Round tables VS rectangle table
Just wondering the pros and cons of round vs square tables for the reception. I like the look and casual feel of rectangle but does round provide better interaction? Thoughts?

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Cant wait to see answers Bc I'm wondering the same thing.

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I'm using rectangle - they seem to take up less space and I need all my space :)

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I wanted rectangular for the same reason as @Fawn, but caterer is renting us round tables for almost nothing so we went with that. It will be easier I think for guests to talk to more than just who is next to them or across from them but instead of seating 10 at a table we are squeezing in 8 at each round table (which is 60"). I figure if I have 10% no RSVPs then that will put 6 or 7 at each table rather than 8.

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Still looking at venues, but I want rectangle for the same reason as Fawn and Linda R.

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We didn't have a choice. Our Venue has round tables. But our sweetheart table was rectangle.

I think it worked great though and I probably would have chosen round anyway if I'd had a choice.

Your venue plays a huge role in this. You should think about the layout of the room and what might work the best.

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We are doing a very casual rustic themed wedding. We are mixing half round tables and half rectangle tables. No seating chart so our guests can pick whichever style table they feel most comfortable at.

Good Luck

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I think it's easier for guests to interact with round tables since everyone can see each other more easily.

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Thanks for all the comments. Lots of things to consider.

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Don't think I've ever seen a rectangular table at a wedding other than the head table...interesting! Wonder if its also more of ease of moving..can just roll them on their edge a bit easier than a rectangular one ;).

(Not sure why I just pictured Fred Flintsone with square wheels..)

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I really don't know that answer but we are doing square tables. We are putting two rectangle tables together to make a square. I didn't want to do the norm, and no one around here really do square so I chose to be different.

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We had round tables as our venue provided them but the "fancier" weddings I have been to have the rectangular tables. I like the rectangular ones because its easier to talk to the people directly across from you.
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I actually think long tables (some call them Kings table) provide a more intimate feel and it's a bit unexpected. I would try to keep the number of people per table between 10-14. I'm also biased since we used them for our wedding. We had alternated between high and low tables. Here's what they looked like for our wedding. Good luck!

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I truly think it depends on the look you want. I personally like round tables the best because you can typically sit more people at them and I believe they are better for conversation. They also tend to be easier to decorate, because one arrangement in the center is sufficient. On the other hand, I also like the long rectangle tables, but feel that they require a larger number of decorations to get the desired impact. As you can see in the pictures that Cirizarry posted, long rectangle tables tend to require several arrangements in order to not look sparse. I love the look though! I would not want single square tables, because it seems that you would not be able to sit very many people at each one.

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we are deciding between square and rectangle. I am kind of torn about it. the person at the catering call informed us that the rectangle table although it looks a lot bigger, you have limited space when the dinner settings are on the table and kind of cramps the mood of what we want. so i think we most likely will go with square to give more room for our centerpieces

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My venue is providing both the main seatting will be round tables I think it's more conducive to movement "less corners to bruise hips etc) and the Wedding will be at a long rectangular table as well as a couple rectangular tables as kids tables
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I love the long tables; at a round table, the only people really close enough to talk to are those on each side of you; at your average 10 person table (72" across) it's really hard to shout across the table and the centerpieces. Your rectangles will be about half as wide.

I just really like the look of rectangles. It's a little unexpected. It also uses floor space more effectively, and they are just as comfortable as rounds. I have never seen squares used except at cocktail hour.

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I read that rectangle tables are becoming more popular & they have a more modern feel. Round tables are traditional (my venue is providing us w round tables so I don't really have a choice. Either way its your day and taste! Sorry I haven't been much help! Let us know what you decide!

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Our only choice was rectangle and it worked out okay. Given the choice, I would have had round tables just because I feel round tables promote more table interaction.

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I wanted round but around here round tables end up being way more expensive. It's crazy. So we are going with rectangle. And don't rent linens, they charge an arm and a leg. I bought mine from for cheaper than it was to rent and now I can see after the wedding or save for parties/tailgating! Great great quality and quick shipping!

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i'm more of a fan of round. i feel too crowded in rectangle and i like the appearance of round better
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