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6 Ways to Plan Your Wedding from Your Phone

Back in the day, wedding planning meant cutting images from magazines, lugging giant binders from appointment to appointment, and handwriting guest lists.

couple taking selfie at wedding reception

couple taking selfie at wedding reception

Photo: Sage Studios Photography

Back in the day, wedding planning meant cutting images from magazines, lugging giant, overstuffed binders from appointment to appointment, and handwriting guest lists and seating charts. Fortunately, those days are far behind us, and truthfully, the only thing you need to plan your wedding is right in your pocket or purse – your phone! The new and improved (and, oh yeah, free!) WeddingWire app has many features that make planning on-the-go a total snap!

Check out six ways you can use your mobile device to complete wedding-related tasks:

Start a Checklist
The first step of wedding planning is figuring out what you actually have to do. It may seem overwhelming at first, but a streamlined checklist that’s accessible from your phone can help you take things step-by-step. That way, as soon as you accomplish a wedding-related task, whether at home or while out and about, you can check it off your list. And there’s really no feeling more satisfying than that, right?

Manage Your Budget
Figuring out your budget might not be the most fun part of wedding planning, but it sure is important! The Budget Tool not only divides your total budget up for you so you’ll know how much you can spend on each vendor, but also helps track your spending and set up payment schedules. And if you pay a vendor or make a wedding-related purchase while you’re on the go, you can input the payment into your budget tool right from your phone so you can keep your budget on track no matter where you are.

Find Your Vendors
Selecting the people who will help put your wedding together is a crucial part of the planning process. Fortunately, the WeddingWire app allows you to search for, compare, and contact wedding vendors no matter where you are.

Update Your Guest List
It happens to all of us. You’re running errands when you run into a friend, and immediately think: “Oh shoot, I totally need to invite her to the wedding!” Before you forget, hop on your phone to add your pal to your Guest List. You can also add guests’ addresses, RSVP info, and more while on the go.

Get Inspired
Check out real weddings from your area on WeddingWire to find out how couples near you are celebrating. Check out all of the details from flowers to invitations, hairstyles, dresses and attire, and much more.

Share Info With Your Guests
There’s a lot of information that your guests need to keep straight – the date and time of your wedding, where it is, how to get there, where you’re registered, and all the rest. Once you create your free wedding website on WeddingWire, your guests can download the free WedSocial app so they can access your wedding details on their phones. And, they can easily share their photos from your big day with you!