bride and bridesmaids in pajamas with champagne

Photo: Sarah Merians Photography & Video Company

You’re just a day away from saying your “I do’s” and with all the wedding planning chaos complete, it’s easy to relax the night before, right? Wrong! With last minute details running around in your mind most find it hard to ease those nerves and unwind.

That’s why we’ve created this list of absolute must-dos to make the night before your wedding day an easy one.

Drink the night before your wedding — water that is — to hydrate from the inside out. Avoid alcohol and snack on natural diuretics like cucumber and watermelon to flush out any toxins, de-bloat and to enhance your natural wedding day glow.

Soothe Your Skin
Your wedding day makeup look is probably more product heavy than your everyday routine. Treat your skin and prepare it with a face mask to remove any remaining debris, refine pores, and of course, moisturize. Make it fun and invite your bridal party over for a silly photo shoot. Bonus if you put cucumbers over your eyes.

Stay Organized
To remove the mental clutter that prevents you from some much needed pre-wedding day rest, prepare your getting-ready clothes in advance. Consider wearing a dress that is easy to slip in and out of without ruining your hair and makeup, or a robe for some last minute pampering. Be sure to drop off your dress, accessories, and honeymoon luggage off at the hotel or venue too so there’s no scrambling in the morning. Just knowing that it’s taken care of and ready to go will help you feel worry-free.

Hand your phone over to your maid of honor so she can screen your calls and answer any important questions on your behalf. Avoid the computer too, if there are any important emails that are coming your way, allow a member of your bridal party or a parent to handle it. Too much information and stimulation will keep you up all hours of the night.

Laugh it Up, Love it Up
They say laughter is the best medicine. Watch a romantic comedy with your gal pals or reminisce on memories together to keep spirits up and stress low. Want to do something special for your fiance? Write a little love note for a surprise delivery on the day of. Seeing your excitement on paper will get you both even more ecstatic.

It isn’t called beauty rest for nothing! Between getting ready with hair and makeup and traveling from ceremony to reception, your wedding day is a full day, high-energy event. Be sure to set a bedtime where you can get quality rest so your fully charged the following morning. Let your bridal party know ahead of time and stick to your schedule. When the time rolls by, lights out!