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Ok so I had a bunch of these clear plastic boxes and decided to use them for the seating cards. We are painting the bottoms in the wedding colors, some green some blue, and then going to paint the tops with chalk board paint. this way we can wright the names, and tables on them. Now I'm trying to come up with something kind of cheat to put in them any ideas??

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Hershey kisses

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I agree Hershey Kisses would be adorable.
You can also go with mints, M&M, Cookies, or some type of other favorite candy.

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I noticed your name is Future Mrs. Nerd, how about the mini boxes of nerd candies? Just a thought

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@Kimberly L. LOL thats a good one, will have to look into that!

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Genius @Kimberly!!!

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Would have never thought of that Kimberly!!!

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Love the Nerds idea!

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if you have spray painted them, whatever you pick needs to be wrapped unless you were very careful about what paint you used.

Super cute idea!

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Kimberly has great ideas!

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I suggest going to the bulkbarn and getting some of all candies, plus buing in bulk will save you bunches.
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