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Just Said Yes June 2013

Honeymoon to New Orleans: Good Idea?

Breanna, on March 6, 2013 at 4:08 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 10

Originally we planned to go to Ireland for our honeymoon (that's where fiance's family is from), but the more we research the trip, the more we decide we can't afford to go there on $5000.

I've always wanted to go to New Orleans though. Does anyone live there or gone there? I don't know how the city has recovered since Katrina. Do you think we should go there for our honeymoon?


Latest activity by Donna, on March 11, 2013 at 2:09 PM
  • Nicole
    Super August 2013
    Nicole ·
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    I like old cities and NO is a great old city. I went there a few years ago for a long weekend and had a blast. If you like old type cities and some FANTASTIC seafood/creole/cajun food then GO! The food there is amazing! There is a cute flea market down by the water with inexpensive but great looking souvenirs too.

    I stayed in the french quarter so I can't really speak on the rest of the city. Some of it still hadn't recovered when I was there but that aside the city was still beautiful.

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  • We'llAlwaysHaveParis
    Master November 2013
    We'llAlwaysHaveParis ·
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    I missed out on a girls weekend to NOLA last spring, but my friends had a fantastic time. They stayed in a mansion and dined like queens :-)

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  • Mrs V (Roe)
    Master August 2013
    Mrs V (Roe) ·
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    I went there for the Essence Festival almost 4 years ago (last trip my daughter and I took together) and we had a ball!! Of course it was during a festival so my experience would have been different but the people are super nice, the food is unbelievably awesome (though I wasn't as impressed with Cafe Dumont but that's a personal taste) and the trolly rides, hstory of the city (even the Katrina stories) are captivating, eye opening and entertaining depending on what you are experiencing. I never got around to any of the clubs (not a club person but love live music) but I hear those are awesome too (the music and all).

    A friend of mine's got us a deal and we stayed at the Ritz Carleton right on Canal Street. Was awesome having the trolly right outside the door.

    Before we went I looked at the city on google earth, researched any and all boards having to do with New Orleans and at that time the festival and just familiarized myself with what I wanted to do. Could be a fun h oneymoon

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  • MrsDavidson17
    Expert November 2013
    MrsDavidson17 ·
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    I've been a few times and love it! I've only stayed in the French Quarter and the whole Quarted is walkable. Me and a friend booked through where you can do hotel and airfare together for a good deal! I've thought about this myself for my honeymoon because I think it would be a blast!!

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  • Juliette S
    Master February 2012
    Juliette S ·
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    H and I met in New Orleans - he was living there, I was on vacation. I also grew up there, so it is a special place for me. There's lots to do - and lots to eat Smiley smile I would say to stay on the main streets at night though.

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  • krisalicious
    Master April 2012
    krisalicious ·
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    I love New Orleans! It's so decadent. I think it would be a great place for a HM!

    Eat lots of good food, stay in a historic hotel in/along the quarter so you can walk anywhere you want to go, check out a show at Preservation Hall, stroll around, maybe take a walking tour or a boat trip during the days......

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  • Shay
    Dedicated March 2013
    Shay ·
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    I have been many times and it is a great city to visit: you have museums, shopping, river boats, casinos, night life in the French Quarter and great food!

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  • Randi Felt Scatena
    Randi Felt Scatena ·
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    There are so many great things to do there! If you want to be near the action, stay in the French Quarter area.Please feel free to contact me, would love to help you with the planning of your honeymoon!

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  • Katherine
    Beginner April 2014
    Katherine ·
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    Yes! It is such a romantic city. In addition to all these great ideas, you could have your portraits painted at Jackson Square or Hire a horse drawn carriage. The riverboat cruises are so fun - a nice way to spend an afternoon. I lived there and never got tired of the romance of the city. Oh and if you want romance, don't go during Mardi Gras - the entire French Quarter is packed wall to wall with drunk people, lol! Have so much fun!!

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  • D
    Just Said Yes June 2013
    Donna ·
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    Wow, we think alike! FH and I are getting married on June 22nd, we were also trying to go to Ireland but it got too costly so we are going to New Orleans for a week then to Disney for a few nights on our way home. We looked for a long time at cruises but nothing sailing at that time appealed to us. I am really excited to go, it should be a lot of fun but also really relaxing!

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