Toasting Flutes and Cake Cutting Set..?
So I'm trying to find ones that are really nice for a decent price (I would also like to have the toasting flutes engraved) I saw them Oriental Trading for $16 including engraved personalization, they were glass, and black. Our colors are black, white, silver so they would match perfectly! However, I'm still iffy on them and have YET to find a cake cutting set that I LOVE for a decent price. I have just about everything ordered except for these..

Anyone know where I can find and/or either of these that look really nice for a decent price?


Mrs. Del Grosso
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Maybe try ebay? I've seen some cute ones on there, or etsy i'm sure has them! I got my toasting flutes as a gift from a friend from Things Remembered! I absolutely love them, but they're not real cheap. I'd get the matching cake set, but they're too expensive! Hope you find something!!

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i guess you would have to define a decent price. Whats your max you are comfy with spending? do you want them black or silver or with something on them?

(currently searching ebay and amazon for you)

Angie B
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I ordered our engraved cake set and flutes off the the Knot .com. The cake set was Lennox and they both are gorgeous. In hind sight i know now that we did not have to have such expensive taste because no one even looked at either the flutes or the cake set so for now they are put away in a drawer until I decide to do something with them. I say if you liek the 16.00 ones by all means get it no one will ask to see them.

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I found mine on Etsy! They have all kinds of cute ones :)

Sarah D.
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I ordered my cake cutting set from Oriental Trading and they turned out beautifully. I was worried about them looking/feeling cheap, but they are very nice quality. I can't vouch for their toasting glasses because mine are an heirloom. But I would imagine them to be pretty nice. I have been very pleased with everything I have ordered off of there.

Sarah D.
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I can tell you though about having them personalized- that can get pretty pricey- Oriental Trading does the free personalization on their stuff and it came out great on the cake cutting set - i have been priding around for getting my flutes engraved and at looks like i will be spending about 45$ on a simple engraving...So if you like the $16 - that's a great deal!

Mrs. Del Grosso
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@ Sarah P - I have ordered alot of things from there for my wedding as well! I have been pleased with everything I've bought too. I think I'll just stick to OT and get it from them. Like the other ladies said no one will ask to look at it anyways and these will probably sit in my drawer after the wedding as well.

Thanks ladies!!

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I got my cake cutting set on Amazon. I paid 15 bucks total for it and shipping and when it came in I loved it.

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Mrs. D ... do you have a Things Remember store in your mall? I went in there to pick up something for a friend and they have toasting flutes and a cake cutting set that match. And you can get your names engraved in to the cake set and on your flutes. And they looked VERY nice! I would check out their website if your interested. They were reasonable but did not look cheap.

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We got our cake cutting set from home goods for $10 the green matches the colors in the wedding . I will just add a teal ribbon & Peacock Feather to it. Do you have a store like that by you ?

Mrs. Del Grosso
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Soon to be mrs k - things remembered is very expensive, I've already looked. Loved their stuff but was to out of my price range.

Yes I do have a home goods store near me but never been in it.. Guess I should take a visit huh?

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My MIL ordered ours from Things Remembered..

Not sure of the cost, but the set included the toasting flutes, cake knife set and a keepsake ornament. Everything comes in a beautiful black suede box for storage.

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@ Future Mrs. D - I love that store! They have a lot of things for the home and while somethings are a little pricey for my taste they have more that are actually priced good.

I found mine in the clearance sure to take a glance in those aisles as well. :)
Actually that's the first place I look :)

Good Luck :)

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These are mine...

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Hubby man found a cake serving set on Ebay for $20. Silver, black handle, with silver metalwork on the handle. Real silver. I painted our wine glasses, but there are lots of places that do engraving.

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I loooove that set Future Mrs L!

The TJ Maxx Home Goods stores are fabulous! It's always a crapshoot but they seriously have the most amazing high-end home stuff. I can never walk out of there empty handed.

That's a great place to go for apothecary jars too, if anybody's doing a candy buffet!

You could probably check craigslist or the wedding resale sites too. This might be an item that someone tries to resell after their wedding.

We didn't have toasting flutes or a cake set. We cut our cake with a butter knife and I toasted with my white wine spritzer. It would have been just one more thing I might have forgotten to pack, with being OOT I tried to keep things as simple as possible. :)

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I brought both my flute and serving set from oriental trading. FH and I love them. They are thick and look way more expensive. And the engraving is noticeable.
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