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Who should escort the mother of the bride down the aisle?

Aimee, on March 20, 2013 at 3:05 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 34
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FH and Groomsmen will be waiting at the altar. Bridesmaids will be walking by themselves. My father will be walking me down the aisle.

Now who should walk the Mother of the Bride to her seat? We don't have ushers... should the best man or one of the groomsmen? Also do I need a separate song for this or can I use the same song for the bridesmaids processional?


  • We'llAlwaysHaveParis
    Master November 2013
    We'llAlwaysHaveParis ·

    At my first wedding our mothers walked together and lit the candles we used for the unity candle.

    Since my dad isn't walking me this time, I'm going to have my parents escort each other LOL

    I think a groomsman (family member) or best man is appropriate.

    I would have a separate song, I think.

  • Just Reenski
    Master December 2012
    Just Reenski ·

    At our wedding, my H's father walked down with my mother... but H escorted his mother down the aisle...

    At a friend's wedding, one of the groomsman (bride's brother) walked her down, then looped back out.

    Oh, I used the same song for the entire processional before I walked down, grandparents, parents, bridal party.

  • Leslie
    Super August 2013
    Leslie ·

    Oh gosh, my poor mom! I forgot about this! Thanks for posting. I'm thinking I may have FH walk her down then join GM at the front of the church.

  • We'llAlwaysHaveParis
    Master November 2013
    We'llAlwaysHaveParis ·

    LOL Leslie. Sorry, that made me giggle :-)

  • Jamie
    Super May 2013
    Jamie ·

    My mother's oldest brother is walking her down and her youngest brother will walk my grandmother down.

  • Marlina A.
    Master September 2013
    Marlina A. ·

    My brother will be walking my mom. FH's parents will walk together.

  • Married
    Super June 2013
    Married ·

    My brother is escorting my Mom to her seat (in his dress blues..ahhh swoooon), and FH is going to escort FMIL to her seat.

    I have no clue if this is proper etiquette but this is how we are doing it!

  • Tiffany M. ( Tiffany P.)
    Master August 2012
    Tiffany M. ( Tiffany P.) ·

    We had ushers, so a good friend of mine (known for over 15 years) escorted my mom down the aisle.

    Could she walk down with FH's parents? Are any of the groomsmen related to you i.e. brother, cousin, etc. If so, then one of them could walk her down and then join the guys up front.

  • HisMrs
    Master September 2012
    HisMrs ·

    Our bridal party and parents walked down to the same song.

    If any of the groomsmen are close to your mom, just have them slip back down the side of an aisle to meet her when it's her turn. That's what we had my son do so he could walk me down the aisle.

    Or it could be anyone at all that your mom has somewhat of a relationship with. A family friend? For ours, we had my husband's step daughter (from his previous marriage) walk his mom down. It was really cute.

  • Now Mrs.S
    Super August 2013
    Now Mrs.S ·

    My brother is walking my mom down

  • Aimee
    Super May 2013
    Aimee ·

    FH's parents won't be attending and we do not have siblings. It is a small beach wedding.

    Looks like our best bet is the best man or one of the groomsmen. I'm thinking one of the groomsmen walking the MOB rather than the best man abandoning FH at the altar.

  • dragonfly726
    Master October 2011
    dragonfly726 ·

    Our moms walked in to the same song as the bridal party. Our processional looked something like this:

    - Groomsmen already lined up at altar

    - MIL escorted by DH, followed by FIL

    - MOB escorted by my nephew (one of our ushers)

    - Bridesmaids

    - Ring Bearers

    - Flower Girls

    - Me escorted by my dad

    When a friend of mine was married, her DH escorted his mom down the aisle, then walked back up the aisle to then escort the MOB, they had a pretty short asile, so it didn't take too long, and it was kind of sweet to have him escort his new MIL.

  • Mrs. Hawkins
    Expert June 2013
    Mrs. Hawkins ·

    My father will be walking my mother down, and will return back to walk me down the aisle along with my son.

  • Private User
    VIP July 2013
    Private User ·

    I know that my father will most likely insist on walking my mother down the aisle, but I may see if my nephews who are groomsmen can do it. Probably FFIL (also BM) will escort FMIL.

  • A
    Master April 2014
    Angel J ·

    Ive got it set up so that my mom and dad will walk down together first. She will sit down, and my dad will circle back around to the door for me. Then FH's parents walk down together, then the MOH and BestMan, BM's and GM, FG and RB, then me and my dad bring up the rear.

  • Karen
    Super May 2013
    Karen ·

    I think that we'll have FH's parents be seated first (FFIL can walk FMIL), then my brother a GM can walk my mom down the aisle and either take his place up at the front or come back down and then come in with FH and the groomsmen. Then the bridesmaids will go with my dad escorting me.

  • Alisa S.
    VIP April 2013
    Alisa S. ·

    Our Best Man is escorting my Dad's wife, FH's Mother, my mother, then FH's daughter to their seats. They will have their own song, one song to seat all of them.

  • Catherine
    Super October 2013
    Catherine ·

    I really want my boys to escort their grandmother (my mom and his) down but that will only work if my dad is walking me (that remains to be seen).

    Otherwise I will have FH escort his mother (his father died in July) and my father will escort my mom (assuming he shows up at all --- Looooong story)

  • Stephanie ♥
    VIP September 2012
    Stephanie ♥ ·

    My brother escorted my mom. DH's dad escorted his stepmom & his stepdad escorted his mom down. Then, my dad walked with me :]. They had the same song as the bridal party.

  • Sarah D.
    VIP March 2013
    Sarah D. ·

    One of my brothers is escorting my mom while the older one is escorting me (dad is out of the picture). FMIL is being escorted by FH Step dad, and FFIL is either going to walk with FSIL (FBIL is in wedding) or be seated already. He hasnt decided yet.

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