I will wrap each packet in sage paper and stick on their personalized magnet from VP on the outside of it. They will be given to guests as they leave.

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I could defintiley see some fighting going on if someone actually wins something big!

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I think it would be a good favor but I agree that you would not need to give 3, maybe two. How would you affix them together or would you?
We are doing muslin printed bags with Honolulu Cookie Company shortbread cookies in each. They come to about $2 a bag. We are also using these for our AHR.

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We are having a welcome bag like Carole and then we are doing little silver bud vases for the table assignments and cake boxes so that guests can take home cake. The vases are $3 a piece and its one per couple/family. I wasn't going to do favors beyond the cake box but our guest count is low enough that I don't need to buy a ton of them.

It'd be cute if the lotto tickets matched your wedding colors =).

Rachel S.
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My cousin did this and everyone loved it (and I still talk about! and wish I could do it but she'll be coming to my wedding haha). She just gave each person 1, got ones that were wedding themed (some states sell those..specificially NJ I know off the top of my head) and wrote a cute little "I hope you're just as lucky as we are" or something like that.

Love it!

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I was thinking of putting them in little envelopes like I saw here:
I know I can get those on ebay or some other website. I was going to do a sticker too with a cute phrase like "with a whole lotto love" or something like that (we're both led zeppelin fans).
I guess 1 ticket is ok, the more I think about it I guess I don't really need to give 3. The wedding is in NJ and I saw some tix that are wedding themed called MatriMoney but you can only win up to $500 on them...I saw another where you have a chance to win $3000 so I might get those instead...there's also one that's fall themed which is when our wedding is so thats a possibility also.
We also both love jordan almonds (the candy coated almonds) and thats a traditional Italian favor, we're both Italian, maybe I'll incorporate those as well.

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We aren't doing favors. For our DW we are doing Welcome Bags i think, and for our US reception we are doing as photo booth and upgraded it so that every person that enters the booth gets a picture (it holds 8 people so if 8 people go in at a time 9 pictures will be printed, the extra will go in our guest book)

I think this is a great idea! I agree that you really only need one per person though.
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I think it is a great idea! Your guests are there to celebrate YOUR wedding and to support you. I think too often couples spend too much money on wedding favors that their guests don't ever touch again. A lottery ticket is something they will enjoy (and some might actually win!) and something they will always remember.

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That's a great idea! As for us, we're not doing favors. Our budget is tight and I don't want to waste money on something I really don't think people notice if it's there or not. So, we're putting the money elsewhere. If we had the extra money, we would probably do favors though.

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In lieu of wedding favors we have decided to make a donation to our favorite charity. We will post this info on a chalkboard by the guest book. Favors seem like such a waste of money and there are so many charities that could benefit from this.

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Cara....I love the envelopes and love the Zep saying even more. It's nice to see younger(than me) people appreciate good music. : )

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Fabulous Idea! Hope you don't mind if I steal it. :-)
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