Girl surprised wearing an engagement ring

Photo: Christie Froom Photography

Have you recently #justsaidyes? Time to pop the bubbly! Being engaged is such a fun, exciting, and busy time, but you may notice a few changes in your life. Don’t fret though, these are the good kind of changes!

Here are six things that will change once you're engaged.

Your left hand becomes the center of attention
Everyone (and we mean everyone) is going to want to see that new sparkler. So you’ll have to get used to showing off your ring with anyone and everyone. We suggest splurging a little on getting your nails done too, because a well-manicured hand makes your ring look that much more amazing.

Splitting the bill gets easier
Say goodbye to the days of figuring out who paid last, or whose turn it is to pick up the dinner tab. You will likely be sharing most of your assets where “yours” becomes “ours”, so don’t feel guilty the next time you go out to celebrate. You eventually will be investing and paying for everything equally once you say “I do.”

You throw in “my fiancé(e)” every chance you get
Being engaged is the only time you’ll be able to call your S.O. your fiancé(e), so try and use it as much as you can! We know it can take some getting used to, but once you’ve got it down, it can be fun to toss the phrase into light conversation. Just don’t get too carried away!

Time moves faster
You’ll quickly start to notice how fast both of your lives will be moving. From starting the wedding planning process to attending pre-wedding functions, time is going to speed up—and that’s okay! Just make sure you give yourself some time to unwind and enjoy your engagement. We all know wedding planning can be a bit hectic at times, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a break and treat yo’ self every now and then.

You’ll be asked a ton of questions
Friends and family are going to want to know the dets about your proposal and wedding plans right away, so be prepared! You’ll definitely be bombarded with a lot of the same questions, like “Where did it happen?” “Were you surprised?” and “When is the wedding?”. However, don’t feel bad if you don’t have the answers to every question you’ll be asked. It’s okay to not know the color of table linens you’ll be renting, just as long as you know how to answer your proposal story, you’re good to go! And feel free to keep certain things private.

Holidays get more complicated
If your fiancé(e)’s family lives in a different city or state, then most likely you’re going to have to split up your holidays. We all know that this isn’t one of the easiest compromises, it is still an exciting time where you get to gain another family. If you really are having a difficult time choosing who gets which holiday, perhaps you should volunteer to host instead. This will be a great time to bond with one another and get to know everyone in a more personal setting—and use those new items you’re receiving from your wedding registry. After all, you will become family after the wedding!