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Were are the real housewives of WW?

wonderful moment, on July 21, 2011 at 9:54 AM Posted in Married Life 0 13
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Hey ladies just checking in. How are things going after the wedding? Still in your honeymoon stages? Planning for a baby? Getting a house? Or just enjoying life? Well I had been married for a little over a year and excepting a baby boy in November. We still do have our honeymoon stages and it will never end. Looking forward to taking a crusie next year since I really did not get the grand honeymoon and babymoon.


  • Sabrina
    Master November 2014
    Sabrina ·

    Congrats on the baby!!!!!! i've been married for a long time... 9 years in Nov.... been together for way longer! Got the 3 kids, dog, 2 cats and a home... since he is overseas we have our "honeymoon" moments every now and then... its hard to not when you miss him so much all the time! When he lived home we had less, lol...... but 10 years together you fall into a wonderful comfortable routine. HE does things that make you INSANE and then he'll do things that are small but so sweet. like he knows that i LOVE fountain Diet Coke, lol... he would come home and surprise me with it... lol little things are awesome, buying my coffee creamer that he hates and he knows i love, lol...

    Have a wonderful time on your cruise!

  • Sharon
    Master June 2010
    Sharon ·

    Just enjoying life No babies for us, our babies are 18 and 20 in the month or so. Lots of traveling, New York in July, England in August and then a trip Miami in November. We didn't have a newly wed stage as we had all the issues with his daughter right after the wedding, she has been in treatment since February and is doing great, so we've been having a bit of a delayed newlywed stage. we are fixing up the house to sell it in the next year or so, got wooden shutters thru out and now figuring if what we can to do with the floors. Getting my new bedroom set so we can get rid of his ex's bedroom set!

  • wonderful moment
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    wonderful moment ·

    @ Sabrina. I understand, being with someone for that many years. I had been with DH for 9 years so we are very comfortable and have it down as well.

    @Sharon you are just living life. I love it. Who to blame when you have two grown children. I see you are traveling. We are planning to get back into that since we haven't in the last couple of years. I do miss my vactions. We had always travel at least 3 times a year. That cruise would be lovely right now, but have to wait for the baby to come out. Trust me the baby will not stop us for living ourlives.

  • Jennifer
    Super July 2011
    Jennifer ·

    Only been married a few days and I'm feverishly packing so I can move to be with him next week. Some people get a honeymoon- we got a week apart Anyways, we won't be having any babies!

  • Fonsetta
    Super July 2011
    Fonsetta ·

    Just back from my honeymoon and we are still both in that phase of course! However, we are in a bicoastal marriage right now and trying to hash out the plan for me to move with him. He is in Cali, bay area and I am in Charlotte, NC. :-(

  • wonderful moment
    Master March 2010
    wonderful moment ·

    What a distance Fonsetta. I always say don't let the honeymoon stage die between the two.

    @Jennifer I know what you mean. Growing up as little girls we pick our honeymoon etc, but sometimes it just don't end that way. I had told DH that I rather have a great wedding with years to remember than just a great honeymoon and not a good wedding. I also said we have time to travel and to go anywhere we want too. I hope your moved goes well. Good thing I had moved with him when I was 18 because we would not last for 9 years.

  • FMS, the barefoot wife!
    Master August 2010
    FMS, the barefoot wife! ·

    Still honeymoonin' at home LOL No babies yet, not sure when that will commence.

  • Mrs.M <3
    Super August 2010
    Mrs.M <3 ·

    Still trying to make a baby! *sigh* Hopefully I will get my bfp this month, because next cycle will make 12 months, which means infertility testing. :\

    We're gearing up to celebrate our first anniversary, I'm SO excited!! We're going on a day trip a few hours away to go shopping and we'll be spending the night in a hotel. I can't wait to finally dig the cake out of the freezer and eat it! I've been doing weight watchers for 2-3 months, so every time I open the freezer the damn cake calls to me. LOL

    Oh! We bought an SUV this week, I'm in love with it! I feel like a little soccer mom driving it around, can't wait to fill it with kids! I finally have power windows & locks, and a working A/C!! Woohoo!! I also convinced DH to sell "his" car because:

    1. it is a 2 door so getting car seats in and out would be a pain mine has 4

    2. it is newer than mine so we can get more money out of it

    3. I LOVE "my" car and don't want to sell it

    4. my dad fixes my car for free (I buy parts/beer) lol

  • CherylR
    Super March 2011
    CherylR ·

    Hey!! All is well over here we are still in the honeymoon phase but I dont ever see it ending. I have been married for 4 months and I am 3 months pregnant (fingers crossed we will be able to find out the sex at the next appt on my birthday) Hopefully we get to go on a babymoon in october.

  • wonderful moment
    Master March 2010
    wonderful moment ·

    Good for you CherylR. I really wanted a babymoon, but looking at bills etc and having this baby on the way (their is no chance).

    @Mrs. Murdie congrats on the new car. Don't worry that baby will be coming soon.

  • Mrs. Smith
    VIP May 2011
    Mrs. Smith ·

    We are loving life...everything has been great. There are no babies in the plans. We want to start traveling and really enjoying life.

    He has an 18 & a 29 year olds (boys)

    We also have 2 cats (13 & 14 yrs old)

    We will be in the honeymoon stage for quite a while and it's definitely ok with me!

  • FMW ~ BatLlama
    Master May 2011
    FMW ~ BatLlama ·

    Enjoying life! Things are finally started to look up financially for us, so we are excited about that!! =]

    Almost done with school for both of us, getting ready to move. Hopefully almost done with Hubby's WC suit. So we should be much better off, but he got a part time job for now that will accommodate his disability, so that helps us a lot! And he loves his job!

    We both would love to start a family soon, but would like to be in a better place financially and physically. So we are putting that on hold for awhile, but I will not be renewing my depo shot next month! =]

  • Mrs. Reid
    Master May 2011
    Mrs. Reid ·

    Enjoying life. Taking one day at a time counting our blessings.

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