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Photo booth prices!?

Kate, on February 25, 2012 at 7:34 PM Posted in Planning

I reeeeeeaaalllllyyy want a photobooth, but they seem pricey! Whats the average cost you girls have come across?



  • ?
    VIP September 2019
    ?WhitneyNichole? ·

    I found a great article on how to do your own, it's fairly cheap too here is the link you should check it out!


  • Travis's Girl
    VIP October 2012
    Travis's Girl ·

    I am paying 1200.00 and that with a lot of upgrades and extras.

    I have seen on average they run from 800-1200 for about 4-6 hours, just depends on who you go with.

  • Marzena
    Super August 2012
    Marzena ·

    Im paying $1000 for unlimited pictures CD and prints of each picture and props for 4 hours.

  • Alina
    VIP August 2012
    Alina ·

    Yeah I would consider making your own! So much cheaper and you can make fun props and stuff really cheap and easy. Just google DIY photobooth props and youo should come up with lots of ideas. You can also get fun props at used stores - straw hats, funky ties, etc.

  • Rachel
    Super July 2012
    Rachel ·

    The ones I've seen seemed to be in the $800-1200 range.

    I haven't done any research on them for my own wedding yet though.

  • Kelley
    Super May 2012
    Kelley ·

    Mine is $650 for 3 hours. Comes w props and a book at the end.

  • Melissa
    Devoted December 2012
    Melissa ·

    650 for 4 hours. Im making my own prop basket.

  • Jessica
    Master September 2017
    Jessica ·

    Most I have found are 1000-1200... found one for $600 BUT they dont reply to my emails, so ohhhh well.

  • Kate
    Devoted July 2012
    Kate ·

    650 sounds good, havent found any of those yet though, haha.

  • Tenisha
    Dedicated March 2012
    Tenisha ·

    I'm getting mine for $299........lucky me!!!! It was the daily deal on Living Social earlier this week. I get 4 hours, 2 assistants, and 2 strips printed on site per guest.

  • Jen H.
    Master October 2012
    Jen H. ·

    I'm making my own. I have already painted a few backdrops. I have bought/made a ton of props. FH made a great PVC stand for the backdrops. We will set up a camera with a timer for folks to take pics. Total cost? Hmmm...maybe $100 tops.

  • Kathleen
    Master August 2012
    Kathleen ·

    My photographer has a package that includes a $400 photobooth. She sets up a station with a little hand-help remote for guests to use. It's not a traditional "booth," but I've seen some she's done and they were great! She also brings all the props and gives me a disc of the pictures.

  • Kate
    Devoted July 2012
    Kate ·

    Tenisha, i am jealous!! I need to keep a closer eye on my livingsocial deals in my area, i really never thouhght to look!

    Dyi sounds inexpensive, i will try to see what kind of equipment i need to look into. Thanks all!

  • W
    Dedicated September 2012
    Wanda ·

    Ours is $525 with a box of props, scrapbook and 2 attendents to help our guests. After my research, it is a steal! :0) this is for a total of 3 hours, but we have the option to extend.

  • janelle
    Savvy June 2012
    janelle ·

    We're having a photobooth at our wedding but its kinda the "open air" type. Red carpet, poles & ropes, tons of props,wide selection of backdrops. I got mine for about $500-600. but they only have 4x6 prints. here's a sample product I saw at their site and the other one is a picture of their setup. they also offer duplicate prints for extra charge in case everyone in the group wants a copy of their own.

  • KKnTrev
    Super June 2012
    KKnTrev ·

    Ours is $695 for 3 hours with CD and scrapbook of pictures with attendant. Props are included but we are adding a few of our own. And they will charge $100 for extra hours.

  • Amanda
    Dedicated July 2012
    Amanda ·

    I also got a deal through Living Social or Groupon. You have plenty of time to sign up and look for the deals. I just did mine about a month ago, so it looks like that have them pretty frequently. I paid $299 for 4 hours.

  • Anonymous
    Devoted August 2012
    Anonymous ·

    I got a deal on weddingchannels.com, for $795 i got 5 hours of photo and video booth with props and logo included, as well as the book. Look for deals on them, they're great!

  • Andrea
    Dedicated September 2012
    Andrea ·

    Ours is $800 for 5 hours with props, a memory book for guest to put a copy of their pictures and write a comment for us, a CD with all the pictures, an attended, and the travel fee since they have to drive an hour and a half each way.

  • Rachel
    VIP July 2013
    Rachel ·

    Whitney L. thank you for putting up that link I've been wanting a photobooth but it's sooo not in our budget $56 is

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