All the 2013 brides where are you at in the planning stage?
we Booked our church,

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We haven't booked anything yet, were going to when FH gets down to TX in August but we have the venue, DJ, photogropher, officiant, and month of coordinator. When FH gets here were putting the deposits on the venue, DJ, and photogropher and then when he moves in September we'll hopefully have found a caterer and make a deposit on them and the coordinator and photobooth. (:

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We are 85% finished & that's only cause the wedding was cancelled 3 weeks before the date in May.

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We have booked the church,ballroom,dj,band,stationery and of course caterer. This week I'm working on transporation,floral and decor.
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my date is 10/12/13..i just found the dress of my dreams, have the ceremony and reception venue booked, and are in the process of meeting with caterers and photographers...and i love the process!!

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nothing booked but everything will be decided and booked by the end of August or I am running away to Vegas;)

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I' m basically done the majority of it. Just small things like putting together favors and invitations left.

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Got the man, the venue, 2 of 3 BMs (FH is asking the third one), GM's, 1 of two ushers, and we have talked to caterer, DJ and one photographer. Oh, and I found 2 dresses that I need to decide between (once mom is convinced that we won't find one at this other place she wants to go) and we have looked at BM dresses. And I have my portion of the guest list in.

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Well I am 2012/2013 bride. I am doing a courthouse ceremony next month and having a vow renewal on my 1 yr anniversary. So now I'm starting from scratch basically as far as venues go. I have my dress, DJ, photographer, florist, and baker.

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Oh and bridal party, officiant, ushers, and hostess's.

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Got everything picked out in my head but haven't officially booked anything yet :)

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Guest list done, cake chosen, venue chosen, officiant in place, DJ, videographer and photographer chosen, bridal party chosen, colors chosen. Going to tour the venue and leave the deposit weekend after next when we visit NJ. Same with the cake, DJ and videographer. Photographer will have to wait a few weeks, they want a pretty large deposit on top of all the others we're making.

I can't try on dresses yet because no one in my family knows we're getting married and I want to do that with my mom. We'll go when I visit for Christmas.

Wedding planning is not for the procrastinator. lol

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Well I'm getting married 10/27/13 and I'm going for a bridal consultation tomorrow.....sooooo excited! But I'm still choosing everything else.

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Bridal party picked, colors picked, dress purchased, venue booked (pretty much all inclusive so no need to locate a caterer), photographer/videographer and dj booked and I agree with Donna, wedding planning is not for the procrastinator.

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I have the DJ, caterer/reception place, cake, limo, church, and photographer booked. the color theme, bridesmaids dresses, and wedding party picked out. I don't have my dress yet because i need to loose a few pounds first. The flowers, decorations, and the hair are the hardest to figure out. To some of you that have not picked a caterer look to the hotels that have a dinner in the hotel. I got an awesome deal on the food because it is being done by the hotel cook. This is really fun to put together!! Dose anyone know if airbrush makeup is better than mineral?

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We booked our venue/reception dinner and wedding planner and I am now coordinating with her and pricing all our add ons to our package. Hired photographer for our engagement shoot at the end of this month. Finalizing guest list this week and collecting addresses. Looking at dresses online and decided on the look I'm going for. Oh and I have my MOH!
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We have booked our venue, photographer, wedding cake, caterer,and Dj. Also picked colors, theme, and groomsmen. Currently finalizing the florist. Then I will take a few weeks for a break and start to work on my bridemaids/moh, stationary, wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, and the rest of whatever comes up.

I agree with @Donna R., Wedding planning is not for the procrastinator. Lol.

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The venue is paid for, stationary all done, we have decor for both ceremony and reception. This month photographer, next month DJ, September florist, then caterer. I have to get wedding party gift. The ggirls already went for their dress during and I already have my dress. I have to talk to my priest to see if he will be our officiant. But I'm almost done.
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