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How did you meet your future spouse?

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How did you meet your future partner? Tell us your story Smiley heart

How did you meet your future spouse? 1

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  • Mrsbdg
    Champion August 2017
    Mrsbdg ·
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    He texted me randomly for a few months as a total stranger and I finally forced him to tell me who he was (creepy, I know!). Turns out he got my number from our mutual friend who had been egging us on to get together for almost a year.
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  • Pegs
    VIP July 2018
    Pegs ·
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    We wrote this on our website, so I copied and pasted it onto here Smiley smile

    "Naturally, we’d like to thank two people - Stefano’s Aunt Despina and Peggy’s best friend, Dionysia, for how this all got started... Stefano grew up in Dubuque, Iowa while Peggy spent her childhood in Cleveland, Ohio. Stefano visited Cleveland often, as he had family members living there. One Sunday, at Saint Demetrios (our church) in Rocky River, Despina pulled Stefano and his brothers aside and introduced them to Peggy and her siblings. Despina thought it would be a great opportunity for the boys to meet a few young Greeks at the church. As the introduction occurred, Peggy rolled her eyes. It seemed pointless to her to meet these random boys, whom she thought she’d never see again. That was in 2010. Fast forward to 2013... Peggy was on her way to pick up her brother from basketball practice at St. Demetrios. Dionysia begged Peggy to hurry into the church and grab her brother, as they were late to meet up with friends. After enough nagging, Peggy ran into the gym and noticed Stefano from the corner of her eye - she didn't think much of it. Not too long after, Stefano messaged Peggy and they began to talk more and more every day. He knew how to win her over... as a first date, he asked if she wanted to grab sushi and go to a Cavs game together. With a little persuasion from Dionysia, Peggy said 'yes'. And the rest, as they say, is history..."

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  • M
    Expert July 2018
    Melissa ·
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    I met mine through my brother about 8 years before we started dating. One random night we just happened be to be in same social setting and found ourselves talking to each other for hours by ourselves after everyone else had left. We have been together ever since.

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  • Jen
    Super May 2018
    Jen ·
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    We met on OkCupid. I was about ready to take my profile down after having no luck when his message came through. I wasn't even going to answer but figured what the heck and replied. We spent hours talking on our first date, which ended because I had to rush off to work, and here we are almonst 5 years later.

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  • MsMyWay
    Dedicated August 2018
    MsMyWay ·
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    We met at his 5th birthday party and i was almost 4 (my birthday is the day after his) lol Of course i don’t remember this meeting but our mothers were coworkers who turned into friends. We became friends but didn’t start dating until i was 29 years old.
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  • Jessica
    VIP October 2018
    Jessica ·
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    I showed up on his FB suggested friends list and he stalked me for 2 months before even adding me. Liked all my pictures and statuses and my friends statuses when they tagged me lol one fine night, a friend, FH and I were engaging in a movies conversation on FB. I got fed up and asked him if he was going to a public sports signing (with lots of people) so we could meet. The day of the signing he messages me and said hes on his way. Two weeks later we started dating. 😀 on our first date, we kinda got kicked out of the restaurant because they wanted to close and we still had to much to talk about 😂
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  • Brenda
    Devoted May 2018
    Brenda ·
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    We met almost 8 years ago at our alma mater. It was move in day for the new year. I had just come back from a semester in Spain and while I was gone my best friend was spending more time with a few guys that she’d already known. We ended up living on the same floor in a new building with them and she suggested we get dinner with a few of them at Panera. He was one of them. We hung out mutually occasionally for the first few weeks of school and eventually started dating at the end of October. He claims that after he met me he knew we’d get together.
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  • Jennifer
    Master September 2018
    Jennifer ·
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    We met over 20 years ago at one of our first jobs - I was his supervisor - we were up for the same job prior to that & I got it Smiley smile . We worked side by side for almost a year but we were both in different relationships. Fast forward to 5 years ago and I saw that he was tagged in a photo with a mutual friend. I sent a friend request and we started chatting over FB took 3 months before we decided to go have beer & tacos and the rest is history. So many people from our past tell us they knew there was always something crazy between us and that we would eventually get together, they just didn't think it would take 20 years... Smiley heart

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  • falkenmarried
    Expert August 2018
    falkenmarried ·
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    We met on Plenty of Fish.
    I saw a commercial for it randomly and had a little wiggle in the back of my head and gave it a try.
    I was basically fed up with dating, my dad had just passed away and I was going though too much stuff.
    I was about to delete the profile when he messaged me. I almost didn’t answer but I looked at his photos again and decided he had kind eyes, why not?!
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  • Kristina
    Master August 2018
    Kristina ·
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    We met on a bus full of marching band kids lol.

    We were heading to an away game, he gets on the bus and cracks a few jokes. He ended up sitting behind me and we (him, myself, and two of our friends) played games and chatted the entire 2 hours there and back.

    He became one of my best friends after we got each other through tough breakups, then he confessed his feelings to me. I didn't return them at the time, but they grew, ESPECIALLY when he told me about a girl he was talking to in a class and told me he was thinking about asking her out. I got jealous and went "Why am I jealous? Ooooohhh..."

    And the rest is history!

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  • Kaitlin
    Dedicated September 2019
    Kaitlin ·
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    We met in high school. We apparently had an English class together but I didnt remember her being in that class, the next year we were chemistry lab partners and I introduced myself like we’d never met, she responded that we had already met lol I felt awful. We became friends during that class and were flirting and we dated off and on for years after that until finally getting together for good a few years ago.
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  • magnolia5
    VIP June 2019
    magnolia5 ·
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    We met in college! We hung out in groups of friends for like 2 months, then one night he drove me home and we just stayed up talking, laughing, and eating burritos the whole night. He asked me on a date the next day!
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  • Ashley
    Dedicated April 2019
    Ashley ·
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    We both love cars, so I was at a car meet and he parked right next to be but didn’t think Talk to me. Then he said he kept thinking About how cute he thought I was and something told him he wanted to know me, so the next week he went to the same car meeting hoping I wasn’t there. I wasn’t lol. So he tried a different car meet the next night and he saw me! But then I got in my car and drove away 😂 (mind you, I didn’t find any out that any of this even happened until 3 months into dating). So he saw the friends i was with and happened to know one of them so he went on his Instagram and found my car tagged in one of his pictures and followed me ... the rest is history 😂
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  • Sara P.
    VIP October 2018
    Sara P. ·
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    We worked together at Walgreens when we were teenagers.
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  • MrsSnez
    Super October 2018
    MrsSnez ·
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    We lived in the same apartment building and our spots in the garage we're fairly close to each other. I'd see him in passing and he'd always smile and wave. One day I went to get in my car and noticed a piece of paper under my wiper. He'd written his name and number and said I should call him sometime. After 3 years of texting on and off we finally started dating and that's it!
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  • J
    Dedicated April 2018
    Jamie ·
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    We worked together at a retail store. I was a part time/holiday employee and we had a bunch of mutual friends. We never actually meet there, our friends believed we was both "player's" and told us to stay away from each other . About a month after I was let go they invited me out and and he showed up there. We got to talked and our friends joked about me dancing/hooking up with another guy, but that was my friends man/play thing and I wasn't about stealing anyone. So I speak the night talking to my Fh we danced one time and after he kissed me and we both felt the spark/fireworks. We spent about 8hoirs together in total that night. He invited me to lunch the next day, so I went l, where he told me he had been talking to this other girl for months and felt he should give that a try. About 2 weeks later he texted saying he couldn't get me out of his head. This continued off and on from February- April. Finally in April I took my kids camping with one the friends that was there the night we meet and her kids, she invited my Fh along and that night we had long talk about the future and our feelings and we been together ever since that was April 14,2014
    On wedding is April 7th this year... 8days away
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  • Raven
    Devoted February 2019
    Raven ·
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    I had just got out of a long term relationship and was in a new city by myself. I love st. Patrick's day and there happened to be two Irish festivals going on that weekend downtown. So I went to one, it was fun but I was tired so I left. Being in a new city though, completely forgot where I parked my car. I walked well passed where I parked it and ended up at the other festival. Figured at that point, may as well go in and enjoy. So I went to grab a beer and sat by the beer tent listening to the band. FH was there, noticed me, and made a dad joke. I laughed because dad jokes are awesome! He introduced himself and his friends and adopted me into the group. I friend-zoned him because I was not ready to jump back into that boat. But come June, I was in the boat and cruising. 2 years later, I get to wake up to my good luck charm every morning!
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  • Mcellist
    Super March 2019
    Mcellist ·
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    So you & I have almost the same story. I had 2 years of string alongs. And I was waiting for my subscription to run out, as well. He messaged me right before school began (public school teacher) & I figured it was just another lame guy who was just trying to have fun. Almost 4 years later, here we are.

    He & I joke now that we should do one of their commercials.

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  • Ginsteeca
    Expert June 2019
    Ginsteeca ·
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    We met on Tinder of all places. I don't like to tell people because of the negative connotations with using that app, but we really were the two losers destined to find each other because we were trying to find a serious relationship on there. We messaged each other for a couple of weeks, he was a gentleman throughout, we met in person at Starbucks after I requested we meet, and went on our first real date a couple of weeks later.

    We usually just say we met online. I'm not including a "how we met" story on our wedding website.

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  • Mrs. Sponge
    Master April 2018
    Mrs. Sponge ·
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    We met on POF. My uncle was renting a room from me and wanted to get me out of the house so kinda forced me onto online dating. I didn't pay very much attention to it. My FH decided he would message one more person before giving up. I messaged him back and after a week of talking we decided to meet for a drink. We started seeing each other as much as possible from there.

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