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Hailey, on July 30, 2019 at 9:49 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 49
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I would love to see some of you guys rings! If you picked, why? Or are you happy with your partners choice?


  • Jasmine
    Dedicated March 2020
    Jasmine ·
    I chose my ring. He wanted me to have exactly what I wanted (and I did too). I like the diamond band look because it’s sparkly. I like the halo look, just because it adds an extra flair to the solitaire. Although I do thing just the solitaire alone is beautiful as well.

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  • Melle
    Rockstar June 2019
    Melle ·
    I chose mine too. I really really wanted a Ruby. It's my birthstone and pretty much all my jewelry I choose for myself is a Ruby (and not to mention I like red a lot). I wouldn't settle for anything else aha. I also weirdly like cushion cuts and it being Halo framed.

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  • Katie
    Super November 2019
    Katie ·
    My ring was his Mothers and with him being the only son she had she asked if he wanted her engagement ring from when his Dad proposed and of course he said he did. I'm more of a silver or white gold kinda girl I don't really care for yellow gold but I have learned to love it because it means a lot to both of them that I have it.

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  • Sara
    Expert October 2019
    Sara ·
    He wanted me to help pick it out. I told him what I liked and he talked to one of the jewelry stores here in town and they found one that I loved. It took me forever to admit it to him. I looked at rings for 5-6 months and the ring he found kept going up on the list! He got all the checklist I wanted in a ring. 1. Rose gold 2. Blue sapphire 3. Circle diamond 4. Halo and lastly having a cool band.

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  • Ingrid
    Expert October 2020
    Ingrid ·
    I chose my engagement ring, we found it while looking at rings for him. I waited 2weeks before I told him how much I loved it.

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  • Chelsea
    Dedicated December 2020
    Chelsea ·
    He picked it 100%! We had talked and looked at rings previously but my ring is one I've never seen before. I was super proud!

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  • Trista
    Rockstar September 2019
    Trista ·
    My fiance picked mine out! I told him I wanted a small ring, either silver or rose gold, with design in the sides! He did perfect! I wasn't expecting a heart, but I love it now.

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  • Mrsmtobe
    Dedicated February 2020
    Mrsmtobe ·
    He had it made for me and designed the ring with a lot of little touches (our initials in milgrain on the sides is my favorite one ) that make it so beyond special to me because not only did he take over 6 months to make it perfect for me but he did all his homework on the stones and the details and it really fully encompasses who I am 💗💗💗 the one picture that looks like two different ring it’s just one has flash the other didn’t but it’s all the same ring

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  • Lexie
    Dedicated July 2020
    Lexie ·
    The first photo is my engagement ring, which my FW picked out by herself! (She did an amazing job, by the way! Citrine is my favorite stone and I wanted something simple.) The second photo is my wedding band (which isn’t a band at all), and I picked that one out. I can’t wait until I can wear the full set everyday!

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  • Diana
    Rockstar December 2019
    Diana ·
    I really didn’t want an engagement ring but my FH wanted me to have one. I jus wanted a really nice wedding band. Plus engagement rings are expensive. Here’s a picture of my engagement ring and my wedding band.

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  • earias
    Champion December 2017
    earias ·

    We looked at rings together and I showed him some that I liked. He picked from the ones I showed him.

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  • Cassy
    Devoted September 2020
    Cassy ·
    I showed him a bunch of different rings that I liked to give him ideas and then he went from there! He managed to go to the store and choose one without me having a clue. It’s simple but so beautiful he did a great job!

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  • Cliodhna
    WeddingWire Administrator January 2030
    Cliodhna ·
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    This is a beautiful ring!

    I also love your manicure, very cute

  • Cliodhna
    WeddingWire Administrator January 2030
    Cliodhna ·
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    I love this ring, Chelsea Elegant and timeless!

  • Gloria
    Super March 2019
    Gloria ·
    My husband gave me two rings my engagement ring which is going to be the first picture and my wedding ring that he surprise me with on our wedding day .

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  • Sinéad
    WeddingWire Administrator January 2025
    Sinéad ·
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    Oh I love your ruby!!! It's so beautiful!

  • Sinéad
    WeddingWire Administrator January 2025
    Sinéad ·
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    WOW Katie!! That ring is absolutely stunning! I am so happy that you love it too! I love that it is so special to your FH with such sentimental value🥰

  • Sinéad
    WeddingWire Administrator January 2025
    Sinéad ·
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    How gorgeous Gloria!!! 😍

    P.S. your nails are fabulous!! 😉

  • Gloria
    Super March 2019
    Gloria ·
    Thank you ☺️ love
  • Angerra
    VIP August 2019
    Angerra ·
    My fiance picked my ring out when I was 18 years old. We unfortunately broke up and he obviously didn't move forward with the proposal. His dad held on to the ring this whole time. When my fiance knew he was ready to propose, he took the ring to my parent's jeweler and had the diamonds replaced with a princess cut diamond.

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