DressilyMe and other websites from China...
Who has ordered their dresses from China!? I try to look at reviews, but it seems like they are ALL positive. That is obviously impossible, I'm guessing they only put the positive ones up... So who has ordered from China? From those who have: what website was it? did it look like the picture or look like how you wanted it custom made? would you do it again or suggest it? And did you order a regular size or custom fit (and if it was custom fit, did it come and actually FIT you?) Thanks guys! I think i'm going to give it a try.. i'm not a designer person, so I don't really care who makes the dress as long as I love it!

Wedding: 06/20/2015
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I have never ordered a dress from China so I can not help you in that aspect, however if you are looking for a custom gown I know of a great seamstress in the N.VA area.

Wedding: 06/20/2015
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yeah, im in canada so that wont work =(

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I haven't ordered from them but it has been discussed many times. The basic gist I got was that they are stolen designs and they won't look the same (they put the picture up that they stole it from not the picture of what you are buying. They are a lot cheaper but there are preowned dress sites that sell the exact dress you are looking at and you are more able to get your money back if anything goes wrong.
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I see gowns of every price range and I have been waiting very anxiously to see one ordered from a website like that. I got to do the fitting for a bride who ordered one and still needed undergarments. It looked exactly like the picture except in the picture they had a very nice full petticoat which did not come with the gown, the fabric was a little flimsy for my taste. I saw the gown before any alterations and it fit like it was made for her except the hem which if I remember right the heels and petticoat took care of in her case so she needed no alterations. I think she got exactly what she paid for, I doubt seriously she could have had it made locally for the amount she paid.

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My friend got hers from thecustomdresses.com. The workmanship on it seems fine (it will hold together and doesn't have any major flaws), her seamstress didn't have a problem altering it. The material is polyester chiffon instead of something nice, and the beading isn't quite the same detail. But it was also 20% of the price, so I'd definitely call it a good deal. She increased her actual measurements by an inch so there would be a margin of safety and that worked out well (only needed minor alterations).

Is it high end material? No. Are the little details quite as nice as the real dress? No. Will it look pretty in the pictures? Yup, cause there aren't going to be any close ups of the dress's details. Did the $700 bucks she saved go to something she cared a lot more about? Yup.

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We ordered my BMs dresses from vponsale.com. They came from China (we didn't know that before hand). We measured each of them and had each dress custom to the girl. When they came in the mail both dresses were stuck into a black plastic trash bag then mailed. There were Chinese letters all over the bag and I could tell it was going to be a disaster. When we opened the bag the dresses were all wrinkled and they didn't look anything like what they were supposed to. The sash wasn't attached or the right color, the pickups were only done on one side, and they didn't fit right. They ended up having to spend another $80 on alterations to have the dresses fixed so that they would look decent instead of awful. But all of that could have been avoided if they had listened to me and ordered their dresses 6 months before the wedding like I told them to instead of waiting till the month before.

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If I were you I would have a try. Believe it or not a lot of those fancy "in shop" wedding dresses are made from China, the seller just attached their brand on it. You could check the company's FB or you could ask for pictures of the real items from their customer service. If there is big differences between the real dress and the picture you've seen, then you could ask for a refund as long as you use PayPal as the payment method. There is a forum set by the fans of dresilyme, there are a lot of pictures of the real dresses, seems pretty well, you could try to contact some members and see if the things are true.

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My friend Liz was 100% happy with her dress from http://www.dressilyme.com/. She received her dress in two weeks after ordering it from Dressilyme and very satisfied that it looked like she bought it in a bridal shop and paid very expensive for it. However, the price at dressilyme is good. Customer service was alway friendly and ready to answer questions. She strongly suggests DressilyMe.com to me and my friends who want to save money and get a dress.

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I bought mine from www.21shoppers.com . It arrived in perfectly-pressed condition, and looks better in person than it did on-line. It is so gorgeous and only $76.5. Actually, I have bought some party dresses from it before, and I felt that their customer service rep was very helpful and easy to work with. So highly recommend them.

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yikes! every time I think buying a dress from a site like dressily I read these posts and see weird obvious ads from them disguised as comments, such as the two above this post. and paid very expensive for it???

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I know some of the reviews do look...awkward, for lack of a better word. I bought my dress from DressilyMe though and I do have to say they did a PHENOMENAL job on it. I mean, blew my expectations out of the water, it is so good in both quality of materials and the amazing detail work and craftsmanship. I just found this website, but I have posted my review on other wedding sites. I ordered 11/30 and received my custom dress 12/22. Fits perfect, looks gorgeous and cost 1/10 of what the "real" dress would have cost. I love it and I can't wait to wear it! Here is a pic they sent me while it was being made. I had them make a couple of minor adjustments from a previous pic, and it's perfect now. I don't have any "good" ones of me in the dress yet. I will definitely post some as soon as I do.

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I had a great experience with dressilyme! I ordered four dresses (my wedding gown, my afterparty dress and a custom dress for each of my daughters). The customer service was great every step of the way. The dresses arrived a few days before my "requested date". I ordered on 3/6 and they arrived on 4/12. After one "uh-oh" moment when I first opened the box and the colors didn't look right, I was soon impressed at the care that was taken to pack each one. The colors looked different because they are shipped inside-out to protect the beadwork - so what I saw first was the lining. :) Each dress is beautifully made and we won't need a single alteration. I feel like I got excellent value, a worry-free Paypal transaction, very professional and prompt responses to questions, and we are going to look gorgeous on wedding day!

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LOVE my Dressilyme Wedding Gown. It is PERFECT! A little off from the photo they have posted, but very close. The workmanship is flawless. All seams inside and out beautifully finished. Pick ups achored with crystals, fully boned corset (was a zipper back design and I requested a corset instead. NO EXTRA CHARGE). The original design also had a court train which I requested not be included because we will be doing quite a bit of dancing. The communication was great and PayPal made me feel secure in case there were any issues. The finished dress, made to my custom measurements was way under $200 including delivery and taxes. Can't say enough how pleased I am. No pics w/dress on, but these are of the dress right out of the box...

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Except these you have an open choice from G&G http://www.grandgowns.com/ and
can select a dress of your choice without any fear.

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I bought a custom dress from dressilyme and was VERY HAPPY with it. I was very skeptical in the beginning but to get the dress was less than $400. I figured if I didn't like it I would still have enough money to go get another or to have it altered. I was worried bc when I received the dress it was in a small over stuffed fedex box and when I opened the box the dress was very wrinkled. I hung it up for a couple days and all the wrinkles were gone, it was BEAUTIFUL! I cannot say enough about how excited I was that the dress turned out perfect. I have been telling other friends about the site because the prices are sooo affordable and the dresses turn out nice. I would recommend this particular site to anyone!! But I always let people know to that the best thing to do is look up reviews and to also order other things from that site first, if you are worried about the quality.

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Please, please, please be WARNED that this website sells counterfeit wedding gowns!!!! I ordered this dress for my wedding and was highly dissatisfied when it arrived. The dress in the picture is beautiful, but my "custom fit" gown looked nothing like it! In consulting with three professional seamstresses and doing some research on my own, I learned that companies such as Dressilyme.com steal their imagines from other designer’s websites! (For instance, the dress that I ordered was stolen from the designer, Mori Lee's website. The style number is 6765. I encourage you to check it out for yourself.) Not only do they steal their imagines, but the dressmakers at Dressilyme.com and other counterfeit companies do not even have the patterns to make the dresses, which is why mine did not come out looking like the dress I ordered. I know that you may think that you’re saving money by ordering a dress from a website like this, but please do not make the same mistake that I made. I am now out a few hundred dollars, which may not sound like much. However, had I known what I was getting into, I could have used that money towards my new wedding dress. I hope that you do not make the same mistake that I made and please be aware of these dubious counterfeit website.

Also, I have repeatedly tried to post my review and picture on their website, but every time I check their website, it's "magically" no longer there. Please be warned that the reason you may only find glowingly reviews on their website is because they delete the unfavorable reviews.

I have attached a couple of pictures to try to help other consumers. The first picture is what I hoped to receive. The second picture illustrates the vast differences between what I received and what I hoped to receive. Although I provided Dressilyme with custom measurements, they used standard size parts (as was indicated to me in an email from their customer service representative.) I hope you find this information helpful.

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Dressilyme did a good job with my wedding dress. Originally, I was skeptical about buying a dress from an online vendor in China but decided to just do it since it after reading numerous positive reviews and researching other companies. I decided to go with Dressilyme and figured if it turned out horrible, I'd only be out $250ish. I chose a dress from their online gallery and requested 2 modifications (e.g., closed back & adding a bustle). They did a good job with the closed back but the bustle was a bit low. When I got the dress, I took it in to a local tailor to change the bustle. Also, I had to get the shoulders altered one inch (but that's probably because I measured myself and didn't get it exact when I ordered). With the expection of the modifications, my dress looked pretty similar to the picture that was posted on the website. I was not looking for an exact replication because I don't care about designers. When I brought it in to the tailor, she was surprised that I had ordered the dress online from China because those usually turn out to be a disaster.
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