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Hello to my June ladies hope your planning is going well. Most of my planning is done, but its the small details that can be a headache what am I forgetting. I have limo, working on flowers, cake order,guys tux ordered,got marriage license, alteration coming up,girls have their dresses,booked menu with caterer..what else ladies help....thx

Married: 06/30/2012
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Married: 06/02/2012
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Seating chart, day of schedule, rehearsal/ rehearsal dinner, room blocks?

Married: 06/02/2012
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Still trying to hunt people down, finishing up the reserved tables, finish the ribbon wands, still need to pack & move before the wedding which is going to take place the day before the wedding. need to still get my wedding dance crew together for practice. & getting my marriage license this weekend!

Married: 06/30/2012
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Date twin!! :) :) Have you figured out your music for ceremony and for reception, gifts for everyone (parents, wedding party, readers if you're having them), have your guest book, garter, slippers, basket for the hall bathroom, emergency kit for yourself, day-of-timeline, marriage license

Married: 06/01/2012
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Just mailed favors to miami along with other wedding decorations...last min things left like figuring out what to pack..also need to get motion sickness wrist bands lol

wedding on a cruise!

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Ok here goes .... :) Getting ready kit (anything you will need before walking down the aisle), attire/ veil, welcome table (signage, photo frame?, guest book), aisle markers, reserved signs for family members at ceremony, programs, flowers/ glitter/ birdseed to throw after walking down the aisle (or ribbon wands for guests to wave), ceremony accessories (sand ceremony, unity candles, etc), signature cocktail, personalized cocktail napkins, striped straws (sugardiva.com), drink flags, escort cards, table numbers, favors, favor packaging, groom's cake, cake servers/ knife, music selections, must have list for photographer, and the most important of all a detailed timeline to give to every vendor involved.. Hope this helps a bit!

Mrs. D (formerly Tasha E)
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I have: FH shirt and pants, finalize cake order ( next week) , make FG tutu dress, DIY bouquet and bouts ( fresh flowers, night before) , license, my shoes and FG shoes, MOH dress ( this weekend) , buy corset, final fitting ( within next week and a half) hmmm....I know I'm forgetting something right now, but that's why I have a checklist in my notebook, lol!

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have you written or picked out your vows? (picked out any readings?) that was the most stressful part for me.have you designated greeters? have a coordinator or someone to wath over the day to make sure things go smoothly? any DIY things would be good to start/complete now (if you can), I need to get busy on mine!

You'll have yourself a whopper of a to do list after this thread :)

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I need to do:
-finalize menu
-finalize linens
-organize ceremony decor
-final details with officant
-pay caterer
-pay DJ
-pay photographer
-find transportation
-book honeymoon campsite
-book honeymoon hotel room (night off)
-buy lingerie
-finalize reception decor setup
-organize reception decor

woo that's a lot

Married: 06/30/2012
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wow thx ladies good reminders

Married: 06/02/2012
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Just a lot to do Char! Be glad you are at the end of June instead of the beginning!! Good luck.

Married: 06/30/2012
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with 53 days I'm not remembering what needs to be added to the list and I'm just conquering what I originally wrote! AAgghhh lol! Whats left:
assemble gift bags for parents and WP
put together basket for the hall (mints, tampons, lotion, perfume, bobbi pins, floss, hairspray, etc)
marriage license
GM fitting this saturday
emergency kit for day of (perfume, mints, oil aborbing sheets, etc)
donation to the church
figure out ceremony readings
gifts for parents and readers
make a list of what I need for the night before (staying at my parents)
make a list for the night of
start seating board when rsvps finish coming in
finish all final payments
day-of timeline
wear my shoes so they are comfy
email the dj with final song and speech info
Holy america!! And still try to figure what is left to do, I'm sure there is plenty!
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