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Married couples, how long did your dinner time take at your reception

Lisa, on June 14, 2012 at 3:12 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 16
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Married couples newly weds, or wedding guest,

How long did your/the dinner time take at the reception?


  • Iris
    Master February 2014
    Iris ·

    OOh I so wanna know answers to this. I'm scheduling 1 hr for dinner, + 1/2 hr for toasting & cake. But I have no clue if it needs to be longer...

  • Phyllisann
    Master June 2012
    Phyllisann ·

    It took about and hour and a half for dinner.

  • Sara
    VIP May 2013
    Sara ·

    Not married yet but...

    I think it depends on a few things, namely size of guest list and whether it is a buffet vs plated. I have been to large weddings where the first people at the bufffet are nearly done eating by the time that the last people getto the buffet.

  • Shannon
    Expert September 2012
    Shannon ·

    It's going to take me about 15 minutes because my arse is going to be on the DANCEFLOOR STAT! haha

  • Christina
    VIP June 2012
    Christina ·

    As Sara P said, it depends on a lot of factors.

  • EdubbsWife™
    Master October 2011
    EdubbsWife™ ·

    It took a little over an hour for 115 guests.

  • Mrs. S™
    Master October 2011
    Mrs. S™ ·

    It took about 1.5 hours for 45 guests, plated dinner. But we had an appetizer, salad, soup, a choice of entree (so that took some time to take orders). Also, we specifically told them we didn't want to rush the meal and to make sure everyone's glass was full. We also did toasts in between, although they were very short.

  • A
    Devoted April 2012
    Andrea ·

    It depends on so many things...We had 100 guests for a 3 course (not including cake) plated dinner. The Mr. and I only ate our 2 courses because we were stuffed and did our walking around/greeting guests while they were finishing salad and beginning entrees. From the time we were introduced, had our first dance until all dinner plates were clear was about an hour and 15/30 minutes.

  • ThenewMrs.Ruffin
    Expert April 2012
    ThenewMrs.Ruffin ·

    We were about an hour for doubled sided buffet for 240 guests

  • Lisa
    Savvy September 2012
    Lisa ·

    Thank you lovely ladies, those great details were very helpful. ...Especially the 15mins to the dance floor LOL.

  • Kari
    Expert June 2012
    Kari ·

    100 guests, grill out where you walk up to grill and pick meats then build your own plate with sides took 1 hour to 1.5 hours for everyone to filter through the line, sit and eat/chat. We did no speeches or anything just sit where you want, eat as much as you want.

  • Angie B
    VIP August 2012
    Angie B ·

    I am hoping our buffet line and eating time is no more than an hour. we dont eat until 7:30pm so it is already pushing for a late start.

  • Beth
    Super July 2012
    Beth ·

    I agree, this was very helpful. Thank you ladies!!

    I'm pro-jecting about an hour to an hour and a half for dinner with 30 min for cake serving.

  • Mrs. Kucharski
    Savvy May 2011
    Mrs. Kucharski ·

    We had 50 guest it was a buffet style it took about a total of and hour from start to the clean up.

  • Lisa
    Savvy September 2012
    Lisa ·

    I agree with 1.5 hours I believe that is the average time. I'm looking @ 150-100ppl. When I finish my food, I don't like sitting around. I have personal songs I want the dj to play that represents us, during dinner time. I can get some pictures with the guest done that time too because when its dancing time, I am changing into my second dress pronto!!

  • That one chick who's married to that one dude
    Master April 2012
    That one chick who's married to that one dude ·

    About 1 1/2 hours is an average time. We had a buffet style and some people preferred to go back for more.

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