Do you have a "cutting the cake song"?
I didnt think you had to have this, but I went to a wedding tonight and they DID have one... I have planned every-single detail of my wedding to the T.. and feel confused by this detail.. did i over look it.. my wedding is in 18 days... Do I have to have a song playing? What the alternative to doing this?

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Soon to be Mrs. Z
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What song did they play? Good question!!! FI kinda wants poor some sugar on me, DJ also recommended that song

"sugar... ahhhh honey honey. doo do dooo do doooo do."

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Awe thats cute!

They played They played "I got you babe".

I was thinking if we do a song maybe either Michael Buble "L.O.V.E". or Natlie Cole "this will be"...? but I dont know I didnt know I needed a cake cutting song! lol! How could i look over this?!?!?

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pour some sugar on me makes me think of strippers...<

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Yes pour some sugar on me screams Vegas strippers lol I joked FH should use it for the garter toss!

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we're using "Sugar sugar" by the Archies

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You don't have to have one. We are using Cut the Cake by the Average White Band
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You don't have to have one. But like in most wedding events, music enhances the experience. Tonight I played "Love & Marriage" by Sinatra for the cake cutting. It is a great song but also was the theme for "Married With Children" so it works on several levels. Most of the guests were laughing and singing along.
"Cut the Cake" is an old standby. Very cool to hear it is being used by FML. It used to be the most requested cake cutting song. I use it a couple times a year still.
"Sugar Sugar" is another great choice. You don't have to go with the dessert theme though. Just as popular lately have been "Marry Me" by Train, "Lucky" by Mraz and "Rhythm of Love" by Plain White T's. They all have a great tone and are perfect for background music for the cake, emphasizing the moment.
I'll even play music when the B&G are ready to feed/smash each other. Something like the "Jaws" or "Pink Panther" theme or "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not"... the possibilities are limitless. Have fun & GL!
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Word of advice after 678-odd weddings... don't go first when feeding the cake to your spouse! Usually the the first feeder/smasher will be less nasty than the second one... Just saying...

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I hadn't thought of this, but now I have Rihanna's cake song in my head. Also this:
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my DJ picked "cut the cake" for me i didnt care really lol but evidently the only words in it are cut the cake so why not lol i was worried about this detail so i just let it go

And I fully anticipate getting cake smashed in my face but theres a funny thing I saw one time where the maid of honor and best man are at your sides and instead of smashing ur fiance you both smash the best man and he smashes cake in ur moh and I might love that plan!!!! lol

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My cake cutting song is "Better Together" by Jack Johnson.

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banana pancakes - jack johnson
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We were college sweethearts so we had the DJ play our school fight song. :-)

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Eat It by Weird Al. :p

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I seems like a fun way to use a love song that isn't a fit for first dance/processional. We have a lot of ideas for those songs, but many are too upbeat or just not right.

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Thanks for the extra stress!!! LOLOL Just joking. I think that is a good idea that way it will spice it up a bit. hmmmm back to planning

Alisa S.
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We used In Spite OF ourselves by John Prine. May Not want grandma to hear The lyrics (all ours have passed on), but it worked for US!

Married: 06/21/2014
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We are also using Cut the Cake by AWB. Love that song!

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I may use "Recipe For Love" by Harry Connick, Jr. But I used that when I was married before, and so far, I have tried not to repeat ANYTHING from that first wedding! I am superstitious like that! But Harry may have to be the exception to the rule! LOL

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Alisa---I love John Prine.
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