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How to Combine Your Things When Moving In Together

Moving in together can be a breeze by following this helpful guide for merging all of your prized possessions.

Moving in together is a huge milestone for any couple. Not only will you get to officially cohabitate with your honey, but you’ll be able to learn a lot about each other—especially when you have to combine all of your things. Merging your belongings isn’t the most glamorous aspect of moving in together, but is something every couple has to do at some point if they’re planning on advancing their relationship. So, if you’re thinking about taking the next big step by getting a place together, it’s a good idea to know how you’re going to combine all of your stuff first. Because the last thing you’ll want is a fight started over who gets more closet space. Whether you’re newlyweds, recently engaged, or just seriously committed to each other, here’s how to effectively combine your things when you’re moving in together.

Moving in together and combining your belongings can be seamless by checking out these helpful tips.

Create an inventory.

First things first when it comes to moving in together and combining your things is figuring out exactly what you both own. We suggest sitting down with your partner, before the big move, and writing down a list of all of your possessions. From dish towels to living room decor, creating a spreadsheet of your haves and have nots will let you easily reference all of your belongings in one place. It’s also a great way to see your duplicate items, like coffee makers or toilet paper holders, so you know ahead of time what you need to toss. Just list your belongings into categories, like kitchen supplies, living room, bedroom, and bath, to really go the extra mile and stay organized when merging all your stuff together.

Create a keep, toss, or donate pile.

After you’ve created your inventory, now is the time to play the oh-so interesting keep, toss, or donate game. While not the most fun part of moving in together, this step in combining your things is a big one. Think of it as a spring cleaning of sorts and figure out which items are staying, being thrown out, or donated. Remember, emotions will run high when it comes to getting rid of cherished items, so make sure to communicate effectively with your loved one. Just because you think a framed picture of their favorite sports team shouldn’t be displayed in the living room doesn’t mean the item has to thrown out. Go over why each piece of furniture, sweatshirt, and so-forth is important and you’ll be able to come to an agreement on what should be kept in your new household and what should be tossed.

Know when to upgrade.

Debating about whether you should use your significant other’s old loveseat or keep the same couch you’ve had since college? Instead of trying to decide which tired piece of furniture makes the final cut, opt to replace the item all together. It’s totally okay to upgrade a few household items when you’re moving in together versus trying to make an item that’s on its last leg. Actually, budgeting for a few newer pieces, like a updated TV stand or new kitchen bar stools, helps make your shared space feel even more like “yours” than “theirs”.

Be willing to compromise.

Lastly, remember that compromise is key when you’re combining your possessions. This new space is supposed to shared, which means you both should have items that feel and look like you. So be patient and try your best to see your partner’s side, as well as your own, when it comes to combining your things and moving in together. And at the end of the day, a silly tiff over whose microwave or toaster is better is just not worth it when you realize you’re getting to live with your best friend.