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What size is your ring?

Lynnie, on July 30, 2019 at 11:05 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 1 188
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This is one of the first important numbers you need to know - even before the proposal! What's your ring size? 馃拲

What size is your ring? 1

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  • Future Mrs. H
    Rockstar September 2019
    Future Mrs. H

    My ring is a 5.5!

  • Katie
    Super November 2019
    Mine is a 5!
  • Rebecca
    Dedicated October 2020
    6.5 but I might try and get it to a 6.75 or 7 cause it can feel a little snug in my gloves at work. Any recommendations ladies?
  • Samantha
    Dedicated September 2019

    Mine is a 7.5 and perfect!

  • Melle
    Rockstar June 2019
    5.5 from what I recall
  • Caytlyn
    Champion November 2019

    I wear a 7

  • Kelsey
    Super September 2020

    My ring is 5.75 I was in between sizes lol!

  • VIP September 2019
    They fitted me for a 6.5 but I didn't want a snug fit so size 7 it is and big 馃ぃ
  • Sara
    Dedicated September 2019

    I wear an 8...down from the 9 I wore when we got engaged in 2018! And it's starting to feel like I am going to drop down to 7.5 before too long haha

  • Ashley
    Dedicated May 2020
    Comfy size 5 but should probably be 4.75/4.5.
  • Rachel
    Dedicated May 2020
    5.5! I was worried it would be too tight but it鈥檚 perfect!
  • Sherry
    VIP September 2019
    Sherry Online

    I am a size 7

  • Kimberly
    Devoted October 2019
    Mine is a 5.5
  • Gen
    Master June 2019
    4.5! My original ring was a 6 and it was so uncomfortable 馃槶
  • Kate
    Dedicated November 2019

    6.5! I have small hands, but I have bigger fingers thanks to playing the piano.

  • Brianna
    Super October 2019

    I think it is a 6

  • Michelle
    Devoted August 2019
    8.5 for me
  • Michelle
    Super August 2019
    My ring size is a 7.
  • Kaitlin
    Devoted June 2020
    I'm sized at a 4.5 but a week after I got engaged I added a ring guard to my ring. A 4 was too tight so can't decide if I want to order a 4.5 for my wedding band or even see if I can find a 4.25
  • C
    Dedicated August 2019
    Mine is a 4.5!

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