SPANX or Lingerie??? - What's going on under your dress?
I was recently thinking about buying some Spanx to wear under my dress but then I thought about the traditional bridal lingerie that "they" say should go under it.

It's much prettier than Spanx but Spanx does a great job of hiding little bumps and lumps while not being bulky. lol

The dress should fit well with alterations so maybe Spanx won't be needed as much as I think.

hmmm, should one wear Spanx to keep it all in? or should one opt for the pretty lace bustier and panties with the garters in case the FH "helps" you out of your dress after the wedding....

What are you wearing under your dress??

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Spanks!! It's all coming off at the end of the day anyway lol. Might as well hide those lumps.

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Corset steel boned I'm a hour glass wearing strapless with rediculously larg chest I need all the support for these puppies that I can get and spanks with a strapless bra isn't going to cut it

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Definitely spanx!!! I have a mermaid dress so I have to hide this gut!!! Lol

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Double post
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i have yet to think about it!

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BOTH if I could get away with it lol. I will probably do spanx and wear them under my after party dress then change into lingerie in the room...IF we are still awake to even go that far lol.

Plus I wouldn't want my wedding lingerie to be all sweaty from the entire days activities!
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SPANX!!!! going to change into the nasty stuff when i get home. i want to be comfortable during the 8 hours i need to wear the dress

Just Reenski
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Underwear. My dress is able to hide my gut (and I am going to Zumba 'til the wedding, too), and it's able to hold up the girls, too (amazing with my DDDs). And I'm wearing knee high Converses, so no stockings.

So yeah, underwear. Cotton, so it's comfy.

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I'm going to need something to hold my ladies up and show my cute hour glass figure, so I am thinking a corset. Although, spanx would be nice. lol. But even then, a nice corset will also hide whatever little bumps or lumps you may have. Get a good one, not one of those ones with plastic going down it.

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I'm doing both actually. Well not SPANX b/c i needed to be able to use the bathroom and I'm not a "pull to the side" kind of girl, nor do I think I could with my dress....

So I have a shapeware with hook and eye clasps in the crotch area and a corset that helps minimize the boobas so that when my dress is tie corsetted I'm not spilling out everywhere :)

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You would think I would say yes to Spanx if you knew me but nope. I had a long corset bra and it held me in just great.....

So I say look sexy and get that slimming look if possible.

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I have a corset bra & Spanx.

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I wish I could wear something sexy..... this is my bra.. nothing "hot" about it.. gonna have to find some sexy panties to make it work :) Plus my peticoat goes all the way up under my boobs...

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uh, my #2 dress is SUPER sheer, I was wondering if they still made "full-length" slips or if I would be forced to go w/spankx b/c I'm gonna need extra coverage, ANY undies I'll wear under that thing will show through, and that's not cool w/me. :)

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Lingerie!!! Just don't know what yet...and yet another item to add to my checklist lol

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I am going to have so much on under my dress I will probably pass out. Corset, spanx, and a fit & flair slip. Absolutely nothing sexy about a slip. I did order for the following nights though.
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going with Spanx and a lift bra, FH and I have been together for 5 years so if he helps me outta my dress, it's nothing new to him to see me in shapewear. His two boys and one's g/f and daughter all live downstairs, He told them the other day that they needed to rent a room for that night or find somewhere to stay. My two boys will be staying with my parents or there sisters. His son's g/f is going to stay behind when the guys leave for the venue to make our room romantic for me. I will give her my box of goodies and she will place it all out for me. I have rose petals leading to the bed, candles all over (I will light them when we come home) then rose petals leading to the jacuzzi tub! I will have a few things that I will set out just for the two of us after we get home. ; )

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This is one of the things I was torn about also! I chose to only wear undies since the seamstress is adding cups for the girls... no spanks here. my dress is pretty camoflaging!

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I'm not sure yet, this post is helpful though! I'm waiting until my first fitting and hoping that the lady at the salon can help me with what to wear underneath since they sell stuff there.

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I think I'm wearing spanx..who knows. Imight decided after the ceremony to take the suckers off.
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