excited just ordered my diy pocketfolds
hey ladies,

I have just ordered my diy pocketfolds, i have decided to order the paper that has been cut for the pocketfold, it just needs to be glued, and i have bought glue dots and double sided tape as this is what seems to work on forums. I have ordered 250 so can start assembling them way before everything is finalised (i.e. as soon as they arrived )to make my job easier. Its an a6 book pocketfold, my inspirations are below

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Love! I actually just got this style invitation in the mail from a friend, and I am keeping it as an example for what I want when we start getting invitations!

Best of luck putting them all together :)

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thanks, i got such a good deal, 250 with 250 mats for the equivalent of 220 dollars!

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those are very pretty !!! remember the postage will be higher because of dimensions I used pocket folds they 1.25 a pc to mail
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